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overstayed for 5yrs

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I am a Bulgarian national, I came here in 2009 to visit my sister as I was a university dropped out in Bulgaria,  I saw this as an opportunity to get a job, I managed to get at one of food chain outlets since then, I extended my visa twice during my stay, now my girlfriend is pregnant,  I want to be legal here kindly advise


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    If you were married you could apply for a residence permit as the spouse of a South African citizen. As you are not married you could apply for a residence permit as the parent of a South African citizen once your child is born. Do ensure that your child has a Bulgarian passport so that later in life they can travel visa free to European countries USA etc.
  • Thank you for your kind response, I am at present illegal;I dont have a work permit;and my visa expired/ invalid. Kindly advise if I would still get legal documents/resident permit when the child is born. My visa expired jst after my first renewal
  • Then you urgently need legal advice as you could be declared undesirable and banned for 5 years, please contact a lawyer asap.
  • Thank you once again, where do I get the lawyer for a legal advise, kindly assist, my baby will be born in January 2015, I was negligence all this years, all I want is to be legal and do things right, I dont want to be declared undesirable citizen.
  • Khathu:

    Where is South Africa do you stay?
  • I stay in bedfordview
  • Khathu, you simply need to Google immigration lawyers and you will find several lawyers even if you have to travel in to Johannesburg 
  • Thank you Alethia, I appreciate your advise, I will google lawyers
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