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Scammers from Ghana



  • Altria I wish I could show you the certificate for the roads, it is 13.5 million yet he has just asked me for an Australian $100 phone recharge because he can't get it in Malaysia. He has also been blessed with a beautiful body that women crave yet he loves me.... A 55 year old widow! It is so stupid that it is funny. Let's see what he says about Skype, I have just emailed him and told him I am going to show the certificate to my girlfriend who is Malaysian, can't wait to see what he says about that.
    I am onto this scammer, let him waste his time, I'm giving him nothing.
    You are right Althia, utter nonsense and you made me laugh - Thankyou for responding
  • Keep in touch ukgirlinoz and let us know how things go. If you want you can send me the certificate to [email protected] then we can have a good laugh  =))
  • he has given me a phone number to recharge, how can I check the number?
  • I replied to your email and I am now convinced he is a Nigerian scammer . What number does it start with? eg mobiles from UK start 07 Australia is 04 so whats his number? 
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    Thanks Althea, I have emailed you. You have been such a great help before I lost any money
  • Never been to online dating since i always met my lovers in
    real life
    Well, after the broken hearteds, I decided to try my luck on
    the net.
    I registered on in search of a beautiful
    woman for a soul mate.
    Unforunately, my fate lied on the wrong person, i waked to
    read a
    message on the site from marylove from Ghana, a white lady
    of 28yrs
    old as She told me.
    Her mum was a missionary and went to Afrixa with her and
    could not
    come back as the local Church needed their service and She
    lives in a
    mission home.
    I fell for her when she sent me a gift on my birthday through
    my postal address.
    We decided to meet each other in real life and She demanded
    money on
    numerous occasion in coming to us.
    I told her the game was over when she try to smuggle
    product which i
    knew nothing about it to the UK, as a surprised.
    I lost nearly £18,000.00 to her and with assitance from a
    close friend
    of mine i reported the story to the cybercrimeoffice of
    Ghana( info.ghanapolice at consultant. com ) and reports
    received that
    fraudster are been trace and my case would receive a
    Am currently in Ghana where i have met officials of the Crime
    Unit and
    Police and hopefully these scammers will be brought to
    The Officials of the crime unitt never requested money from
    Thank You
  • My scammer got the shits because I questioned why a man with a multi million dollar contract wanted an Australian $100 phone charge card and I haven't heard from him since. Good riddance, I now think dating sites are full of scammers targeting vulnerable people, this was true for you too by the sound of it Andy Bob. I don't know what the answer is but I'm sorry it happened to you and me but you lost a lot more money. Take care and thanks to Alethia for helping me
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    Has anyone encountered a man on a dating web site that lives in Ohio but also has a house in Dublin Ireland and he calls you, "my lady". He is also a jeweler and buys gold in Ghana, South Africa . He is also a widow with
    A 23 year old son who still lives in Ireland. He is madly in love with me, very romantic and wants to spend the rest of his life together with me. He had to go back to Ireland because his mother had a heart attack and she is better but he had to travel to Ghana for business and now wants me to send him an iPhone.....perfect scam....but so believable.... Has created an authentic Manta Account probably just so I would think he is for real...funny thing was just created at the beginning of March but according to him he has been in the states getting his Jewelry business started 3 years ago....even has a Facebook account with nothing on it.......let me know if any of this sounds familiar
  • This is most definitely a scammer. The usual story, homes in different countries, travels and works abroad, widowed with a child who lives with family members. Giving a background of stability and money. Yet they have no money for a mobile phone or in some cases not enough money to top up a phone.

    Facebook and other social media accounts that are virtually empty. A man who falls quickly and deeply in love with you. These are the usual traits of a scammer, get rid of him and let him know the games up then you will see his true colours.

  • His name he used is Randy Hudson....if you google him with his home being Accra, will see him pop right up with even his picture.... I am one of the lucky ones...he didn't get any assets from me and he wasn't as believable as he thought.
    Beware ladies!
    PS. His email he uses is [email protected]
  • Yes he is the guy...he also goes by 1 alias I have found so far...Richard Hopper. I first commented on this web site under lindukee....but I have cancelled my yahoo account under that name because I want no further contact with him....
  • Dear All,

    These days a good number of Ghanaians, both young and old and EVEN Nigerians living in Ghana pretending to be Ghanaians spend most of their time at internet cafe's looking for victims. They consider it a full TIME employment. and yes both males and females OF ALL AGES are involved. These days they even do it at home to avoid public eyes. Ask a young man what he does for a living and he will tell you he is a 'cafe boy' meaning he is an internet fraudster. what annoys me the most is that about 70-80% of these people are not even Ghanaians.These people are just lazy and they don't want to work for money. they want to make quick cash off of people. I am just surprised so many actually succeeds. You will see these men and women driving in very expensive cars but in the end they actually don't hold a job. In Ghana no one will investigate the source of your money when you are living an expensive lifestyle which does not commensurate your income. So they always get away with it. I go to the bank and I see lots of them  queyed at the moneygram section to receive money from victims. The truth is some unscrupulous people at the banks are also in on it.
    Lastly I will also let you in on a secret. In Ghana we have juju which is like voodoo. and most of the guys actually use this magic on their victims who respond to their requests and solicitations without even realizing the mistake their making. I am a Ghanaian myself and I must tell you that this juju actually works. You should be weary of the people you deal with. Lastly I can confidently say that this whole scamming was first brought in Ghana by Nigerians and its has caught on to young Ghanaians like wildfire, because they are lazy.
    This is just a caution and I wish you spread it.
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    I started receiving scam emails on 2004 when someone from Italy wanted to deposit ten million dollars into my bank account,I of course googled him and found a warning against his e-mail,I since then keep wary of believing such disgustful scam
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    Hi, Am Coffie from Ghana. I can attest to the fact that what all of you are saying is true. I dont actually know when Ghanaians started doing this silly acts. and it's come to stay. There are now scammers here so you just need to be very careful. It seems its destroying the Good Name of Ghana and I hate to see when people from other countries are discussing about scammers and the name 'Ghana' gets involve even though its true. Just be careful you dont fall for this stupid people. I just hope and pray they stop this acts and find something better to do. By the way, I signed up purposely to say this. Thank u guys. Hope you discuss more productive topics like this!!
  • Hi, I have been scammed by scammer mark miller. I know I have been stupid, and its cost me alot of money. Hes now revealed his true identity. A Richard Klutse "zuka" from Nungua Ghana. I have got recent photos of him. Hes on facebook as drillich richard.  I have asked him to send my money back, but to no avail. Hes trying to come UK on false visa. He has shown and sent me copy of his passport. His mum lives in Ho, Ghana. How can I get help to report him and bring him to justice. Hope someone has some advice . Thanks
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    I talked with a scammer, I saw through him. I knew he was a young man from Nigeria. We talked for several weeks, he never asked me for anything. He confessed to me. he told me he didn't have the heart to do scam. he thanked me for talking with him and helping him make the decision not to do scam. He has a legit job now and is doing well. he has a visa and legal documents to work abroad. I'm friends with him and his family.
    Not all Naija men and women are scammers.You always have to be careful and check out whom you meet online.
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    I have recently joined a lesbian dating sight where I got talking to a 32 year old lady from Ghana. I told her that I have been hurt before and would like to be friends at first then see how things go from there. She agreed. She told me that her mum was from Panama and her dad from Ghana, they met while her dad was on a business trip she was born in Panama and they moved to Ghana when she was 8. We have only been speaking for just less then a week. Although I made it clear that I wanted to take it slow. It's like she thinks We are in a relationship. She calls me baby she messages me all the time from morning till night. She has 2 kids 8 and 9. She told me she has been hurt at her girlfriend went off with a guy. She says she and her kids share a bedroom. She told me she works in a shop but she has a weeks leave and next week she goes back to work. She tells me she wants to talk to me all the time but her phone won't allow Internet browsing and asked what phone I had I told her it was an iPhone it was a present from an ex. She told me that her birthday is at the end of the month and asked me to get her a smart phone for her birthday so she can continue to talk to me when she is back at work. She says very little I tell her things about me her reply will be ok. I say I want to know more about her and her reply was don't worry you will get to find out about me no matter how ugly it is I will tell you. Am I being scammed? I am new to all this so I haven't got a clue
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    Crazylady is what you are if you believe this nonsense. Of course its a scam, no doubt about it. Stop all contact. "She" may not even be a female.

    By the way Gay, Lesbian and transgender relationships are illegal in Ghana and punishable by 5 to 25 years in prison. In some African countries LGBT are criminalised and the penalty is death.
    South Africa gives full rights to LGBT people including same sex marriage.

    In future do not be taken in by sob stories and people who ask for gifts and money. I also suggest you look for partners in countries where to be LGBT is not illegal. 
  • What does fffff mean?
  • Thank you for your advice. I will block all contact with her asap! X
  • I am talking to a girl from Ghana she give me this address how could I find out if it true lovia smith
    Box 32, agona kwanyako central region west Africa thankyou robin tourish
  • Firstly its not an address its a Post Office Box, secondly Smith is not a Ghanaian name.
    Is this Lovia Smith ? If it is she also calls herself Jennifer Brown.

  • Hi alethia,hope you can help me with this girl from accra ghana..she send emails to my brother as [email protected] her email add....whats bothering me is...she came and born from other country working in accra ghana with 1 child about 8yrs old living with her in ghana..her father had a heart problem...she said she work as a accurancy manager to Laysia info problems wirth her phone and cannot recieve calls...she accidentally dropped her cellphone to a sink she my brother send money to western union...because she said her birthday is on the next coming as a gift my brother send money to brother didn't hear her voice because she got a lot of excuses...i tried to warn him about it..her address is 69 Dr Isert street ghana accra...
  • @anneguevarra
    You know as well as I do that your brother is being scammed.
    You do not say what country this woman claims to be from because it is very difficult for foreigners to get work permits in Ghana.
    Also her address does not exist, apart from main streets many streets in Ghana do not have street names, nor can I find any such company.

    Why would your brother send money to a person he has never met and cannot even talk to. Does he realise that "Emelia" could be a man? Your brother obviously has more money than sense.
    There is nothing you or I can do if your brother wants to give his money to a scammer, he is a complete idiot.
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    Your brother's "girlfriend" is a huge black guy in a basement somewhere laughing his head off at the stupid foreigner, and rightfully so.

    He and his pals are planning to have a great night out on the town with your brother's money.

  • She said she's from philippines..and she also send photos with a 8 years old son and i did a lot of research and reading last night and i already told my brother to think about it twice before trusting and sending money...i showed him our conversations and some of the stories and experiences of the membes here..and he said how stupid he is....thank you so much guys for having this kind of group...its very helpful....
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    All the best to you and your brother.

  • @anneguevarra
    Your brother is so lucky to have such a caring sister.
    All the best for the future.
  • Thank you so much Alethia...
  • Oh my! A very clever "Rebecca Wilson" used a Facebook dating group to forge a "freindship" with the idea of getting married and having love in the Eternities. Stating that she is a " Mormon" church goer, age 28, from Cork, Ireland but at the time living in Oaklahoma with her uncle. After 2 months, had a "work project" in Ghana. First month, no problems, 2nd month said that "she" was going to come back to London but the "project" had to be extended for another month. Then....had "problems with my Mastercard" and needed help to pay to get back, I helped £350, delayed, so needed more help, so I sent £400, all with the "promise of paying back the money" and "sharing love". Then "got sick", so money went on hospital bills, then asked for £450, I was like, yeah really, so no more money sent! .Then BTA was mentioned!!! Oh look ...wanted £720!!! I was so fooled! At that point I searched BTA and very quickly found out, its all a scam! This peron(s) is using [email protected]
  • I was recently scammed by a woman from Accra,Ghana using the name Rebecca Aweh b.10.08.1982....this woman is actually the porn star Aria Giovannia which is a false profile she had set up in 2000 when she started that business ....she still does live strips on a webcam.Well she approached me on dating site telling me I was the most handsome man she had ever met after a few days she told me that she wanted to marry me she loved me so much and wanted to live with me in Europe. She emailed me morning afternoon and evening telling me she was clean living, church going honest and extremely loyal. She demanded money for a passport a visa and money for a declaration fee for the immigration so that she could leave the country.she works with three others that I know of a visa agent Mr Sarkodie..... his secretary Mecedis Sanakey and a man believed to be James Winesburgh an alleged Lawyer.who has a business Rapid Dreams Ventures with. Bank account Ecobank,Ridge West,Accra 0011024437082101. She also uses Western Union and Moneygram to collect monies sent. A very professional thief, blackmailer who must be avoided like the plague. She lives in North Kaneshie, Accra, Ghana and used the email: [email protected] keep away she is dangerous bad, mad and a prolific lier.

  • Anyone heard of Heath Adams?
  • I was recently scammed by a RICHARD WALKER ,whom I fell in love with for over 13months, he took all my savings and loans ,lost my house and car in the process, he keeps asking for more money to come see me and things from where he is keeps coming up, claimed to live in OK and Michigan and went to both addresses nobody has seen the person before, went to the army he serving ,they have no record of him, i was more than devastated when he continued with the story after I caught him, in a bid to recover my hard earn money I contacted the FbI, who later gave me a tutoring I was catfished in a love scam and there was little to nothing they could do about it, was able to hire a private eye who helped hired HACKWIZatPROTONMAILdotCOM who was able to trace my suppose born in Michigan Major to west Africa, he was able to get access to All his personal life and mail and after he threatened him to with Interpol and South African authorities he was able to pay back $62630 ,still reported him his government after,this was a lot from where I was.if you’re going through this get help and get your funds can thank me later.
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