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Possible Denial Problem for Schengen Visa

edited February 2015 in - General Europe
Hi if any one can advise me
I got belgium schengene visa in 2010 but i didnt visited belgium at all in that visa period
But i visited sweden finland and norway instead
So if i want to apply now for french visa i affraid that may be it will refuse because of my previous mistake
So is it possibale of refusal or not
Please advise me


  • To take a visa for one Schengen country and travel to another is not one of the reasons given for refusal under the Schengen visa rules.

    The whole idea of the Schengen treaty was that one visa would be issued to enable the the holder of the visa to travel throughout the Schengen area. The fact that you did not enter Belgium should not be a problem. The only entry and exit stamps you have are the one where you entered the Schengen zone and one where you left. You will not have entry or exit stamps for any other country.
  • Thank You so much
    Now my tension is gone i dont know the rules of schengene so i was confused but with your help i am ok really appriciate!
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