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Uk visa

Hello @Alethia and @Ella Johnson . I'm married to a British and I'm an African but we are both living in Dubai. We intend to visit UK next year summer for about 20 days. We have been together for 3 years but married for less than a year. Now we are torn apart as we don't know which kind of visa category to apply for especially as he is living in Dubai and not UK, so we were thinking if to apply standard visit visa for me or we need to apply for any different visa category?
Kindly assist us as we both own businesses in Dubai and do not intend to live in the UK for now except to visit.
Will it be a problem for the UK visa officer the fact that we are married for last than a year? We have visas, entry and exist stamps of all our visit to europe, africa and other carribbean islands for all the past 3 years ewe have been together, wedding photos and some family portraits as well.

We will really appreciate your help. Many thanks.


  • @cheriee
    The only visa you can apply for is a visitors visa. The length of time you have been married has nothing to do with visit visa. The fact you have visited other countries is also irrelevant. In this case your husband is British and the immigration officer will think you may intend to remain with your husband in the UK.
    The main thing you must prove is that you have strong ties to Dubai and that you intend to return at the end of your visit.
  • @Alethia thank you. Exactly what we were thinking because we felt that is what the visa officer might think. Will showing them the trade licence from dubai chamber of commerce of my company, company registration be enough as that is the only property i own here, apart from our car? Our rented villa is in my husband's name. What would you kindly suggest we add to prove our ties to Dubai? Once again thanks for your gesture.
  • @cheriee
    Its not "we" its you who must show you will return. Your husband is British. You do not say what type of business you run but surely you must have a record of your business transactions and bank statements as well as the trade license.

    Your husband needs to show his employment in Dubai and he needs to give you a letter of support along with his bank statements.

  • Hello @Alethia Thank you again. Yes its "I" :smile: I run a shipping company, bank statements are there to prove the activities my company run, record of business trasanctions with our agents in Europe, UK & US and also we have branch office in Spain and Iran as well as port operations to prove our activeness in the Region for the past 6 years.

    Your additional documents on my husband's side are duly noted and thank you for advising us on this too.

    is it necessary that i apply for the visit visa my self or my husband can apply it for me? I ask this because on the UK visa application website, there are two options "Apply for yourself" and "Apply on behalf for someone"
  • @cheriee
    The "apply for someone else" is usually when a lawyer applies for you. You must apply for this visa. Your business should be sufficient to show ties in my opinion. Please let us know how you get on. :smile:
  • sorry for late response @Alethia as i was travelling. Sure we will give it a go and hopefully it will be a success, will be updating you soon. Many thanks for your kind gestures my dear :smile:
  • Hi @Alethia

    Happy New year. We are about to apply for the visa and as i checked my first UK visa application which was refused eventually under insufficient funds, I realised also i did not tick 'Yes' for the dependent children. I should have ticked 'yes' because i have a son from my previous relationship but at that time i had no proof to show for it as all docs such as birth certificate was ceased by his father, so eventually i ticked 'no' as i was thinking the visa officer might ask me of the docs to prove for it.

    Now on my new application I intend to address the insufficient funds for the previous refusal. I also want to put in the right information on the dependent children column this time as the matter has been solved between my child's father and i have access to these docs so i would be able to prove it if needed.

    Please advise if I should also address the reason for not adding my son as dependent child earlier or i should just fill in the details without addressing this to the visa officer? Please note my son will not be travelling with me and my husband as he lives with his biological father in Ghana and not in dubai with us.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • @cheriee
    By not including your child you have compromised your credibility by not stating you have a minor child.
    You can put a full explanation as to why you omitted the fact you have a child. To be honest you cant win in this situation. The entry clearance officer may think that you lied about the child so what else have you lied about.
    Good luck you will need it.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you for your prompt response.
    Exactly what i thought and i considered this was going to affect the present visa application. What else can i do to make this right because i don't intend to leave that column blank anymore? Also, it says 'dependent children' and my son does not depend on me for anything as his biological father does that and has avoided me from providing any assistance to my son, apart from talking to him on the phone once a week.
    Could I try and explain to the visa officer about what i though dependant means plus with my son not living with me for 4 years (he is 6 years).

  • @cheriee
    You can explain that your chld is not dependent upon you. you really have no option.
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