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Is Cameroon a Safe Travel Destination?

Has anybody on this forum been to Cameroon? There is a chance I may have an opportunity to visit but I know very little about the realities of travel in this region. I'm told that Cameroon is one of the more stable African countries, but does that mean it's safe to visit? And also, weather-wise, are there times I should avoid? When is the rainy season in Cameroon?


  • Hmmmm. Yes and no. Cameroon is politically stable so you're not dealing with that sort of danger, but you will need to take all possible safety precautions against crime. Robbery, both armed and petty is a problem. Check out what the British FCO has to say about travel to Cameroon:
    Still, I had no real problems when I was there. Beautiful country. The rainy season varies depending on region, but generally November to February is the best time to visit (dry season, when the roads are in best condition).
  • Hi SallyG,
    Laurence is correct - visit between November and February if possible. For more info on health and safety advice check out this free Cameroon Travel Guide, which covers all the important travel basics.
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