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Iran safe as a toursit alone?

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Hello, I am a 24 yr old male in ukraine. i will move into russia next week and i want to traverse through to china by land. I have a choice, to go down thru georgia to iran and then to the turkmenistan and out through that way. or to go through khazakstan to turkmenistan and uzbekistan. So basically to go through iran or kazakstan to get to central asia. I want to do Iran, but given the warnings of danger you hear by word of mouth, i wanted to ask someone who has knowledge on the current situation there. I truly believe any country offers good and bad. But i wont go to a place if it is flat out stupid. As someone who would be entering from the north, and exiting through turkmenistan in the northeast, crossing iran all by land, am i taking what would be a 'stupid' risk?


  • Iran is safe to travel and even female individual tourists doing overland trips from Europe to Turky - Iran - Pakistan - China. Therefore, you can use alternative option from Iran - Pakistan via taftan border and enter at Khunjerab border (Pakistan-China) via Karakorum Highway/Old ancient sil Route. If you want to see high mountains of gigantic Karkorum and beautiful valleys with strong hospitable people.

    Me in Islamabad, Pakistan and our valuable tourists visiting us by above said region. You can ask me if you wanted to know more about this destination.

    Have a nice trip,

  • Iran is absolutely safe.
  • I do not know what planet you are on Rafiee, you join the forum to open a five year old thread just to tell us .." Iran is absolutely safe "

    Iran is definitely NOT safe and any one with an ounce of intelligence would know this. All major governments warn their citizens against travelling to Iran because it is fanatical and dangerous.

    In recent months there has been an increase in the detention of dual nationals on allegations of involvement in political and human rights activities. Dual nationality is not recognised in Iran.

    Independent travellers, especially (but not exclusively) if going off the beaten track, face greater risk than those in tour groups or business visitors. Seemingly innocuous behaviours, such as the use of cameras in public places, travel beyond well-established tourist attractions, or casual interactions with Iranian friends, may be misinterpreted and may lead to investigation and harassment.

    Iran borders three of the most dangerous countries in the world. Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, travel anywhere near these borders is totally inadvisable.

    Rafiee 1 we want members on this forum to join in and provide positive information/feedback or ask questions that can assist others not write misleading and untrue posts.
  • Hi everybody , I am Saeed Zarafshan and I am a Tour manager with 15 years experience and Also I am living in Iran .
    I want to assure you that Iran is absolutely safe .
    But tourists ( I mean female tourists ) should only have a scarf on their heads as moslems do . And we do not have Alcohol in Iran ( I mean legally ! )
    But ofcourse we have parties here like anywhere else on the planet and we drink in those parties and dance and so on .
    The only thing is that we are ( govermentally ) a moslem country.
    That is it !
    And if you have seen South Corean President in the news who came to Iran yesterday you can Imagine how will ladies can be when they are in Iran . It is not so serious ( I mean the Scarf ) specially if you are a foreigner . It is just a kind of respect to the law of the country that you are visiting .
    Dear Alethia ,
    Iran is absolutely safe . I am leaving here for 37 years and in the past 15 years I have seen at least half of the world and by my own experience I should say Iran is safer than many other countries .
    Let me tell you another law : Nobody in Iran is allowed to have a gun legally . So compare it with America that in every where and every time you can be threat with aguy with gun in his hand .
    I do not mean that Usa is not safe but I want to give you a coparing situation .
    Hope to see you in My country , IRAN
    And I can manage everything from Visa to Hotel for you .
    Hope to here from u that you have changed your mind .
    Thank you & Regards from Our Ancient country IRAN.
  • Dear Alethia,
    Have you ever been to Iran?
    I totally disagree with you!!!
    Iran is absolutely safe for travelers, as saeedzarafshan said, female traveler have to have scarf on their heads and Alcoholic drinks are forbidden.
    there is no danger over there and Iranian people are one of most hospitable nations in the world.
  • @farhangv ...... you kidding. I have been to Iran and this was few years ago. Now it is not safe at all. You only have to understand the conflicts and problems to know that now is definitely not the time to visit!
  • edited November 2017
    Iran is a very dangerous place especially for Iranians who hold British, American , European , Australian and Canadian nationalities.The Iranian authorities don’t recognise dual nationality for Iranian citizens
    The UN has serious concerns that the judicial process in Iran falls below international standards.
    The lack of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been criticized both by Iranians and international human right activists, writers, and NGOs. The United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Commission have condemned past and ongoing abuses in Iran in published critiques and several resolutions.

    Iran is a very dangerous country and is widely recognized as the world’s leading state sponsor of international terrorism.
    Its certainly not the Costa del Sol and I dont think we will be seeing package holidays to Iran any time soon.
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