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Query: Does visa get rejected if we book homestay in barcelona/spain online

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I got a travel support to attend a Summit in Barcelona from 25th october to 29th October. Flight and hotel room will be booked and paid for by the Travel Support Program.

I am planing to visit brarcelona on 20th October, 4 days before the summit start.
I am planing to book a Homestay from 20th October to 24th October. From 20 to 24, l am planing to do sightseeing in Barcelona/Spain.

Can I directly book Homestay in Barcelona from India via (online), will it affect visa processing ?
I heard that visa will get rejected if we book hotel/homestay online. Home stay will be cheaper, 26 Euro/night, Single room. Please suggest a solution.

On 25th, l will goto the hotel booked by travel support program.

I will get flight booked to Spain on 20th October and from Spain on 30th October by travel support program.

Issue is, l have to take care of accommodation from 20 to 24th October.


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    Often Homestay and Airbnb bookings are rejected by Schengen caseworkers. There are thousands of small hotels, hostels and guest houses in Barcelona where you can even find accomodation for less than 26 Euro per night

    For example have guest houses (pension in Spanish ) like this on offer, that have great reviews on Trip Advisor and are in the heart of Barcelona.

    or try
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    Thanks for your prompt response.
    What are the documents I should collect and submit to Spain embassy for a visa if I book hotel online via or ?
    does printed copy of online hotel booking receipt is enough ?

    From 25th october to 29th October hotel booking will be done by travel support program agent and from 20th October to 24th October I will be booking hotel via or, This does not cause any issue in visa processing, right ?
  • @quickconvey
    I would not have advised you to book a hotel if it would be an issue when the visa is processed.
    You submit the booking confirmation that you will receive on online
  • @Alethia
    Hotel Pensión Bertolin got sold out.
    Could you please suggest one more hotel, Budget < 150 euro.
    Date: from 19th October to 24th October (5 Nights).
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    I gave you links to two sites with hundreds of pensions and hotels lisred. It is now up to you to search for your own hotel.
    Here is another site
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    I have selected a Hostel "Toc Hostel Barcelona"
    I am confused with pension, hotel and hostel.
    That hostel has tourist License: HB-004629. So I think, I can show it to get visa.
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    Here is an definition of hostel hotel and pension.

    A hostel is an establishment which provides inexpensive food and basic lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or budget travellers. There are often dormitories as well as rooms bathrooms can be shared.Hostels are licensed by the local government and usually offer breakfast and are clean and well run.

    Hotels are considered more luxurious and therefore more expensive. In a hotel you get your own room and bathroom, maid service and other amenities that may include in-room internet service, telephone, mini refrigerator, cable television, iron and hair dryer. Your room is cleaned and bed made daily.

    Pension (guest house) are family-run establishments with just a handful of rooms. Sometimes they are within the family's home itself, allowing you to catch a glimpse of Spanish life. They are licensed by local government and are designated by a "CH" on the license.

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    I have reserved hostel "Toc Hostel Barcelona" via, I haven't made any payment.
    I got confirmation in PDF format.
    Can I submit that PDF file to get visa ?. Is it valid with out payment ?
    I have to pay the amount only at the time of chicken.
  • @quickconvey
    You are not expected to pay for a hotel /hostel you simply make a reservation and how can you prove the reservation if you dont print off the file and give it with your application?
    No one pays for a hotel in advance you always make a reservation. Have you never stayed in a hotel before?
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    Sorry, my mistake, I meant print PDF file.
    This is the first time I am going to travel and stay (alone) out side my country. I don't know what type of hotel booking embassy will accept. My travel support program given me booked flight tickets (not the reserved ticket, I think), That is why I got confused.
    Sorry, I am asking lot of silly questions.
  • @Alethia
    Can I travel to Paris and Rome for one day sightseeing trip from Spain ?.
    Should I take permission for this while applying for Spain visa ?.
    I am planing to book flight and hotel for Paris and Rome trip after getting Spain visa. Is it possible ?.
  • Once you have been awarded a Schengen visa from Spain you can travel freely to France or Italy within the time frame that it's valid. There's no need to mention it in your visa application and you can go ahead and wait till your visa has been approved before booking the flights etc.
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    Thanks, Ella Johnson

    My situation:
    I am going to Barcelona to attend 5 days Summit 25th October to 28th October.
    I am planing to visit Barcelona 5 days before the Summit, that is 19th October.
    From 19th October to 24th October, I am planing to visit tourist places in Barcelona/Spain.
    I am also planing to visit Paris and Rome if I get time, not planed yet.

    In these 10 days I will be staying in 2 different hotels.
    * From 19 October to 23 October, hostel booked by me.
    * From 24 October to 28 October, hotel booked by summit sponsor.

    * Flight ticket is booked by sponsor.

    I have following questions:

    What visa should I apply ?
    Schengen travel visa or Schengen business visa?
    I am confused, because I am planing to visit tourist places and attend Summit.

    I red that consulate will ask me to apply for only Spain visa
    if I apply for Schengen visa without mentioning the plan of visiting other counties and
    they will reject my visa application.
    Is it true ?
    What is the best way to apply for Schengen visa at this situation ?

    As I mentioned, I am staying in 2 different Hotels. Which hotel's address should I specify in
    visa application form ?

    In visa application form, I have to specify the main purpose of the journey.
    What should I specify there, 'tourism' or 'business' ?.
    I am confused, because I am planing to visit tourist places and attend Summit.
  • @quickconvey
    Is this summit work related or an academic conference? Will you be working at this summit or just an attending listening to various speakers?
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    This summit is about an opensource software product.

    It is related to work only.
    my company will allow me to attend this summit, because I got travel support from summit sponsor.

    * I will be attending design session. In that session we will discuss and decide what are the new features. bug fixing we should complete in next release of this software.Participants can also assign the work to his name which he can complete in next release.

    * I will be also listening to various speakers based on the topic and speaker.

    I also got Visa invitation letter from Summit.
    I am sharing some part of that with you.

    RE: Request for short-­‐stay Visa for MY_NAME

    MY_NAME intends travel to Barcelona on 10/19/2016 and depart on 10/29/2016.
    MY_NAME contributes to PRODUCT_NAME in terms of code and reviews. In light of our need
    for MY_NAME presence at our conference, we respectfully request that you grant this
    short-­‐stay visa.
    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    Has the summit sponsor made it clear that they are paying for your airfare and accomodation during the summit?
    Technically you are not travelling to conduct business you will be in a seminar. So in section 21 of the application form where it asks "main purpose of the journey" tick the box that states "other" then write in 5 days tourist 4 days seminar.

    Once you have a Schengen visa for one country you can travel freely to other Schengen states. @EllaJohnson ( a moderator on this forum) has already explained that there is no need to mention any further trips.

    If you have room you must specify both hotels.You should prepare a short intinerary showing your flights and reservations for both hotels.
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    yes, summit sponsor will pay airfare and accommodation during the summit.
    yes, I understand that Once I get Schengen visa for one country I can travel freely to other Schengen states.

    What answer should I give if consulate ask following questions during visa interview.
    * Why you need Schengen visa ?, In itinerary you haven't mentioned any trip to other Schengen state.
    * Why can't you apply for normal Spain visa ?

    I am thinking that normal Spain visa and Schengen visa are different, please correct me if i am wrong.
    is there any other visa except schengen visa to travel to Spain ?
    I am also thinking that Schengen visa will give to those who are planing to travel different Schengen states and mention that trip in travel itinerary.
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    There is no such thing as a "normal Spain visa" or an Italian visa, German visa, French visa etc etc only a Schengen visa
    In 1985 in the town of Schengen in Luxembourg a treaty was signed that gave one visa for all countries in Europe who signed the treaty. This is known as a Schengen visa, once this visa is granted you can travel freely through Europe known as the Schengen zone. Countries in the Schengen zone no longer grant individual country visas, if you look at your application form it clearly states APPLICATION FOR SCHENGEN VISA. I suggest that as you are a computer specialist you Google "Schengen visa" for more information.

    I asked if your summit sponsor provided documents " made it clear" that they are paying for your trip as this document must be given as supporting evidence with the visa application.

    What answer should I give if consulate ask following questions during visa interview.
    * Why you need Schengen visa ?, In itinerary you haven't mentioned any trip to other Schengen state.
    * Why can't you apply for normal Spain visa ?

    This is a ridiculous question. Both Ella and I have told you there is no need to mention going to another country. I repeat there is no such thing as a " normal Spanish visa"

    Surely if you are clever enough to go to a conference on software you know how a computer works and therefore could research how the Schengen visa works and the countries in the Schengen zone.

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    Form google only I got this wrong information.
    I think, I red wrong article.

    I got this wrong information from site below.
    Q.Which countries are you planning to visit ?
    This question is asked to most of the applicants who have mentioned only one country in their itinerary. Schengen travel visa is for those who wants to travel to multiple countries. The consulate will then tell you to apply for visa only for that country and can cancel your visa application. So be wary of this. If you have plans to travel to multiple countries then be upfront with it.
  • @quickconvey
    So if you knew there was only the Schengen visa why go on about a "normal Spain visa"

    You are not travelling to multiple countries. You are going to Spain. The Schengen visa is issued by the country where you will stay the longest.

    If, when you are in Spain and you decide to travel to France for example you visa allows you to do this. You do not need to mention this on your application as you are planning to book this trip to Paris after you take the visa.

    You are making this whole process so complicated and frankly I am losing patience

    Just make sure you have all the correct documents in place or you will not be granted a Schengen visa

  • @Alethia
    Thanks, I got it.
    Thank you for your patience. I am travelling abroad for the first time.
  • In Schengen visa application form what should I fill in 13,14,15 and 16 ?
    13, Number of travel document ???
    14, Date of issue
    15, Valid until
    16, Issued by
  • @quickconvey
    A travel document is your passport!
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    In sworn declaration i have seen "in________, on _______de 2015"

    What should i type there ?
    What is de ? in English it is 'from', I think.

    is it current place and date ?
    in___PLACE_____, on ___27/09____de 2016"
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    In Schengen visa application form,
    in field 33, "Cost of travelling and living during the applicant's stay is covered".

    I am planing to type like.
    Ans: "Myself and Summit sponsor"

    Then, I think, according to my situation, I have to select both the options.
    * "by the applicant himeself/herself"
    * "by a sponsor"

    - Under the option "by the applicant himeself/herself", select "Other (please specify)", then specify.
    Ans: myself will take care of cost of accomodation and living from date 19/09/2016 to 23/09/2016

    - Under the option "by a sponsor", select "Other (please specify)", then specify.
    Ans: Summit sponsor will take care of accomodation and living from 24/09/2016 to 29/09/2016.
    Summit sponsor will also take care of flight tickets (to and from barcelona to my country)

    Schengen visa application form doesn't have enough space to specify all these

    please review the answers which i am going to type in field 33
  • @quickconvey
    Your comments on the Spanish translation are correct
    and your response to question 33 are perfect. Well done.
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    Please review the personal covering letter which I prepared.
    Please reply with your suggestions
    My travel date 19th october to 29th october.
    I want to count total number of days.
    I will checkout and catch return flight on 29th october morning around 8AM. Should I count that day ?
    Check-in time 19th October after noon.
    I have included brief itinerary in personal covering letter. Should I prepare a detailed itinerary in separate page ?
  • @quickconvey
    It is a very good letter but I think you need to mention the ties to your home cointry.
    You should say you are married and have been for x number of years, if you have children you should mention them and provide their birth certificates. If you own your home give proof of house/land deed.

    I am, concerned about the lack of a document that states the summit sponsor is paying your air fare and hotel.
    You should explain briefly what the summit is about and how it will enhance your work.

    Definately include the 29th even if it is the last day.
    A seperate intinerary is a good idea.
    You have done really well.
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    I am, concerned about the lack of a document that states the summit sponsor is paying your air fare and hotel.
    Question: What type of document should I collect from sponsor to prove it ?
    They have already shared flight tickets and hotel booking confirmation.
  • @quickconvey
    You need to show who bought your tickets and paid for the hotel at the summit. I dont understand "They have already shared flight tickets and hotel booking confirmation"
    Have they give you nothing in writing for the application stating they have paid the flight and hotel?
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    They have given visa invitation letter. In that letter they have mentioned this
    "All travel and accommodation costs for my_name’s trip will be paid for by the xxxx Foundation."
    But not mentioned number and date of flight tickets and hotel booking.
    is it enough ?

    That visa invitation letter also includes following sentence:
    MY_NAME intends travel to Barcelona on 10/19/2016 and depart on 10/29/2016.
    MY_NAME contributes to PRODUCT_NAME in terms of code and reviews. In light of our need
    for MY_NAME presence at our conference, we respectfully request that you grant this
    short-­‐stay visa.
  • @quickconvey
    That should be sufficient.
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    I have seen a Schengen Visa applicaton Form in doc format in website "" under spain/india, That doc is very difficult to edit.

    I have seen another Schengen Visa applicaton Form in editable PDF format in website "", We can easily edit this form.

    I think, I can use that editable pdf form. Only difference is there is a "cerfa" logo on top of the editable pdf file.

    Problem of editable pdf file and doc is that, there is no enough space to type our explanation if we select option "Other (Please specify):"

    Can we fill some fields with text editor and some field with blue pen ?.

    Then have mentioned in link below that, "Application form must be filled by a Blue Ink or online filled printed form is applicable only."
    Do you know where is this online form ? are they taking about that editable pdf file ?
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    I am planing to do one day trip from Barcelona to Paris and Rome. I want to spend one day in Paris and one-day in Rome.
    I have googled and find that "Ryanair" is cheap.
    I am planing to start from Barcelona around 6:30AM and reach Paris at around 9:00AM, then do some sightseeing and get night flight and go back to Barcelona.
    Same for Rome also at different day.
    So I don't need to book Hotel in Paris and Rome.
    I have to book total 4 flight tickets in this approach.

    There is one more option:
    I can got to Paris from Barcelona and then from Paris to Rome and come back to Barcelona.I have to book only 3 flight tickets in this approach..
    But issue is, Paris to Rome Flight charge is very high.

    I also checked Train, But there is no direct night train from Barcelona to Paris and Paris to Rome. I don't want to waste day time in Train.

    Do you have any suggestion ?
  • @quickconvey
    There is a site called GoEuro that can help you plan your trip.

    You maybe better flying from Barcelona to Rome first, then Paris and back to Barcelona.
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    I applied for passport on 28th October via VFS Bangalore.

    We can check visa status in
    Today my visa status changed like this

    Your Passport Status
    Processed passport for the applicant has been received from the Consulate General of Spain, Mumbai. Please collect the same from Spain Visa Application Centre,Bangalore where it was submitted after 2 working days.

    Does it means my visa processed successfully and accepted ?
    somebody saying that we have to collect the passport and check it, then only we get to know that visa is accepted or rejected ?

  • Unfortunately if that's all the website says it seems you'll only find out if you got the visa when you collect it.
  • @quickconvey
    I suggest you go the the visa centre asap to find out if the visa has been granted or not.
  • edited October 2016
    I have collected my passport. I can see that they have stamped in one of the page with photo and following data.
    From: 18-10-16 Until: 16-11-16
    Duration of stay: 15 days
    issued in : Mumbai
    on : 30-09-16
    number of passport:
    surname, name:
    remarks: VIS ESTANCIA
    number of entries: single
    type of visa : C
    This stamping in passport means visa is granted, right ?
    I didn't get any other doc.
    Why its showing duration of stay only 15 Days ?
    There is 30 days gap from 8-10-16 to 16-11-16, right ?
    I think I can stay up to 30 days (not planing, just asking), since it valid up to 16-11-16, right ?

    any idea ?

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