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Getting married in Turkey

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I'm arranging a wedding in Turkey this September and could do with some help plz


  • @myfamily16, it would be useful to our experts if you could be more specific about what you need help with. Do you want to know what you legally require to get married or are you wanting help with things like venues and service providers?
  • Hi sorry I have the venue the hotel we r staying is providing surroundings ect just need to no legals an finding someone to marry us at the hotel? Thank you
  • @myfamily16
    Ella is right we need more information. For example, where do you want to get married. Istanbul, Antalya, Mersin, Bodrum, Fethiye where ? What information do you need?
    What nationality are you and are you marrying a Turkish citizen or another nationality?
    Without this information we cannot help you.
  • We are both British an marring at the hotel we are staying at in antayla we have got the forms to fill in and take to the solicitor an they r sending them to be legalised is there anything else apart from find a regestra that we need to do in Turkey? Thank you.
  • Our hotel is crystal admiral side antayla x
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    The hotel will be very helpful if you tell them you are getting married. everyone loves a wedding in Turkey.

    You will need to have your passports , birth certificates and if you have been married before the divorce (decree absolute) or death certificate of previous spouse all translated in Turkish as well as your legalised affidavit from the UK.

    The translated documents must then be taken to the Governors office in Antalya where they are legalised for you to take to the marriage office. The address is:-

    Governors Office Bayındır Mah. Gazi Bulvarı Valilik Ek Hizmet Binası Yerleşkesi No:2 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA
    The Governors Office is close to the Akdeniz University. It's in the same complex as the GÖC office (Foreigners Department). The hotel can arrange for a driver to take you , it will take about an hour to get there. You could have a nice day out in Antalya.

    You will need blood tests done at the local hospital in Manavgat and Side
    Manavgat Municipality provides marriage services. Manavgat town is less than five miles from your hotel, the dolmus (little bus) goes regularly

    For the actual ceremony you will need two witnesses who speak English and Turkish as the ceremony is in Turkish.

    In the UK you need to complete the bilingual Affidavit/Affirmation form and your oath/affirmation should be administered by a local Public Notary in the UK and legalised by Foreign Commonwealth Office Legalisation Department before travelling to Turkey.

    Clare one of our members lives in Turkey near Antalya and married in May this year, I have contacted her and asked if she has any further advice for you.

    iyi şanslar !! (good luck)
  • Thank you so much...can I use 2 people from the hotel who speak both as witnesses? And also who an how or were do I get my documents translated in to Turkish? X
  • Also do you no the were I will find the local regestra to marry us and how much the cost of everything will be? Sorry for all the question but it's in 11 weeks an I'm worried x
  • And can I get them translated an legalised here in UK before traveling to Turkey?
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    I am sure some of the hotel staff would be witnesses, you could contact the hotel in advance and ask for the hotel's help.

    I gave you the link to Manavgat marriage office where you will find the registrar
    The address is Manavgat Municipality up Pazarcı Mah. Kordon Cad. Manavgat Antalya
    Side is the holiday resort Manavgat is the main town.

    You can go to a Turkish Notary which is a Notary Public they will have certified translators who can help you. Every town in Turkey has a notary here are the notaries in Manavgat go to one of their offices they will help you.

    It is much cheaper to translate everything in Turkey it will cost you a fortune in the UK
    The British embassy can translate but they charge British prices.

    Once your application has been made the Turkish register office will issue a marriage declaration giving permission to marry the wedding can take place within 48 hours of this licence being issued, the license is valid for six months.

    I will ask about costs as its many years since I married but its much cheaper than the UK.
    I am also hoping Clare will be along soon with more information.
  • Thank you
  • Sorry I was very busy with end of term stuff.....
    It cost us 80 Lira for the marriage ceremony at the local office - this was in Konyaalti, Antalya. However the charges go up if the registrar has to come to a venue.
    There are always registered translators close to the Noter offices. Usually costs around 80 lira to translate a passport.
    Now I only needed my passport translated as everything else was covered by the affadavit. But I believe what is needed can vary from office to office - normal here in Turkey.
    We actually got all the paperwork done in a day. We had our blood taken the day before and got the results the next day. My local doctor did it so didn't cost but most I have heard of cost around 70 lira each. I went to the consulate as I live here to get my affadavit stamped etc and that cost around 250lira. The Approval from the governor's office didn't cost anything.
    I am just heading out to a wedding! I will look through the paperwork on my return and check if there is anything I have missed.
  • Also make sure all your documents match exactly. A friend recently had difficulties as on one document both his father's forenames were given and on another only one. He had to get the documents to match which cost him money and time.
  • Alethia has already provided the link to the site with the information.
    Make sure the affadvit is completed in Turkish as this covers a lot of the documents tat used to have to get traslated individually. Still bring them all with you though just in case.

    To be honest it would be worth asking if the hotel has a wedding co-ordinator or can put you in contact with one locally to help with this. We had quite a few stumbling blocks and one of us is Turkish and I speak Turkish!! Well worth paying for to take the pressure off you. Some of the offices can be hard to find or once there even we get sent to the wrong department!

    Good luck with your plans and congratulations on your wedding.
  • Thank you for all your comments I have asked hotel about wedding Co ordinators an they don't seam to be getting bk to me
  • @myfamily16
    Try contacting this lady Aysun Hoche, she is reliable and helpful and is an event planner I am sure she can help you.
    Aysun lives in Antalya and has a good reputation.
  • Aysun is also very friendly and incredibly helpful. I know her from when I first moved here and she was a mine of useful information.
  • hello good evening im gabriel and getting married to a turkish girl but my passport is expiring on april what do you think i should do?
  • "... hello good evening im gabriel and getting married to a turkish girl but my passport is expiring on april what do you think i should do?..."

    Dear Gabriel,

    It's impossible for anyone to comment when your question contains zero information.

    1. What is your nationality?

    2. What is the nationality of your Passport that is expiring?

    3. Where are you planning getting married and where are you to travelling from and to for the marriage?

    4.) Does your fiance have a valid Passport? Has she travelled anywhere?

    5.) Have you travelled abroad? Which countries? Which Visas have you received?

    The point is don't waste people's time by asking nonsense questions with no info whatsoever. Immigration... Visas... Marriage... etc. are questions that are complicated and in order for any expert to make an accurate answer they need to know ALL the facts, otherwise it's a useless waste of everyone's time.

    All the best to you and good luck.

  • @smithmoore007
    What a stupid question.Apply for new passport simple.
  • Hello

    I want to how much time it will take to take Formul B from NuFus Idaresi

    InshaAllah wedding ceremony on Friday

    Can we get Form B same day ?

    We have flight to catch on Sunday, We will submit form B in our consulate.
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    You should receive the red marriage book containing the Formul B international marriage certificate after the ceremony.
    Why do you need to submt the marriage certificate to the Indian or Tunisian Embassies. Turkish weddings are internationally recognised
  • Thank you @Alethia

    Person at baladeyesi mentioned that, we have to go NuFus idaresi for formul B .

    I will see today after contract Inshaallah

    Thanks for your help
  • Alhumdulilah , All went well.

    Ceremony and papers everything.

    @Alethia Thanks for your support, all through the process.

    @Lesley Thanks for your support.

    You all are helping out people. Really appreciate your help. May Allah bless you All.

    Alhumdulilah finally we got married in Istanbul after 1 year.
  • Congratulations Mozak I hope you and your wife have long and happy life together.
  • Thanks @Alethia

    Inshaallah ya rabbiiii
  • @mozak - Mabrouk (barcha)!!! Inchallah your marriage will be happy and wonderful!
  • Aychak @Lesley

    InshaAllah will apply for Tunisia visa now

    And apply visa for my spouse to Canada
  • Good luck!
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