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shenghen visa

Hi, I am a Turkish citizen and I got twice uk visa tier 4 refusal, now I want to go to any European Union country so I applied for French visa, shenghen visa. I went to the French Consulate in Istanbul and applied there last week. Today I got refusal. If I appeal to this decision, can I get the visa? Do I have any change to get the shenghen visa to any European Union country? I only want to go as a tourist to travel not to study or work.

thanks for you responds


  • @den
    The French have an appalling appeal record so I would not bother apppealing.
    You do not say why you were refused, your age or gender, single or married, are you working or a student?
    Give more information and we will try to help you.
  • The reason for the refusal was that they did not believe I will come back before when I got uk refusal it was for the same reason.

    I have friend in Czech Republic which is Shenghen country, if he person invites me officially, do I have a chance do get shenghen visa?
  • hello, can somebody answer me, please
  • @den shopping around for Schengen visas is seriously frowned upon - when they see that you have just applied to France and been denied the Czech Republic is likely to deny you too just because they know the country you want to visit is probably France. It is a much better idea to reapply to France (don't appeal) and just make your application stronger. I don't know what you included in your original application but you need to prove strong ties to home - proof of property ownership helps, proof of permanent employment helps etc
  • @den
    I asked you for information about your gender, married/ single,employment/student etc
    You did not answer.So I cant help you
    Ella is correct "visa shopping" will not help you
  • I am a single Turkish man, university student. Now I do not want to go to France, I wanted to go there before only for holiday but now I am planning to go to Czech with my Czech girlfriend.
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