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I am travelling to Italy in August 2009 but my passport runs out October 2009, will I still be able to travel with this passport !!


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    Generally I advise clients that they should have 6 months on their passport.
    You should check with us immigrations as the issue is returning to the us.
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    to get an answer, you should tell us your nationality,
    because italian rules about passports could be different from country to country
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    I am an Australian citizen with both parents born in italy. I am the first generation Australian.
    The most of my relatives live in Italy

    I would like to know how to obtain an italian passport.
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    being son of Italian, you have the right to obtain the Italian Passport

    you can have a look here for docs and modules:

    Italian embassy of Camberra.
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    uk passport holders can travel to Italy providing that the passport is still valid upon their return
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    Hello, I also travel to Italy in August but from the UK, and my children, (who are UK passport holders the same as me) have passports that expire in October too. We fly into Venice in August, and then drive to Croatia for 5 days, and then return to Venice to fly back to the UK. Do I need to get them new passports first?
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    What are the requirements to fly to Italy from Canada? Do I need a passport?
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    the requirement from Canada is a valid passport

    the requirement from UK (UK citizens) is a valid passport OR an Identity Card
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    We are travelling to Rome from Australia in October, do we need an entry/tourist visa on an Australian passport?
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    Billy you have to check first that you parents didnt apply for Australian citizenship before you were born, if they did then they lost their Italian citizenship and you would have no claim. You would have to apply as a descendant of Italians and would be required to live in Italy for 3 years in Italy to become a citizen of Italy.
    Call the Consulate of Italy in Australia
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    hi i just want to ask.If how i can get visa in italy im from fiancee want me to go in thier country after our marriage.What are the requirements? thank you
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    I'm a us military member stationed in Germany and wonder if I can travel to italy thru Austria ( driving ) without a Passport.
    I have an ID card and Leave papers and Orders putting me in Germany.
    any help?
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    My daughter's boyfriend is Italian with a green card in the US. We live in the USA and are citizens. He told her he can take four people with him to Italy on his passport. . . we many have a fifth person who wants to go. What are the passport requirements for a US citizen.

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    Hi I am travelling to Italy on 3rd September 2009 and I have notice that my passport expires in Feb 2010 will it still be ok for me travel ? Quite desperate as I am travelling next week - Many thanks in advance -
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    Is it true that an italian citizen need the authorization/signature from his wife to obtain his Italian passport? Please comment. Thanks in advance!
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    My Grandparents are Italian and nationalized as Australian Citizens in the 1960's.
    My dad was born in Australia in 1958 before my grandparents became Australian citizens.
    Am I able to get an Italian passport? My cousins have theirs through their father (my uncle)


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