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Inquiry about Philippines visa for Chinese national

edited August 2016 in - China
My boss have a friend who is a Chinese National and recently based in Malaysia, he wants to visits Philippines. He wants to know if he still needs to apply for a visa in order to visit Philippines. I do hope that you could help us with this matter. Thank you and God Bless..


  • A Chinese national wanting to visit the Philippines as a tourist needs a passport valid for six months and needs a visa. However, there are a bunch of exceptions to the visa rule: A Chinese national can stay in the Philippines for seven days without a visa if holding a valid visa issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, the US or any Schengen member state... it is also possible for larger tourist groups to get visas on arrival if they have been pre-arranged. I would advise this person to contact the nearest Philippines Embassy to get definitive advice, as the visa laws are quite complex and I can't give you a proper answer without knowing the details.
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