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Can unmarried couples share a room in Turkey

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Hey guys. I plan to meet with my girlfriend in turkey and i would like to know whether unmarried couples are allowed to share a hotel room in turkey. Thank you all


  • Oh and did i mention im 19 and i go to university
  • No problem whatsoever, you will have a great time. :x
  • So its allowed to share a hotel room :D
  • Well that is great but my girlfriend thinks that turkey is dangerous. She wont come meet me in turkey :(
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    30 million tourists have visited Turkey so far this year, nearly 8 million went to Istanbul and almost 7 million to Antalya. Bodrum, Marmaris, Kas, Fethiye, Kalkan are other popular destinations. There is a great choice of accommodation, incredible places to visit combined with culture history and delicious food.

    Turkey is a secular country, in other words there is no religious domination.That is why you can share a hotel room, even unmarried Turks can share hotel rooms, or  unmarried Turks with a foreigner.

    I have a home in Turkey and I would not live in a dangerous country. Turkey is a very big country and the south of Turkey has borders with Iraq and Syria but that is not where you would visit. The distance from Istanbul to the Syrian border is approximately 1500 kilometres.

    I would like to know what country your girlfriend is from.
  • Thank you for replying. My girlfriend is from austrlaia !
  • Honestly, your girlfriend needs to do a tiny bit of research.

    I assume she has never travelled before?

    Good luck.

  • No she has travelled before like to hawaii. And she has been all around australia. So yes she has travelled before. She just concerned a little bit about turkey
  • All around Australia is hardly travelling ! Its the country where she lives ! Hawaii is very nice and part of the USA so not so different to Australia. Your girlfriend has never been to a non English speaking country with a different culture.
    30 million tourists can't be wrong about Turkey and a percentage of them are Australians who aren't as parochial as your girlfriend. What country are you from Worldtraveller11?
  • She s also been to US mainland. Not just hawaii. Im from morocco
  • Hi Alethia I left u a message and I really need your advice b4 I make a big mistake.I'll b waiting for u2 answers my questions thank u Alethia

  •  suuvayaw → Alethia Hi Alethia I been dating a man from nigeria for a few month.he live in the US, I also live(born) in the US .he told me he was once married but divorced. His visa expired about a year ago. He also asked me to married him so he can work to support me and stay in the US. He claims he never applied for anything when he was married before but now he thinks that if I married him he will get his (SS) right away and start work. I'm not working. He is not working,I don't know what miracles he believes is going to happen right away,But none of what he is telling me adds up. Other than that fact that something doesn't seem or feel right to me.we also have 2 different religious beliefs in which I will not convert but I can't Marie unless he concerts to be with Me.this is way to much to handle.plz help me to understand how this visa thing works,how the story sounds to u, if he can still get married to anyone with an expired visa a
  • World traveller, the point I am making is that your girlfriend has only been to the USA which is an English speaking country and a culture similar to Australia. She has never travelled to a different culture in a country where they do not speak English

    As she is frightened to go to Turkey you can both travel to Tunisia without a problem or maybe she will have a problem travelling to Tunisia. I assume you have never met your girlfriend and that this is an internet relationship.
  • Suuvayaw, when you say "dating" have you actually met this man or is it an internet relationship? If its an internet relationship get rid of him straight away, he is a user.

    Even so I will give you some advice. As you are unemployed you may have difficulty to sponsor a a foreign husband as you may not meet the minimum income requirements. You will need an income of 125% of the US Federal Poverty Guidelines. for example the poverty line for 2 people sharing a home is $15,730 per annum. To sponsor a husband you would need you would need and income of $19,662 per annum.If you have children the  income levels increase.

    It takes MONTHS to process a spouse application so he is in cuckoo land if he thinks he can work straight away.
    Many people live quite happily with different religions but no one can make you convert and you should not ask someone to convert to be with you.
    If something does not feel right then go with your gut instinct. If this is to much to handle do not do it.

    I would not touch this guy with a barge pole and would certainly not consider marrying him. Run for the hills Suvayaw and don't look back.  :-h
  • Thank you everyone for helping me. But im just so over trying to meet up in turkey. She says she can t come alone. So that means i have to come to australia. I wander what would i need to that. So maybe you can help me know what im gonna need. I already know i ll need a visa and whole lot of money :-$
  • Everything you need to know about getting a Visa to visit Australia:

  • Thanks alethia, I left u more infoinformation on your page,plz get back to me as soon as u have time,your advise is very important and helpful. Thanks again alethia
  • Suuvayaw, trhere is no information on my home page. I have no notifications so I don't know where you left the message.
  • Alethia, I think she means she's sent you a message on your profile page:
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    Anya something is wrong, when I go to my profile from this site I have no notifications whatsoever, but when I go to the link you sent , which is exactly the same URL I have dozens of notifications. This is one of the problems I encounter on this site.

    OK  ALL the notifications have now disappeared , weird 
  • Suucayaw, your boyfriend cannot obtain a new visa or extend his visa because because it has expired and he is illegal and could be detained by the police and removed from the USA at any time. He needs you to marry him and to apply for a visa as it is the only way he can try to stay in the USA,

    You won't get into trouble with the authorities but let me tell you this, you could be bringing a whole load of trouble and stress on yourself by marrying this man and applying for a marriage visa. It can take months even years and a pile of money in legal fees to sort out this mans immigration matter and what's to say he wont dump you and run off if and when he gets his green card.

    I believe you would be very foolish to do this, but the old saying goes.... fools rush in where angels fear to tread....
  • Thank u so much alethia. I will not marrie. And stress myself. This is his probable and he needs to deel with it.I let him know that I won't marrie him and that it's to much pressure. He say ok but everyday he sad and talk about he want to work.he make me feel guilty for his sadness.if he really needs to marrie quickly,he can do it the old fashion way and pay any desperate woman a large amount of money to marrie him and it won't be me. Its time for me to fall out of love and move on to a less stressed relationship.thank u so much alethia
  • Sounds like a good decision suuvayaw! Well done.
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    Thank you all guys
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