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Poland border guard - unpleasant experience

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Am a student in Russia l was denial enter to warsaw with my poland schengen tourist visa, the boarder guard said l had no secure accommodation,l had a secured accommodation payed for in full in advance for the duration of my stay with a voucher from the hotel and my travel agent to proof my accommodation, Holding of a visa does not guarantee the right to enter the poland or any country but l felt l was wrongly denial entry because of my nationality as a Nigerian and my skin colour,how can l do to sake justice?because this is morally wrong


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    I am sorry, but I do not think anything can be done. Tourists are at the mercy of the border control. Theoretically, you could file complaint, but you would need to know with whom, give them your information, you might end up with broken windows in your house. Better try another port of entry and with luck.
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