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Tour Egypt and Jordan

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I will be taking a tour through Egypt and Jordan at the end of January by the help of Mantis Tourism & Attractions and am looking for advice in terms of what clothes would be appropriate, what kind of things I should bring or avoid, wondering about the weather at that time of year etc. People having any thoughts can contribute?


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    Its now winter in Jordan (November to March) January is the coldest month, with temperatures of 5°C to 10°C. 70% of the average rainfall in the country falls during this period. Snow is also possible at this time of year in 2013 Amman and many areas had heavy snowfall.

    Dec to March is an Egyptian winter. Egyptian winter weather varies from warm 24C and cold at night in Sharm El Shaikh
    Cairo temperatures in January are approximately 17C in the day to 9C at night.
  • witch travel agent i can contact with please
  • @nervien, you mean you are looking for a travel agent in Jordan? Or Egypt?
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    @nervien Take a look at our Free Travel Guides to Egypt and Jordan.

    Here are links to the companies we recommend for Tour Operators in Egypt and Tour Operators in Jordan. I recommend looking at the Egypt Tour guides list first as many offer holiday packages including travel to Jordan.

    Happy Travels!
  • I remember Jordan in January, we were wearing T-shirts during a day but always had warm coats to wrap ourselves every evening. It is quite warm, but in a desert the temperature changes dramatically.
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