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Travel in Peru: Farul SA

Planning to tour Peru in July and wondered if anyone has used an independant travel operator Farul SA in Lima.(Helvio) he seems genuine enough but wants the deposit in $ cash transfer upfront. Have spoken with a couple of folk who say thats the way in Peru also spoke with a lady in California who had the same doubts as us but went ahead and all was ok. Just wondered if anyone has done this or if anyone has herd of Farul


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    Interesting I just had the same thing happen to me when booking to go to India. They wanted cash 5k all up. Expected to fly to India and have to find a hotel and start from Scratch. It went absolutely perfect. Could not believe but I was really apprehensive about doing it. Will they take paypal?
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    He seems good but i wouldn't pay all in advance. When my mom traveled there she payed half before and the other part when she arrived.
    I don't remember the name but I'm pretty sure that it's one of these
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