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Danish baby rights

edited January 2017 in Europe
Dear friends,
I married a danish man in Africa... (Uganda) 2015. He had health problems so had to retire at 40, so we wanted to get to denmark soon as possible since i was pregnant. At the danish embassy. He told them about all his situation ,we were advised to apply for a visit visa then process family reunification while in denmark. The visa was denied. We were advised to apply to another schengen country then enter denmark, so we applied to italy, it was also denied. Then we decided to go to turkey since his health conditions couldn't favour him to reside in Africa and our lives were threatened by my longtime family enemy. I got a visa to turkey and we went last year june.i was 5months pregnant. After a week there He died of heart failure due to all the pressure we suffered in the struggle to get home and an attempt to murder us . He was so worried of having the baby outside Denmark yet he was a pensionist.
I was so devastated and lost. So I returned to Uganda. I decided to deliver in south Africa for safety.
Right now I am in south Africa, and our baby is 2months old. Unfortunately I don't have any help for her ,or me, we do not have a place to stay, clothes or food. I can't work here with a visit visa ,I can't return home for security . there are very old parents of my husband in Denmark who can't do much to help me but wish if I was with them it would be better.

Please advise me, is there anyway I can register my baby in Denmark and maybe go with her? How and where can I start claiming her rights as a danish?

Thanx all


  • @Annmary
    I am sorry for your loss and the position you find yourself in.
    Danish nationality can be acquired automatically at birth if born outside the Kingdom of Denmark and the father has Danish citizenship and is married to the mother.

    If you have your marriage certificate and your childs birth certificate with fathers name. Do you have any other documents, husbands death, certificate his passport, wedding photos anything you have.
    You will need to go to the Danish embassy in Pretoria
    I dont understand why you went to South Africa when you travel visa free and work in Kenya or Rwanda.
  • Thank you so so much @Alethia . its a long story as to why I decided south Africa. First I needed to be far from the enemies as I explained before. And I had a friend in south Africa who could help me have a safe delivery. I was helped by the intelligence officer in my country to get here safely . Rwanda would be far enough too but I did not know anyone there yet i was 9months pregnant of high risk, and having lost my husband I needed a close friend. Work was not in my mind at that time dear.

  • @Annmary
    You wrote in your first post,
    "Right now I am in south Africa, and our baby is 2months old. Unfortunately I don't have any help for her ,or me, we do not have a place to stay, clothes or food. I can't work here with a visit visa".....
    Which is why I mentioned Rwanda, Kenya and the ability to work
    Now you say you have a close friend in South Africa who is helping you.
  • Yes dear. This lady received me and helped me to get to the hospital
    But as she does not earn enough to care for us , she asked me to move out, and she cannot buy formula for my baby anymore ,I have fed her with maize floor and water for 3days now.I have until next week to leave and have no idea where to go. That's why I say no place to stay.even now we are squeezed in her small room lying on one single bed 3of us .she needs to have her boyfriend so we can't be accommodated. Its long story but I hope you really understand my situation.
  • edited January 2017
    There are womens shelters in South Africa that help destitute and abandoned women I am surprised your close friend has not advised you of this.

    Why cant the childs grand parents send you money? Your husband left you with nothing?
    Your family in Uganda cant help you? You had money to go to South Africa but no money to feed your child I find this story quite bizarre.
    A child under 4 months cannot digest maize and water, why do you need formula when you should be feeding the child yourself. All very odd.

    I dont know in what town your living but you need to get help from these types of places
    Frida Hartley Shelter 97 Regent Street, Bellevue, Johannesburg, 2198
    You can get on a computer and tell your story, so get on a computer and seek help.
  • Thanx for asking, I will try to answer but as I said its a very long complicated situation not easy to tell here. Yes grand parents would love to help but they do not have. They sent me some little money after birth and it helped somehow but not enough I have a mail from them explaining they do not have money since not working and dont know how to help coz shes very ill with diabetes. my husband's account was closed in DK when he died. In Uganda I only have my 85year old mom and close friends who gathered money together with the babies grannys to help me get here .

    Trust me there are things I can't write on this wall. But desperate situations leads to desperate decisions sometimes. I have answers to all yo questions but can't say much here. And if I had a sweet life at home with siblings ,trust me, its the best thing I needed in that moment not another journey.

    Baby refused breast feed right from hospital coz there wasn't much coming out and she was very hungry. The nurses advised me to calm down as stress can't allow me have breast milk but I couldn't stop crying. My friend welcomed me so happily because she expected me to have lots of money since I wasmarried to a european as everyone can expect but it isnt the situation. So moment she realised am broke, everything changed she treated me in the worst way you could treat someone in that pain. so she could not even tell me if she knew anything. She beleive i just do not want to ask for money abroad.

    I had an address of my husband's commune so your advise made me remember that, I contacted them and they assured me that the danish embassy here will help. So I will go to Pretoria the moment I find transport.

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