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I have bee scammed

I first met this man on Chemistry dating site and he said he was 55 years old, and I am much older, although I always get guessed at being about 45, I told me sorry I am not interested the age difference is too much
and he convinced me age is just a number, after about a week he started to call me his angel, his queen and then he
told me he was in the coco bean business for 25 years, and that he had been working on an important contract for a long time and one day he informed me that he had gotten the contract and it would be worth over 2 million dollars
He said he had to go to Ghana to the suppliers to have the coco beans shiped back to the US
When he got there he said he had paid a lawyer 14,000.00 to take care of all the legal matters for doing business in ghana and then one day he started saying he felt really bad and this went on for over a week and then he said he was coming to see me and that he could stay about a week and go back to Ghana to send the shipment of the beans out
He sent me his flight info and I was at the airport to pick him up and a man called me on the phone with a heavy accent and said he was a doctor and the man I am suppose to meet had passed out at the airport and he had malaria and a taxie driiver had found him and brought him to the hospital and he was treating him and would keep me informed
My so called lover asked for $1200 to pay the doctor and then money to ship the beans and then again at the airport he was arrested for over staying his visa for 30 days, he had stayed 90 days
the fine was $1300 and I have sent this man thousands of dollars, He was so real and I fell in love with him, pictures only and only once on the phone, I did not think this would ever happen to me
I have borrowed thousands on my credit cards and other loans and deciding wherther to file bankruptcy
I am retired, went through all I had saved and now I owe thousands
I am heart broken and feel so stupid as how I could have fallen for this, and not sure how to handle it


  • I just hope women reading this will be aware and only talk to me on these sites that are local and be able to check them out and do not beleive anything untill you verify and do not trust !!!
  • What country are you from Viv ? I need to know so I can advise and help you.
  • Vbrig, am really sorry about what happened to you, let me tell you ladies out there something, if these scammers have been creating stories please do not send any money out for them. They always finding new ways of getting money from you people out there please do not fall victim again. Many have also sent me messages,i use to tell them to fuck off When you see long writing and email in it please, they are scammers. Beware
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