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I want to luxurious travel in India, tell me about Maharajas’ Express

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am planning to visit India late next year. I am a bit skeptical
about travelling India by train. What could be my options here??
What about luxury trains covering northern India?? What about
Maharajas’ Express?? Heard a lot about it on many websites…
Please advise…



  • it is pleasure for us to explore our incredible country. i will advise to travel northern part of india by car and other option is train but it will more expansive because train will leave you one point and again you will hire taxi for sightseeing or go outside ...

    if you talking about luxurious train then i will advise you travel by Place on Wheels instead of Maharaja Express.

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    @delhiguide232000 different people have different choices , some like to travel through trains instead if road. By using trains not only you save yourself from traffic jams on road also get a sight seen of the beautiful creations of the nature which is not as same when travelled through road transport.

    I don't get your point when you prefer the place on wheels? might be either you have not travelled in Maharaja express or you have bad experience with them, just thought. !

  • @tmaharajas It is a very good luxury train which covers all the northern parts of India. I travelled once with my family and believe me, me and my family was so much amazed of their welcome at all the stations, whether it is Delhi, Agra.. We boarded the train from New Delhi, before that we were welcomed at Safdar Jung where all the tourist gathered to board the train.

    People their was dresses up in cultural wear it was good to see the old heritage of India. You don't understand the amount of heritage that India has conserved as compared to other countries.

    No journey will complete without good food, and kitchen of Maharaja express will make you feel really of maharaja's period. The food was so delicious that I have no words to explain. try this train once you never doubt your choice later. here's the link
  • Maharajas express top luxury train of India.Find more about Maharajas Express on-
  • Im from sudan i hv been here at south india for more than 6 year i hv travelled alot as my experince u better use bus for long travellin there is alot kinda bus ..sleeper seemi and local one ..bus is more safe than train...
  • Joefooty, the type of train they are talking about is a luxury hotel on wheels and is very famous. Its not a normal train. 
    India has a massive and highly organised rail system that criss crosses the country and is very competitively priced, so how you can say its better to travel on a bus is incredible, when the trains are cleaner faster and more efficient
  • I agree with Alethia, Maharajs Express is a luxury on wheels, which includes all meals, fine dinning restaurant, visit to tourist site, guides, entrance fees etc. Maharajas’ Express offers 5 pan-Indian itineraries including some of the most fascinating terrains in India and covering some of the most prominent tourist destinations across country. 

  • most of the time I prefer the bus to explore the any place but train is also a convenient mean of transport. I think gaganjot is right you can save yourself from traffic jams , unnecessary stops and enjoy the lush greenery all around you during train travel . Maharajas' Express is the best option to travel with. 

  • For luxury train or Indian Tour Packages write to [email protected]
  • Tariqshah ! let me know are you offering some tour packages or just details bout the tourist spots of India. My father wants to go there for Shimla and these days wanted to know about the hotels of this region. 
  • Garry, why aren't you writing to Tariqshah directly?

  • Terry, because I'm pretty sure 'Niky' made a new account after she was banned.
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    Dear Garry

    We are tour operator - offer tour packages to all regions of India.

    Feel free to write you requirement to [email protected]

    Warm Regards
    Tariq Shah
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    Maharaja Express Train is one of the best super luxurious train in the worlds. Its running of 5 different routes and covering more than 15 famous and historical tourist destination.
    Maharaja Express Train is operated by IRCTC, you book Maharaja Express Online.
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