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My Schengen visa refused.

Dear all.

I Been apply Netherlands Schengen visa to visit my family . Due to My Wife Pregnant Delivery . And i Cant Apply Now Resident permit . because am working in gulf.

After My Visa Refused i appeal it . So Today My Case . Case officer contact me By email and ask me questions . you can see here .

What is your opinion. is it looks they overturned my decision .

1) Is your wife currently in Netherlands?
2) Does she live in Netherlands ?
3) Have you ever applied for a Schengenvisa before? If yes, for which country? Did you get the requested visa? If not, why not? And what was the purpose of your visit of that application?

Please answer my questions as soon as possible, but no later than 2 weeks from today, so I can continue handling your appeal.

Please Anyone have any opinion about that .


  • These are very basic questions that should have been answered when you completed the Schengen visa, application.
    I hope they overturn the refusal but as you did not say why you were refused I cannot comment further.
  • But they ask me after 2 month when i send appeal . and he told he is case officer .

    so what is your idea , if they dont overturn did they ask the anyone .

    thanks althia
  • in earlier they confuse because of ticket booking canceled . and i take only booking as they told me . and 2 one was returning where you from not sure . and some other reasons. any one refuse visa have it.

    what is your idea.
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