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Travelling into Salzburg

Could you please give me some information. I have a son that is travelling to Salzburg to see my other son who is over in Salzburg playing hockey. I wanted to know if he is able to bring over some of his favourite foods (peanut butter, kraft dinner) and his medicine which is advair and cold fx which he takes for his asthma. I also have some movies that i would like to send as well. Would he have any trouble bringing these items. If you could let me know i would appreciate it.

Thank You Debbie


  • Hi Debbie,

    He can bring his favourite foods, no problem. Probably best not to bring fresh food stuff, like fruit, as customs can get sticky about that. But if its sealed, you're good to go. The medicine is also no problem - but he should bring a copy of the original prescription with him just in case. Finally, the movies are fine to bring - unless they have Tom Green in them, because those are really terrible movies. Seriously, the reality is that there is only a 0.1% chance that he will even speak to a customs officer. US passport holders dont attract a lot of interest.
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