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trying to scam me

edited November 2014 in Africa
Mamadou Tour
Today at 4:19 PM
Good day, Am
Dr. Mamadou,The Head Director Medicals Hopital de Saint-Louis here in
lagos nigeria. Am contacting you with faith believing you will be the
right fellow to contact or inform about a just occured Auto crash (car
accident) which happened less than 24hours ago. The victims are right
now on unconscious patient but being attended to by my co medical
directors. Victim's Identity:

Name: Ronald Mitchell

Nationality: America

Age: 55years

This victims was rushed down to my specialist clinic from his way to the
Murtala Mohammed International airport. The cab driver was unlucky to
survive the accident,so he died before the emergency rescure team
brought them here.  The accident is supposed to be caused by the heavy
down pour of rain that morning. I took the boldness of going through his
papers in his bags and wallet,since there is no one to speak for him at
present. I also found out that this victim here who came down  from
Senegal for the season better known to him.  In his diary i also found
this email address of yours, your name and a phone number by it's side
In few hours time as i pray he will be out of the comma
completely,thereby we can hear directly from him how he can remeber of
the fatal crash. His Legs that was crushed is already passing through a
high tech Ultra Laser stictching, After the first and immediate X- ray
we discovered that his whole bones are in normal condition, but there is
a conjuction of internal bleeding which is also being taking care of,
he also have few of his nerves cut,that will be taken care of ASAP.
Please my dear.Mrs Cindy Lou Poole our LOGO here is that ( WE CARE but GOD
HEALS).  We will do our best medically and see that this handsome man is
revived and then travel back to America his country home. I also saw
more information in his diary written there Mrs Cindy Lou Poolel
my wife and thats where we got ur email adress and your mobile

3367071145 there we also found another email adress that
belongs to a friend of him's henry and we will also contact him now and
in his dairy we realise this Victim was comming to you his lovely wife.
So am right to say he was going back,this is also based on the fact that
he was rushed down here from the International airport road. His line
ticket i have also just observed clearly, KLM(
Senegal-nigeria-Amsterdam-new york.)  I also found a Nokia mobile hand
set in his wallet, and which was actually his last text as registered
here in his mobile phone. So i oblige you to co operate and relate with
us as we do our possible best here.My name is Dr. Mamadou,  I will like
you to send message back here so we can know we are talking to the right
person and to tell you more about the condition of this patient and
moreover maybe by then he would have been ok a little bit and can talk
with you himself on phone or by talking online. Thanks and remain
prayerfull and stay blessed. Am Dr. Mamadou,The Head Director Medicals
Hopital de Saint-Louis..Hope to read from you soon and Your Cooperation
is needed Mrs Cindy Lou Poole, Thanks  Yours Faithfully,Dr. Mamadou.In
 shortly after responding to this email they contacrted me for money saying they would strop all treatment on this man.... I told them to go for it and that I didnt believe them for a minute and to have better luck next time....


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    I'm happy that you didn't fall for a numbingly obvious scam that has been emailed millions of times.

    The whole email is embarrassingly stupid, but this was particularly hilarious, "... His Legs that was crushed is already passing through a high tech Ultra Laser stictching..."

    Too funny.

  • Wow. I remember as a kid, my parents got a letter like this in the mail. It's hard to believe these scams are still going!
  • Yes, used to get the letters and Anya isn't there something we can do about these scammer threads. Truly, this is a travel forum and while I am entertained by these mostly womens' stupidity I would rather read and answer travel questions.
  • The scammer threads are my guilty pleasure  >:) 
  • You bad!!
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