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Is Cyprus in the Schengen Zone?

edited October 2014 in - Greece and Cyprus
Hello everyone, need a little help, I would like to visit Greece and Cyprus, next year in the spring, and stay there as long as possible. Is Cyprus in Shengen zone? Greece is. I have serbian passport, and Serbia is on white list, that mean I can travel in Shengen zone max 90 days in period of 180 days. So, can I be in Cyprus about 2 month, then 2-3 more in Greece. This is 4-5 month in EU, but (maybe) not in Shengen zone? From Cyprus embassy in Belgrade, I receive something like, we are not in Shengen yet, you don't need a visa for Cyprus, but they can't answer me on the question, after 2 month in Ciprus, can I be in Greece 2-3 more months? THANKS


  • Cyprus is not in the Schengen zone therefore any time spent in Cyprus is not included in the time allowed in the Schengen countries.
  • As Alethia says, your time in Cyprus will not be included in your 90-day Schengen allowance. So yes, you can spend time in Cyprus and then your full 90 days in Greece.
  • Thank you people!!! :-)
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