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Filipina working in Dubai going to marry in tunisia

Hi I need help what are the requirements needed for the marriage in Tunisia, my papers are on the way here in Dubai with red ribbon authentication, should I have it translated here all in Dubai?and what are the documents needs to be translated I got the visa. And how long should I stay in Tunisia to process everything, we are planning to get marry in Tunisia first then Philippines we only have at least 40 days to do both weddings.


  • You will need:
    1. Original birth certificate no more than 21 days old from date of your marriage
    2. Document stating that you are single and able to marry from the Philipines government
    3. If you have been married previously you will need your original documents of divorce/death certificate of spouse
    4. Passport and identity card (if appropriate)
    All these documents must be translated into Arabic or French and can be done in Dubai or Tunisia.

    Your fiance I assume is Tunisian he will need:

    1.His birth certificate and ID card

    Once you arrive in Tunisa you should both have blood tests to satisfy the health requirements for marriage in Tunisia.

    You can marry quite quickly in Tunisia I would allow two weeks.

  • Can we all do it in Beja all the translation or we have to go to other state to do the papers. I'm planning to stay there for only a week will it be all possible to do all these?
  • rena - your fiance will know a translator in Beja - it can be translated in one day. Also do not forget that you both need blood tests. A doctor will refer you to pathology and maybe if you are early in the morning the results will be back the same day. You must then take these back to the doctor for him to sign. If you are only here for one week then it will be very stressful and not much fun!!!
  • I'm working in a private hospital here in Dubai will it be possible to do the blood test here or we have to do both at the same time together?i have few days leave and I have to prepare for the second marriage in Philippines that's why can't afford to have any mistakes with the papers. My birthday certificate and document able to marry is on the process of authentication in Philippines, is it better if I send my documents directly in Tunisia to my fiancé and have it all translated there or if not what can I do here in Dubai to process my papers and other requirements I should be prepared for the wedding.
  • Should I also need to visit my embassy there in Tunisia for any particular documents for the wedding process?
  • You both need to go to the hospital in Tunisia together for blood tests, this is a legal requirement and a hospital in Dubai would not be aware of the requirements or be acceptable in Tunisian law.
    Do not send any documents to Tunisia hand carry them with you as Lesley told you they can be translated in one day.

    In an earlier thread you said you had 40 days (almost six weeks) to go to Tunisia and the Philiipines to marry yet you want to rush everything in Tunisia into one week. This I think is rather selfish, it is your fiances wedding too, you have to meet his family and surely see some of his country. You do not sound romantic at all just businesslike about Tunisia and want the big wedding in the Phillipines.

    Tunisian weddings are civil non religious ceremonies and recognised throughout the world, so why do you need to remarry in the Phillipines when you will already be legally married.
  • Due to the processing of my papers 10 days has been deducted from my vacation my fiancé is in Tunisia at the moment he has to resume work by October 31, even I have more pending leave I have to follow my husband and take care of him. His plan is to have a wedding in Philippines if it's not possible due to documents but with respect to his family I try to make everything possible with your help thru the informations you shared, it's a huge help it's been months and sleepless night searching for a reliable forum like this I hope we could make it for the reason we are running out of time.
  • If you are legally married in Tunisia you do not need a Filipino wedding . I suggest you have a blessing and wedding reception in the Phillipines. That will save time and money.
  • if you need an international law firm advice's with office in Tunisia you can contact [email protected]
  • Hi Alethia, we finally got married last year in Philippines, we wanna know what's the next thing to do with our marriage certificate to register in Tunisia?i have it authenticated in our country and UAE embassy in our country because we have to register here in Dubai too may I know if we need to send our marriage documents first in Tunisian embassy in Philippines to authenticate it?
  • @rena85
    Weddings in the Phillipines are recognised legally world wide so I do not understand the need to "authenticate" your marriage certificate. Your marriage certificate is a legal document why do you need to send it anywhere?
  • Here in Dubai it needs to be authenticated in our ministry at the same time the it has to be attested in UAE embassy in Philippines before we can register in Dubai. I wanna know the process to register in Tunisia
  • @ rena85
    So your saying all married people in Dubai have to have their marriage certificate attested? That is nonesense.Register what in Dubai. You are legally married
    You do NOT need to have Phillipine marriage certificate attested it is accepted in Tunisia
  • All your husband needs to do is to have the marriage noted on his birth certificate. In this case he only needs to take the contract to the embassy and they will issue him with a new birth certificate. This is all that needs to happen
  • Hi good morning Lesley & Alethia. I am a Filipina working in Qatar for now and I am going to Tunisia on October 1 to get married with my tunisian fiancé whom now is currently in Tunisia. I already have my BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE which was taken from PHILIPPINES last week. I am really so confused if I still need to get my papers "Authenticated" before I will go to Tunisia? Does it really necessary to get my papers Authenticated? Will Tunisian Embassy acknowledge my papers even without it Authenticated? Because I am really out time since my flight would be on October 1 and the process of Authentication in our country takes much time as I am not the one who will personally process everything. Please help me with this matter. I sincerely thank you...
  • @kitten
    You do not need these documents authenticated.
  • @kitten - all your documents must be original and they must be translated into Arabic/French. If you have not done this already, they can be done very cheaply and quickly here.
  • edited September 2017
    Precious Good afternoon to you both Ma'am Lesley and Ma'am Alethia. I am so grateful to hear from you too soon. Thank you so very much for your help. My fiancé now is in the Municipality of Tunis to personally ask and confirmed some informations that aren't clear to him. I would follow both of your advice on not to Authenticate it anymore as I am also lacking of time.
    Many thanks for both of your kindness and help.
    Have a great day ahead.
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