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schenzen visa remark

Iam an indian passport holder and hv got a schenzen visa type c with multiple entries but have a remark autres motifs.have got visa before also with tourism as the remark always.i am a tour operator and taking a group of students to spain and switzerland for 10 days.what does this remark mean and will it cause any problem at immigrations.please advise.


  • Here are the different reasons for being issued a Visa:

    Raisons médicales (Medical reasons)
    Business (Business)
    Manifestation culturelle (Cultural event)
    Visite familiale/amicale (Visit to family/friend)
    Visite officielle (Official visit)
    Sport (Sport)
    Tourisme (Tourism)
    Transit (Transit)
    Transit aéroport (Airport transit)
    Ecole/Etudes (School/Studies)
    Autres motifs (Other reasons)

    If you're working as a Tour Operator then I wonder why your Visa isn't for Business.

    Perhaps @Alethia can shed some light...

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    Autres motifs means other types of visa not listed.
    You are tour opetator accompanying a group of students You are not conducting business in the Schengen zone so you come under autres motifs.
  • Thanks a u think there could be any kind of problems at the immigration here in jndia or once i reach spain or switzerland.
  • @sdang
    There will not be any problems. Autres motif is a normal comment. Nothing to worry about
    Enjoy your trip
  • Thanks a ton dear
  • Hi
    I am Vasant. I am having a doubt regarding schengan visa remarks.
    I got a remark of Autres motifs.
    I am going for examination in Switzerland following which I am going for tourism.
    Plz need your help for this remark. Is there any problem?
  • @vaspat
    Autres motifs means other reasons They put this because you have been granted the visa for more than one reason. The examination comes under education and your holiday comes under tourism.
    Nothing whatsoever to worry about.
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