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Visa Refusal from Italian Embassy, Pakistan due to negligence of Sponsor organization

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Dear All

I have a very different, complex and confusing case. Please have patience to read my issue and give me some fruitful suggestions.

I am Electronics Engineer and doing job in a federal government organization. Currently, we are in process of installation of various equipment / systems which are being purchased from various European countries and USA. We have Italian Contractor for this work package and as a contractual obligation, we (the client) has to witness the FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) and attend FTs (Factory Trainings) at the OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer) premises.
I along with my other colleagues had to visit to witness FAT in Sweden in the first week of July. It was the first group of client on official visit to Europe through the Italian contractor. The contractor provided us the Invitation letter for Italian Embassy, Islamabad and told us to apply at Sweden Embassy, Islamabad. We were surprised to find this and asked the Italian contractor that how is it possible that we intend to visit Sweden and apply at Swedish Embassy with invitation letter that is addressed to Italian embassy...!! The contractor replied that their organization is well known throughout Europe and there will not be any problem in issuance of visa because they will talk to the embassy. Actually, the contractor was experimenting with the first batch of client's employees to save money because the contractor could have provided invitation letter from the Swedish manufacturer where we had to visit and we asked for it a well but we were told that the manufacturer has no contractual obligation towards the Client in Pakistan. Finally, we applied for Swedish visa and got our cases rejected with the reason “Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.” I didn’t file appeal against the refusal of visa since the date for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was not extended and our British counterpart in the Management Consultant visited Sweden for the said purpose since there was no visa requirement for him.
Later I applied for Italian visa on 15th august, 2016 for training purpose at Italian Embassy with complete documents including explanation for refusal of visa by Swedish Embassy and sponsor's invitation letter addressed to Italian Embassy. Two weeks later, I was interviewed at Italian Embassy, Islamabad and after long questions and answers session the Visa Counselor agreed to grant me 90 days multiple entry visa with 30 days maximum stay since I have to visit more than once. I also handed over application to retrieve my passport because I have to go to UAE for one week to attend another training after 3 days. They handed over my passport and asked me to submit my passport when I am back from UAE and visa will be granted with in one or two days. When I cam back from UAE and submitted my passport, i was directed not to prepare for Italy as my application has been objected by some other Schengen member state. I was stunned and got my passport in the last week of October and in the meanwhile I missed my training as well. But one of my other colleague who also got rejected along with me from the Swedish Embassy, applied through another contractor from Spain that is working on some other work package on the same project was granted visa. The reason for my rejection was "one or more member state consider you to be a threat to public policy, internal security or public health as defined in article 2(19) of Regulation (EC) No 526/2006 (Schengen Borders Code) or the internation relations of one or more of the Member states."

Also, in comments section, Italian Embassy has given me the opttion to apply against the decision directly at T.A.R of the Latium Region through a lawyer.

Now, my question is that why I have been treated differently when my colleague had also same case as mine. the difference is that my other colleague had visited Spain two years ago in official capacity while I haven't traveled to Schengen region before.

One more thing, when i retrieved my passport for my visit to UAE, there was no stamp from Italian Embassy. But when I was handed over my passport, I saw a stamp with type C visa with dated 18th August, 2016.

I am going to send application to AZR for my my status in Central Register of foreigners and I also have to appeal against the decision through a lawyer.

i am so much worried about my case because after reading the old discussions in the forum I have little hope of getting my passport cleared from AZR. I am not interested to visit Italy now but my future visa application might be rejected because of these serious allegations against me.

Waiting for helpful replies and thanks in anticipation as well.


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    You have answered many of your own questions.
    For example your friend was treated differently as he had a travel history in the Schengen zone.
    You were very foolish to ask for your passport back so you could go to Dubai.
    Its obviously Sweden who has complained against you. All Schengen countries are connected by the intelligence and information system.
    I cannot believe you applied to Sweden without any docunents from your sponsor company.
    To me it made more business sense to send a British engineer to Sweden, I dont know why the company did not do that in the first place instead of making you apply for a visa.
    You are doing all you can by appealing and contacting AZR. I suggest you use an Italian lawyer.
    Good luck.
  • @Alethia
    Thanks for the reply.
    Going to Dubai was not an issue I went to Dubai through the same contractor and the Contractor had already sent an email to the Visa Counselor and they told me about it during the interview. Also, I was provided wrong invitation letter by the contractor. Instead of providing invitation letter for Swedish Embassy, the contractor provided us invitation letter for Italian Embassy. My other colleagues who applied for Italian visa with Italian invitation letter were granted their first visa for Europe. My other colleague was rejected visa along with me but he was granted Italian visa when he again applied through invitation letter provided by another contractor.

    The main issue is that contractor experimented with us. I am going to write to my high ups to make the contractor responsible to spoil my passport.

    Thanks once again.
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