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Schengen Visa from UK on ICT visa in UK

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Hi, My friend Indian national on ICT visa in UK is applying for Schengen visa via Netherlands. They need a 3 month UK bank statement, though she has that but it has India address on it. Will the bank statement hold good or it has to be UK address only.



  • How come a UK bank account has an Indian address on it?  Normally you have the bank account at the address where you live in the UK. In my opinion she should change the address as it can cause problems.

    As for the Schengen visa If thats all she has then she has no option to submit those bank statements, its up to the Netherlands if they accept.
  • Yes that's actually silly, either she filled the bank form incorrect or the bank got it wrong. I believe that is just address of communication so should be fine. Going ahead with the application.

    Many thanks.
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    Hi Good Afternoon,

    I am Indian Passport holder i have residence visa in Dubai. I want to travel UK which visa is suitable for me? what is the document requirements. 2. How to apply student visa and how much the age limit? what documents required from there? 3. How i get work permit in UK. Kindly advise my all requirements. Tell me cost of visa also. ([email protected])


    Sulthan I.B.
  • What do you intend to do in the UK? Are you just going to visit? Are you going to study at a university? Do you intend to look for work?
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    Hi Good Afternoon,

    Dear Anya

    Greetings !!!

    Yes i going to study at University first. After that any good opportunity i can go for work. If not i return back to my home town. I have 6 years experience in Dubai (Tourism Field). Kindly advise my requirements check below details.

    1. How to apply student visa and how much the age limit? 
    2. How much the cost of student visa?
    3. What is the document procedure?

    Sulthan I.B.

  • You'll find the requirements for the different kinds of visas here:

    Keep in mind that as a student, you'll be responsible for all your accommodation and living costs as well as fees, and you may be restricted as to working.
  • Ibsulthan, here is the latest policy guidance on applying for a UK student visa
    This guidance supplies everything you need to know regarding a Tier 4 student visa. There is no age limit.
    As for working in the UK that is becoming very difficult after studying, but first sort out your student visa.

  • Hi Good Afternoon,

    Thans for the advise. I have one more requirements.

    My Grand Father have Malaysian Passport. He born in India 1893. Country of Residence Malaysia, in the passport showing: 

    2. Identity Card issued on - 7th Feb 1956.
    3. Shop Proprietor in Malaysia
    4. He got Citizenship in Malaysia in 1948.
    5. He Cancel the passport on 23rd August 1959. 
    6. In this passport he add the first child and my father is a second child my father date of birth is (15th November 1949)
    7. In this case i can get the British Passport possible?

    Kindly Advise in this case also.

    Note: Kindly give your email id, i will send the all documents to you.


    Sulthan I.B.
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    Unfortunately having  a grandfather who was a British Protected Person does not give you the right to apply for British citizenship.
    When the Federation of Malaya was formed in 1948 your grandfather became a Malay citizen and was no longer a British Protected Person. Malaya changed its name to Malaysia in 1963 when it united with North Borneo and Sarawak.
    As your grandfather and consequently his children (which includes your father) became citizens of the newly formed state of Malaya and then Malaysia the right to be a British Protected Person was lost.

    A British Protected Person does not have full British citizenship. Those few people who do have Protected Person status are subject to immigration control and do not have the right to live and work in the UK and are not recognised by the countries of the EU. So the answer to your question ibsulthan is that you do not have the right to be a British citizen.

  • Hi Good Morning Alethia,

    Greetings !!!

    Thanks for the advise, now i am clear for everything. I have one more question. My friend finished 6th standard class. He want to learn english course in UK, what is the procedure and document requirements?
    He is Indian Passport holder.
  • Ibsulthan, what level of English is  " 6th standard class" and what country does your friend live in.?

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