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Two South Africans travelling to Europe

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Myself and a friend are about to finish with our studies and are itching to travel. We want to do a Eurotrip but aren't exactly sure how to go about it. We know that we don't want to do a tour (we may end up staying somewhere for four days or four months). We're on a pretty tight budget so want to stay in backpackers lodges along the way. 

The places we want to visit include (vaguely.. we haven't decided on exact cities or destinations yet) - Turkey, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Portugal and Ireland. 

Any tips/advice/recommendations/stories to share? 


  • Your budget will be a big factor in your trip. Keep in mind that the northern countries tend to be a bit more expensive than places like Turkey, Greece, or Croatia!
  • Anya is right - try and plan to spend more time in the cheaper destinations (which are equally glorious!). It's hard to comment on your choices because they are all great options. What kind of activities are you interested in? Are you wanting to party? Or visit world-class museums and galleries? Or eat your way around Europe? Or are you active, sporty types? Give us some idea what sort of trip you're looking for and we'll be better able to make recommendations. Also, when do you want to go? The season you travel in will have a big impact on where you should go...
  • Ella - we're looking for a mixture of adventure, culture and partying. We would like to do activities such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, scuba diving, snowboarding, etc. However we know that these are usually quite pricey so we're looking for a place where we can get our adrenalin pumping at a lower cost. We love nature (forests, beaches, mountains) so this is probably the environments where we'll be spending most of our time. We also would like to experience the nightlife in all different places - beach bars, underground clubs, local pubs, etc. And lastly we want to emerge ourselves in different cultures and cultural experiences. Ultimately I'm looking for a place to live and work in the future and I'm hoping that my heart will say "this is the place!" when I'm there. I know that this is still pretty vague but it's been difficult to narrow it all down to one experience when you literally want to do everything!
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    Tasha22, as South Africans you will need to apply for a Schengen visa to travel in Europe, if the visa is granted you will be given a maximum of 90 days. 
    As you can hardly snowboard and scuba dive at the same time you need to decide when you want to go.

    Turkey is NOT in Europe so you must apply online for Turkish e visa which is also valid for 90 days.

    You do not need a visa for Ireland and will be granted 90 days upon arrival. However Ireland is a plane flight of approximately an hour and a half from mainland Europe which could add to your costs.

    As for living and working in Europe that can be very difficult for non Europeans and Turkey only allows non Turks to work as travel reps or qualified English language teachers.

    I am not trying to rain on your parade but am simply trying to point out what visa requirements you need.

  • Thank you Alethia, your comments are very much appreciated.
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