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What to do in South Africa and Tanzania

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I have about 2 weeks in the beginning of September and my daughter (24) wants to see southern Africa, she wants to see Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha and if possible Zanzibar.
we will arrive in Johannesburg and have to depart from Johannesburg. I was leaning towards Kruger national park and cape town... any suggestions? also will the weather be a factor?


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    It is a vast country with lots to see, if you want to do the destinations you have mentioned i would suggest you make a descision.....1 stay in the north fly to joburg and see as much as you can eg niagra falls a safari, blyde river canyon and many others ...or 2 fly to cape town and see winelands, garden route, safari,the wales at hermanus etc...otherwise you will be on and off planes many times wasting much of your time flying here and there
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    We were in the same dilemma and had to make a decision: South Africa and Tanzania are not neighbors, and two different concepts, so you have to choose either or, otherwise you are going to spend to much time flying. We choose the Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti, Tangerine, Arusha. A unique experience -Serengeti-
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    Hi and thanks,
    I think we will do Tanzania etc any suggestion on what tour company to use?
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    Hi Tezza,

    When next you intend visiting South Africa, you can seek for travel deals, accomodations and more here on
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    I have two weeks vacation in Sept & I want to do a family tour (2 adults & 2 children) to Kenya & Tanzania ,
    I'm wondring if this is a good time to visit & if it's going to be enjoyable for 3 & 5 years old kids ?
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    We are trying to work out an itinerary for a holiday in South Africa in December 2009. We intend to fly to Cape Town and spend a few days there. Then we would like to see the Garden Route. We would also like to add two or three days game viewing. Which would be a good game park to add to this itinerary? We don't want to do too much flying or driving around. Kruger seems to be a long way away. Is there anything nearer?
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    Tanzania is the best place for you and your family and you will experience more in serengeti, ngorongoro,arusha.visit www, and see more suggentions
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    hi Terry!
    nice to meet you here, for september you will enjoy so much in serengeti, ngorongoro and lake manyara, serengeti you will see alot of animals (migration) and some Big 5. i hope in september will have two groups they going to manyara,ngorongoro and serengeti and also to climb mt kilimanjaro. email [email protected]

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    It is important to remember that South Africa and the rest of Africa are very different (I am an SA resident). South Africa is very westernised, with a busstling city life, although only an hour away you can see the Big 5, nature reserve and animal parks.

    North africa, or the top of southern africa is very very different, thats where you'll find the Africa you see in movies - traditional huts, tribes, vast open plains of land etc.
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    dear amin! for 3 or 5 of age its not bad for tour safari but not for mountain, am sure they will enjoy so much, hope you will visit to masai mara, ngorongoro, serengeti maybe and tarangire or manyara. knw that your safari will be too long like 10 days three days in kenya and 6 or 7 days in tanzania ok its up to you, [email protected]
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