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Permanent residency removal order Canada

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Hi all... I have been working in a Canadian company in the accounts section. Somebody did a $25000 corruption and they made, it was done by me. I was dismissed from the company and got arrested for the same. 2 days before, I got a permanent residency, removal order from the court. I don't know what to do. I am thinking to go for an appeal via the immigration lawyers Mathew Jeffery. But I would like to know that is there any chance to get my appeal approve?


  • @masse
    Permanent residents have the right to enter and remain in Canada, but those rights are not absolute. Removal orders may be made against permanent residents if they are found guilty of any of the following:grounds:-

    1. Breaching Canad's security
    2. Violating human or international rights,
    3. Serious criminality
    4. Misrepresentation
    5. Organized crime
    6. Failure to comply with any conditions imposed by Canadian immigration rules or failure to comply with any or all residence obligations

    You have obviously be charged and convicted of a serious criminal offence and therefore a Removal Order has been made against you. If you want to stay in Canada then you must appeal, surely your lawyers have discussed your chances of the Removal Order being overturned and your right to remain. Don't forget if you are removed from Canda it will seriously affect your ability to travel to other countries

    On this forum we do not know the full facts of your case, your lawyers do, listen and be guided by them.

    If you do not appeal and are removed from Canada, maybe in the future you will regret you did not appeal.
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    I am Canadian Permanent Residence status in my hand, but the problem is that I left Canada five years ago , it's not my fault I could not go back , cause Israel has closed the border for me is because of the debt , My daughter is Citizen of Canada! My child 's father does not pay child care and therefore indebted ! that would be the question ; can I come back to Canada , when the border is released ?Do still I can have a Permanent Residence Status? Thanks for your answer!
  • @andica65

    Why are you in debt if your childs father does not pay maintenance?

    Under the Bailiff’s Act of 1967 the Chief Bailiff can stop you leaving Israel because of non payment of maintenance. However, It has been held in principle that exit orders should not be made against an Israeli debtor living abroad permanently whose centre of life is abroad. The rationale behind this is where the debtor has no income or property in Israel from which the debt can be paid, preventing him returning abroad will just cut him off from his potential source of income and means of paying back what he owes. An exit order would only put pressure on the debtor but not help in getting the debt paid. If, however, an Israeli living abroad has property in Israel – e.g. savings or real estate – action can be taken against these to recover the debt.

    Where, despite all this, the Chief Bailiff does grant an exit order against an Israeli living abroad he can take action against this; if it is made ex-parte (not in his presence) he can apply to cancel it. Alternatively, if he has the financial means to pay back part of the debt or put up some guarantee, the Chief Bailiff may lift the order. To stay 5 years is unheard of, Iassume you took legal advice.

    Canadian Permanent Residence

    If you Canadian residence card has expired you need to renew it as soon as possible.

    Losing your permanent resident status does not happen automatically. You cannot lose your permanent resident status simply by living outside of Canada long enough that you don’t meet the residency requirement. Unless you have gone through an official process, you have not lost or given up your permanent resident status, even though you may not be eligible to return to Canada as a permanent resident.

    You may lose your permanent resident status if:

    an adjudicator determines that you are no longer a permanent resident following an inquiry; or
    a visa officer determines you do not meet the required residency when you apply for a permanent resident travel document or temporary resident travel document.

    You may lose your permanent resident status in one of the ways described above if:

    you do not live in Canada for two out of five years;
    you are convicted of a serious crime and told to leave Canada; or
    you become a Canadian citizen.
    You do not lose your permanent resident status if your PR card expires.
  • Thanks for your answer!Why i am in debt??cause the child father is not paying child support?I am debt cause I am alone with my child,i have to pay by myself everything of my child,and for my self too!In Israel is hard be alone No one help me!!No social helping no childsupport helping,nothing!
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    So do you think i am lose it my resident status of Canada?
  • @andica65
    Is your Canadian residence card still valid? If the residence card is valid you are ok, if your card has expired you can apply for a new one. You cannot get on a plane to Canada without a valid residence permit. Your problems may start when you return to Canada but the Canadians may be lenient.

    I really do not understand why the Israelis prevented you from travelling and why you have not appealed against this decision. Exit orders should not be made against Israelis who permanently live in another country.
  • Good Morning Ms.Alethia!
    My Card is expired 2 years ago!I am a Israel and Hungarian Citizen!
  • @andica65
    You can try to apply for a new Canadian residence permit but this is where problems may start and you can be refused. As a national of Hungary the Hungarian Embassy could issue you with a passport to enable you to leave.

    I really do not understand why you are prevented from leaving Israel. What nationality is your child? Why did you go to Israel and to whom do you owe money?
    If you do not want to say here you can send me a private message.
  • Good Afternoon Ms.Alethia!
    My daughter is a Canadian Citizen!I come to Israel,cause I am separated with my ex/he right a way married in Colombia/And I decide to come to Israel cause my parents has been here!I am make aliyah in Israel!
    I am own for telephone company's!
    If I have a Hungarian passport still I can not leave!
  • @andica65
    Sorry , but I still do not understand why you cannot leave Israel. Who do you own money to? Who took away your passports?
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    Hi Alethia!
    No one to took away to my passport!But I have a court order,to I can not live Israel since when I pay back my debt!I own money for Telephone companies!The Telephone companies lawyer close the border for me!
    So if my Daughter is a Canadian Citizen can I get back my Permanent Residency? I'm own the money!My daughter is 13 years old!
  • @andica65
    In my opinion you have a good chance to retain your permanent residence because your child is Canadian.
  • Thanks Alethia!You are a so so Beautiful Lady!!
    Thanks for all the help for me!!
  • @andica65
    You are welcome, here is the link to help you to renew your permant residence card.
    I wish you all the best.
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