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New US entry requirements

edited January 2009 in - USA
What's the deal with the new entry regulations for UK travellers to the US? Do people really have to log into the government website? Does everybody have to do this and is it going to take a long time?


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    The new regulations just started on Jan 12th. All visitors to the US who can visit under the Visa Waiver Program need to check in the ESTA website at before they leave for the states. they then get electronically approved within 72 hours but it usually takes only a few minutes. It will be usefull to do this a few days before you travel in case you dont get approved for whatever reason.
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    Please fill in your form very carefully, I made an error on mine and it took over a month to correct it. I made a call to the US Embassy in London (calls charged at premium rate) and was told they could not help. I once again tried the web site and and informed them of my simple mistake, they told me to re-try again and they would clear the form (which they did'nt) after another attempt at emailing them i was finally able to correct the simple error and it was accepted.

    It is so difficult to get any response from them as their excuse is always that as this form is new and people are having problems with it they cant keep up with demand with help problems.
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    January 12, 2009 onwards the (ESTA) has been a new pre-departure requirement for all visa waiver travelers. ESTA is not a visa but an authorization to travel to the United States and ask for admission to enter. An approved travel authorization (ESTA) does not guaranty entry.
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