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Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea



  • You should be able to find a wealth of people to interview on this forum Dave - the questions about people being blacklisted and deported from South Korea constantly roll in. Good luck! When you have written your piece, please return to the forum to post a link to your article as it might help some of the people on this forum better understand their situation.
  • MR WANSH ?Im sorry for your  ignorance , so i suggest you to  search on google:  why people overstay  their visa
      i think you are  from  people  born with gold  spoon ,that's why when you see poor people  suffer to feed their family  even working  as slaves , make you  curious !!!

  • Hi this is jen..ive been in korea from jan 2007 to august 2013..i stayed with no visa for more than 6years..but i voluntarily surrender on i am asking if how many years of ban before i go back to korea again..thanks a lot..
  • Nejnej, as you can see in this thread and others like it, all we can do is refer you to the relevant authorities as we cannot do more than guess how long you have been banned for. You overstayed for a very long time so my guess is you are looking at at least five years, possibly 10... but I can't tell you for sure. 
  • Ohhh thats too long but.i surrendered i think if you caught by the imig..its longer is it?or just depends on years you stayed with no visa?can you send me the contact details whom i can ask for.ty
  • Nejnej, where are you currently based? It is quite difficult to get a clear answer from immigration authorities and embassies cannot help as far as I know. The easiest thing would probably be to approach the authorities within Korea - do you have somebody still living there who can handle this issue for you?
  • I have the chance to go back korea again? ..68- ( / ) they put me this on my passport busan airport after overstaying for 2 months!.. am I banned for a year? 2 years? Or 5 years? I just need someone to answer me.
  • Eivamme, if you read through this thread you'll see that no one can tell you the answer. You'll need to speak to someone at the immigration office, as only the authorities will have this information.
  • In my case the immigration puts 68-( / ) on my passport .. last july 2014 what does it mean ?
  • Eivamme , it means you breached the Korean immigration laws and an order for your departure was issued and you were removed from Korea under Article 68 of the Korean Immigration Act. 

    Depending on the severity of your crime depends on when or if ever you can return to Korea. Only the Korean immigration authorities can advise you of this.
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    Thank you for some advises..
  • Greetings,

    Hi there you guys, I need to know if i can still go back in korea after i used my cousin passport and overstayed for 3 years?? but now I am working in Dubai UAE using my own passport. so is it possible that i can go back in korea without them knowing that i used forged passport before?? the thing is I got caught by the immigration and when they did they deported me back to the philippines and took my EYE SCAN and FINGER PRINTS. any one can give me an Idea please?? Thank you
  • Do you really think you can fake your eye scan and fingerprints?!?!

  • Cheers terry,

    you know man you can just say no or dont comment if you dont have anything helpful to say.

  • Jester, what you want is your problem to go away and its not going to happen. You committed identity fraud and you overstayed.
    Terry is correct you cannot fake biometric technology. If you were caught in Korea you would be imprisoned for identity fraud,which carries a 4 year sentence, deported and banned for many years or permanently.

    Dont be unpleasant because its not what you want to hear.
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    "... you know man you can just say no or don't comment if you don't have anything helpful to say..."

    Dear Jester,

    My comment was both helpful and constructive in that it made you stop and think about what you were asking.

    Honestly, do you REALLY think there's a way for you to somehow magically circumvent both the eye scan and fingerprint records that are now firmly implanted inside the Korean Immigration computer criminal database?!

  • Dear sir,
    I have deputed from south Korea since 8 year .i went as trainee working visa.after one year I get away from my factory.then I over stay 3 and half year total I have spent 4 and half year .i want to go back in South Korea after 8 year .is it my past data has been wiped or not?
  • No one on this forum can answer this question. You will need to contact the Korean Immigration Authorities NOT the Korean Embassy but the actual immigration office. If you have friends in Korea they can find out for you.
  • Thanks very much for your response...I will try. I have some friends there.
  • My brother in law, a foreigner committed a crime in Korea: He brought in cannabis seeds and cultivated them. Before he could be arrested, he left the country. If he decides to come back, he will probably be jailed and deported. In this situation, does anyone know how long he would be deported for before he could come back to Korea?
  • How in the world can you expect anyone on an internet forum to guess what the Korean criminal and immigration system will decide to do to your brother-in-law?

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    Your brother is a criminal who has evaded the law and your correct he would be jailed and then deported . You write as if going to jail is nothing, your brother could be required to finish his jail sentence, which would be a minimum of 5 years before he was deported

    After reading the Korean immigration laws, your brother could be banned from entering Korea from 10 years to life. South Korea is extremely strict on any type of drug use, dealing etc so do not expect your brother to walk away from this, if he returns to South Korea

  • Hello Alethia
    I have a question regarding my friend's situation if he can reenter to South Korea again. Actually, he overstayed more than five years without extending his 3 month visa. He returned to his country, Uzbekistan , with his will, in august 2013. He didn't do any illegal things except overstaying. Please , can you tell me if he can reenter to South Korea again, if so , after how long? Thanks a lot for your cooperation!
  • I have no idea if he can go back to Korea. Only way to find out is to travel to Korea, either he will be allowed in orhe will be refused.
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    So what information do you have Moroh for stating "yes he can go back....."
    Please explain.
  • hi i just want to ask i went to south korea feb.13,2012 and my visa status is E-6.i got fooled reason i run away and overstayed for 1 year.i got caught and sent back home here in the philippines last june 27,2014.the immigration lady told me that i can go back in south korea after 1 year i got question is how can i request to korean embassy here in the philippines to remove my name in block list?and when i gp back tosouth korea?
  • Whatever an "immigration lady" told you is utterly immaterial. Contact the Embassy directly and request an update on your status.

    Good luck.

  • thank you CheersT....i will go personally tomorrow at korean embassy...
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    I was recently deported from Korea for a misdemeanor marijuana conviction. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I know that I will not be able to come back for 5 years. I understand what I did was incredibly stupid and wrong. I want to continue to teach in China. Please let me know if it is possible to get Visas in other countries with this on my record. For example, in China, you must answer this on the Chinese Visa application form, it states: "3.3 If you have any criminal record in any country including China, please select YES. Otherwise, please select No." I would appreciate some guidance. Also, please don't judge me, we all make mistakes.
  • Btw, I did not select that face for my icon. It was randomly selected for me. It just isn't appropriate for my mood right now. Anyways, thanks for any guidance.
  • To the best of my knowledge ALL application forms for visas ask if you have been deported or have a criminal record in any country. You will face problems wherever you apply.
  • I have seen a lot of visa applications that only ask if you have a criminal history in 'your country'
  • Last question, if I apply and get the visa. Does that mean I am ok....or do I face potential problems at the airport?
  • Hi tommack. I'm not sure about Korea specifically but I can tell you in general that being granted a visit visa for a country never means you are guaranteed entry. Border control officials maintain the right to bar entry if they have any concerns about you. You will notice this sort of small print on many visas. However, it is obviously much less likely that you will be refused entry if you have a valid visa and all the supporting documentation with you. It is rare for travellers with visas to be turned away.
  • thank you for your answers
  • documents24, why don't you stop pretending to be someone else and post your name, company and contact info? Better yet, what's the link to your website? Thanks.

  • Hi im just asking im overstayed in korea for almost 4 years and im voluntary exit on 2012 can i apply now in korea as a eps worker on this 2015????
  • Please can someone help me... I am a Filipina. I overstayed for 5 months from my tourist visa and i'm planning to voluntarily surrender or go back home on Sunday. I already have my ticket. Will I be paying anything in the immigration? Will I be in big trouble?
  • Terry, i love your straight answers, please help me out on this...
  • @prettyme did you pAid any fine when you exit? What happened in the immigration?
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