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Kenya to Denmark... after visa has been refused?

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Thanx for this wonderful site..... i desperately need advice. am a danish man and married in kenya Africa, i wanted to take my wife with me, we were advised to apply for a visit visa and later apply for her to stay with me when we get to denmark. her visa was refused due to lack of sufficient proof of her return that couldn't be ascertained. right now she is pregnant and am afraid of her down here because i want my child to be born in Denmark. i have been advised to use an agent for proper paperwork and apply for a visit visa through another embassy of sweden so we can cross over to denmark, my questions are, what can we do for her to stay with me in denmark without returning to Africa? secondly, will she be allowed to stay with me as a couple in denmark when her visa is for sweden not denmark? Also please advise me if the first refusal through the norwegian embassy will not affect her application to sweden since they are both schengen countries because i think its the same system .
i will be so glad with the help,
from desperate Jensen


  • @Taiwa
    I have no idea who advised you to apply for a Schengen visa but this is not the correct procedure.
    You need to apply for a family reunification visa at the Danish Embassy Nairobi Kenya.
    The following is from the Danish government website


    The Consulate General advises against making any final travel arrangements, particularly purchase of non-refundable air tickets for a specific date, prior to approval of your application

    As a Danish citizen you can obtain more advice about the visa application in person or by phone look here
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  • kindly thank you Alethia for the adivice . please allow me to ask one more, i am in africa right now and at the danish embassy , i was advised that family reunion can be successful if we have lasted long in our marriage yet we are only 2months married which they say is not sufficient time to be granted a family reunion visa. that's why i thought if we get together to denmark, it would be easy. now my wife is pregnant and i would like my child to be born in denmark well as family reunification process seems long for that to happen. please tell me, no way she can stay with me in Denmark if she goes with a visit visa? thanx alot for your time...
  • @Taiwa
    Firstly there is nothing in Danish immigration law that states you have to be married a long time before you can apply for reunification. The decision on these matters are made
    by the Danish Immigration service not by the embassy. In my previois post I recommended you spoke to the Danish Immigration Service not the Danish Embassy.

    It is highly unlikely that the Danes will give you a visit visa as they will think you are trying to avoid the rules.

    Technically the spouse of an EEA national cannot be refused a Schengen visa under the provisions of DIRECTIVE 2004/38/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT

    This directive deals with the right of citizens of the EU and their family members
    to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States.
    The visa should be free of charge and dealt with quickly.

    Read this document it may help you further.

    Let me know if Sweden grants the visa.

    All the best
  • thanx so much, i will let u know.
  • helo good friends, as i promised to let you know, my wife has got a tourist visa to sweden. thanx for all advise. i would kindly like to know of one thing please, i have no experience on travelling at all more so with my case, me and my wife will be leaving africa on friday to stolkom sweden, what do we have to do once we get there to cross over? does she first have to report to the immigration before boardding a train to denmark? secondly, can i introduce her there as my wife and say we need to cross to denmark, or she must cross on her own without mentioning me? i am worried that she may be refused to entre since we are married and have not gone through the family reunification process. please advise me on this, am deeply worried
  • @Taiwa
    The lady is your legal wife and has the right to be in the Schengen zone as she holds a visa. When you land in Stockholm you will pass through immigration at the airport after that you behave normally as any married couple.

    With a Schengen visa your wife has the right to travel to any Schengen country freely. So you go to the train station and board the train to Denmark. After that you should have no problems at all.

    Bon voyage.

  • you are the best Alethia, God bless you. a real big hug to this team... so helpful.
  • TaiwaKindly help cos am in the same situation.I got a refusal yesterday for a visit visa to Denmark and I would like to know if I have a chance to get a tourist visa to sweden.and if I do get how do I cross over to Denmark? Please help
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    sonnwa, your question is pointless when you give zero information, not even the most basic facts like your nationality.

    Visa/Immigration require ALL details, otherwise it's a waste of anyone's time to guess.

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