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Schengen visa-denmark

Hello everyone my name is Elvis Asare.I lived and worked at United Arab Emirates _Dubai and I want to pay for a tourist visa to Denmark and I really need your advice and the kind of documents which is necessary.hoping to hear from you guys soon


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    What is your nationality and why do you want to travel to Denmark? Is it for a holiday, business or as a student? Are you married or single?
    Please answer these questions as they are relevant to the type of documents you will need to supply with the visa application.
  • Am a Ghanaian ,am married with a five years old son and I want to go to Denmark for [email protected]
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    Then you need to show you have sufficient funds for your holiday. You require Danish Krone 372 per day (50 Euro) a return air ticket and paid accomodation

    Your air ticket and hotel reservation should be done through a travel agent
    If your staying with friends they need to complete VU2 immigration invitation form
    You must provide evidence of your ties to Ghana , child birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of employment, evidence of any land or property you own. Who will care for your child while your on holiday? if so put that.
    Bank statements and pay slips for the last 3 months.
  • Plz my wife is danish and she is pregnant and i apply for avisit visa for her with an invitation from my wife I am a civil engineer work in nigeira have all the papers and they refused my visa because they answer me ( your intention to leave denamrk before expiry of the bisa is not ascertained) what I should do ??? And why they refused me , I want to add something I make my booking reservation online I dont know if this can be the reason . And also I have two daughters whick they are also in denamrk
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