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What to do if your Schengen Visa gets denied?



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    I standby by everything I wrote. The UK and Ireland are not in the Schengen zone but have acess to VIS because of the Treaty of Amsterdam.
    If your wife does not know this then she needs retraining
    I suggest you read this and scroll down to the part relevant to the UK.
  • @larrybank & Alethia

    Thank you for your answers. I will pass that information along to her.

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    @larryblank , @Alethia

    Thank you both for your responses and help. There did seem to be some sort of mishap with the agency that was handling the documents. They had not correctly sent their hotel itinerary to the consulate. Hopefully, now that it's been sent, it will allow her to get her visa.
  • My friend just informed me that her appeal failed. Would it be worthwhile for her to try another country's embassy? Or would that just be a waste of money at this point?
  • @Connyre
    You have just admitted that the agent handling the application failed to submit the hotel itinerary so its no surprise that the application and subsequent alleal were refused.
    You see there is always a flaw when people claim to have submitted the perfect application.
    So in this case you jumped to the wrong conclusion that the refusal was sexist when in fact important documents had not been supplied.
    There is no point going to another Schengen country they will be aware of the refusal and shopping around for visas is frowned upon.
    She can go to another embassy only if she completely changes her travel plans.
  • @Alethia

    They still refused it even after she did submit it. So, therefore, there was no longer a flaw in her application. Hence, I think the sexist claim remains valid. Does France have a right to do that? Sure, I suppose that it does although it does seem to undermine quite a few Western values France supposedly adheres to.

    By the way, while I do greatly appreciate your feedback, you could try to be a little less antagonistic in your replies to people. It's unnecessary and a bit off-putting.
  • @Connyre
    I am not antagonistic I try very hard to be clear and straightforward in my replies.
    You have no basis whatsover in my opinion to claim sexism.
    Your friend failed to submit the itinerary on time with her application thats not a "mishap" its a failure of diligence that lead to her refusal.
    Many times I have dealt with people who supposedly submitted perfect documents who then seek help and come to my office after their refusal only for me to discover a fault on the part of the applicant or their agent.
  • Hi all and first of all thanks for all the advises i have read so far. I now myself need some guidelines.

    I have all the documents ready to apply for a tourist visa at the Spanish Consulate in Cairo.
    I have all the papers required ready but after reading the posts in this and other forum i got some concerns.

    The key point here seems to be able to proof you have enough means of support and that you will return to your country of origin.

    I have been working at my job for the last 3 years. I am a 36 years old Egyptian. Planing a 25 days trip in The Netherlands, France and Spain ( applying in Spanish Consulate since i will spend more time here)

    The company i work for has provided me a leave letter stating my position, how long i have been working there and my current salary as well as when i am expected to return to my job. However.... i receive my salary in cash and the company does not provide payslips. My supervisor has no problem being contacted by the Consulate if they have questions and that is written on the leave letter.

    Since i am paid weekly in cash i have no movements on my bank account. I now put sufficient funds on the account to proof that i have enough money available for the trip ( as per the guideness on the Consulate website ) and i have prepared a very detailed costs calculation for my trip to Europe counting with all the trains/buses, food, entrance fees of the places i want to visit....etc and clearly shows that the money in my bank account is more than sufficient. ( in terms of the daily minimum amount required, and the costs of the trip itself, yes i am not a millionaire but i can pay for this trip)

    I am still concern that the authorities will think that, since i am not married with kids or own property i will not return despite having a stable job and my family here. These are my only ties my long term job and my family Is there any way i can make them stronger?

    I made my accommodation reservations via, but i have individual conformations from each hotel/hostel directly. I can still go and make it with a travel agent if that is more advisable?

    Finally, because i read a lot of confusing/contradicting information, if i get the visa refused by the Spanish Consulate, is it true that i have to wait 6 months before applying again and that i cannot apply in another country until i get the refusal removed from the original country i applied? Or am i free to go and re-apply straight away either in the same consulate or a different one?
    Many thanks in advance for your kind advise


  • @Luna
    I will answer your last question first.There is no waiting period if you are refused, you can reapply straight away.
    If you reapply in a different embassy you will need to change your travel plans or it will be seen as "visa shopping" that is trying your luck at another country. This is really frowned upon.

    As you have confirmed reservations with the hotels directly that should be fine.

    Your correct that you could be perceived as trying to remain Europe because you are single. As you live with your family do you contribute to the support of your parents or anyone else? Maybe your parents have health problems if so get a doctors letter and in your covering letter state your parents depend on you and you could not possibly support them as an illegal immigrant in Europe and that you have no intention of overstaying.

    Even though your supervisor has stated he can be contacted, the embassy will NOT contact your company /supervisor everything must be documented on company letterhead paper.

    I hope that answers everything.
    Good luck
  • Thank you so much Alethia for your super fast response! I really want to make this journey and i prefer to apply at the same place and provide as much evidences as possible if they have doubts. Yes my parents depend on me helping them for the most part i think i can find a way to also add this to my documentation. Thanks a lot for your comments and... happy new year!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to share my visa application experience in this forum in case it will help anyone else in the future.
    I am a Kenyan citizen living in Dubai for 2 years with no previous travel history to Europe or America. I have been to Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Qatar(all for business) and the Maldives (for holiday).
    The only visas I have received in my passport are for South Africa (pre-applied visa in 2010) and Qatar (visa on arrival 2015 & 2016).
    I applied for a schengen visa to Germany for 5 days. I printed the checklist from the VFS Global website stating all the requirements in order to file a complete application.
    I put together all documents on 21st Dec, 2016, contacted VFS Dubai(online) for an appointment on 22nd Dec, 2016. I preferred to use the Premium Lounge services in order to avoid long queues - however, applying through the premium lounge has no impact on the processing time.
    Below is a series of the notifications I received after filing my application at 9 am on 22nd Dec, 2016:
    a. 22nd Dec, 2016 , 12.15pm - application is being dispatched to German Consulate.
    b. 22nd Dec, 2016, 15.15 pm - application is under process at German Consulate.
    c. 3rd Jan, 2017 - 15.30pm - passport is in transit to VFS Global.
    d. 3rd Jan, 2017 - 16.26 - passport is ready for collection

    I picked up my passport with the visa granted at 9.00am on 4th Jan, 2017. I was granted a 90 day visa, multiple entry. The turn-around time was quite impressive given that I applied during a period with a lot of holidays. I am grateful that it was a smooth experience.
    My advice to all applicants - ensure that you have all the proper documentation, arranged in the order listed on the checklist, apply on time and always share correct information.
    All the best.

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