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Schengen visa for France for Australian and Kenyan

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My wife and I are planning to take an overnight Eurostar trip to Paris whilst staying in the UK in May. I am travelling on an Australian passport and understand I don't need a Schengan Visa to do this. However my wife will be travelling on a Kenyan passport. I have read that if the travel documents were issued in Australia (as we will book it online from here) she will be exempt like me. Is this true? or do we have to go through the expensive process of getting a Schengan visa for her for a one night stay in France?


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    Unfortunately you will need to get a Schengen visa for your wife. I'm currently dealing with the same process for my South African partner as we're spending one night in Amsterdam en route to the US. It's a little extra effort and expense, but the process should be fairly simple.
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    Thanks Anya for the advice. Yes, I had misread the part about Schengan compliant countries and assumed because Australians were exempt from visas we were one of those countries, but not so. How much info does one have to submit if all we are doing is a one night visit to Paris?
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    The best thing would be to contact the French consulate nearest you, but this site has some good general guidelines on applying for French Schengen visas.
  • Hello, pls. help me to how i can get a tourist visa to France i am very keen to see Paris I applied for a tourist visa in French embassy i was refused by the embassy i do not know why i was refused by them. pls. help me.
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    jeetu, you give zero clue as to your nationality, which passport you hold or which French Embassy you applied to.

    No one here has any idea who you are or how you filled out the visa application form. How in the world can you expect accurate advice from complete strangers who know nothing about your situation?

  • Hi Guys
    I got the schengen visa before and i would like to apply again for the schengen visa in the consulate of France or Germany, it depends on my first destination.
    Now, I am a Egyptian Ph.D student in UK and my UK visa will expire in 7/2016
    I want to do two separate visits,I mean first visit in the period between 15/5/2015 to 30/5/2015 and the second visit will be 20/7/2015 to 08/08/2015.
    Do i need to apply at every visit or can i apply for the two visits at the same application ?

    There is no problem when I get the visa and i did not travel to the schengen area?

    Many thanks
  • hi my name is Ghulam Mustafa from Pakistan. I have a stamped Schengen business visa in my passport.i travel to Switzerland and Paris in i want again apply for immigration visa for Schengen .is any chance of refusal? i need your help
  • @mohsanhaidry
    You successfully obtained a business visa last November. However, you now ask about an "immigration visa" I am not sure what you mean by this.
    If you mean another business visa then use the same formula you used before, but using up to date documents.
    There is a chance of refusal if you do not provide correct documents or your hotel, flights are not confirmed.
  • @Alethia . 4 of us friends applied to Schengen Visa at Hungarian consulate in India as holders of Indian Passports using the same bookings, itinerary, plans , tickets etc. All four of us have similar work and personal background and we provided all documents relevant to the visa request. 3 of us got our visa approved while one friend had it refused quoting reason #8 of schengen refusal reasons i.e "info submitted regarding justification of travel and conditions of intended stay not reliable" . We all submitted a group cover letter mentioning each other's passport numbers as well. Our plan was to travel Budapest,Prague and Amsterdam in that order 3 nights each. We all have previous schengen history where we travelled to greece together. We find it uncanny that one visa was refused . This friend had excess of 10000 Euros in bank account as well and works for a reputed MNC who issued her a no objection letter as well.

    Since our travel is 3 days away, would it be intelligent to appeal to Hungary or just reapply to France since they are known to be quick to evaluate application ?. Of course, we would then be willing to indeed edit our itinerary to spend most days in France (we do have that option and bookings ready,need be).

    Also just wondering, our flight into budapest follows this route India --Paris--Amsterdam--Budapest. Ams to BDP is an easy Jet connection . Which country will actually be stamping our entry to schengen states ? We had initially applied to Netherlands who refused to accept our application saying our first night is in Budapest and hence apply to Hungary , which we did. But is still beleive our Visa would get stamped at AMS because Paris is just transit and AMS to BDP is a easy jet connection to get to which, we have to cross immigration.

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    Normally your passport is stamped at the first port of entry. Does it really matter which country stamps your passport,I dont think so.
    The most important thing here is to ask the Hungarian Embassy for an immediate review, which you should have done upon receipt of your documents. Not an appeal a review, explaining the situation completely and asking your friends application to be reviewed in view of the fact that this is a group holiday and three of you were granted visas.
    Do not appeal it will take weeks, if worst come to the worst reapply at the Hungarian Embassy.

  • @Alethia . thanks a ton, in fact yes, we received the documents on Friday (7th Ar) evening and have emailed the embassy as a group and are seeking a review today ie Monday morning,However the Embassy is refusing to accept our documents stating short timelines. It beats us that in spite of having all documents rightly in place using the same itinerary , group travel tickets with all four names- they have rejected one application where there was enough means of susbsistence. It just makes me wonder if my friend was not objectively evaluated but was profiled singularly based on other parameters.

    May i kindly check, if we as a group do not decide to visit schengen states as per our plan then what is the correct course of action to follow for us 3 people who will have unused visas on our passports ? Should we write to the Consulate asking our visas to be revoked or should we just let it expire. We don't want this episode to affect future issuance of visas.
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    Just let your visa expire and if and when you apply again you will need to explain why you failed to use the visa.

    "....It just makes me wonder if my friend was not objectively evaluated but was profiled singularly based on other parameters."....
    You could well be right but also caseworkers are often just lax and fail to check the documents correctly.
  • Hi
    i granted a visa from france embassy in iran 6months ago with inviting letter from a french friend.
    i mentioned in my application form that i intended to stay just in france but when entered paris i change my return ticket and left schengen district from italy.
    today i applied again for schengen visa in france embassy . could my last departed from italy cause problem for me?
  • @torezmid
    You are allowed to change your plans, no ones holiday is set in stone. Leaving via Italy should not be a problem
  • all my documents are the same as the last time, but in today's interview a staff who get documents and interviewed me in the embassy asked me many question about my university ... and my work again , i feel she was not convinced about my studies and work . does she decide about my visa or visa officer ? can she change the opinion of visa officer about my visa?
  • @torezmid
    The visa officer is the person that interviews you, your case will be considered by her in conjuction with a senior officer.
  • @Alethia
    a woman who interviewed me was iranian; and in iran because of lots of applications there are some iranian staff in embassy who recieved the documents and check that your file is complete or not.
    i think she can not decide about visa and she is not visa officer
  • @torezmid
    Locals are employed as caseworkers in many embassies throughout the world, they are trained and fully qualified to carry out the interviews and work in conjunction with visa officers. So do not belittle the positions given to local employees.
  • Hello good morning. Pls i need help. In April 2017 i applied for a schengen visa (Am a Nigerian live an work in my country Nigeria) but it wasn't granted stating "Your intention to leave the territory of the member state before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained......I reapplied again last month ending so i went to were am to collect my P/Port just yesterday it was stated "Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.
    Alethia, i submitted everything that was needed i mean everything and it was original all previous visa was given and the US visa that is till valid was given(copies).......Please tell me can i apply in any schengen country cos i am thinking of using France again even my passport was stamped does it mean when i apply in any schengen country with my passport it will not be given cos of the stamp?
  • @maryjaneaddy
    No matter which embassy you go to your details are held on the Visa Information System shared by all Schengen countries. They will know you have been refused.
  • @zahra1234
    No visa is helpful for Canada especially not Ukraine. Canada makes its own decisions no matter which country you have been to before.
  • Good morning @ Alethia, doesn't it mean i can't apply again even in France or any other European country? If yes or no ....kindly tell me what else to do thanks.

  • @ maryjaneaddy
    You can apply where you want and when you want
  • Ohk. Thanks so much Alethia.
  • Hello, good afternoon Alethia. How are u & work? Please i want to know from Malta, can one travel to any other Schengen country? if Yes, one can go through train as well to less expenses right? (2) What are d type of questions the border may ask. Thanks.
  • i got 2 schengen visa from france embassy . the first one was on december 2016 and the secend one was on July 2017. now i m going to apply for schengen visa in November 2017 in France embassy. i have an invitation letter from a french friend for 30 days stay. do you think that i can apply for multiple visa in France embassy? I heard if anybody gets 2 schengen visa by single entry from one embassy in a year, he can apply for multiple entry for one year in his 3d submition. If yes, what other documents is needed for multuiple visa entry in france embassy?
  • @torezmid
    What you have heard is untrue, people are issued mutiple entry visas based upon their travel itinerary not on their previous visa history.
  • @alethia
    how do i fill application form for multiple entry
    i intend to stay 15days in January 2018 , 20 days in march 2018 and 7days in June 2018 ; there is no place in application form to say my plan trip for multiple visa .
    if i mention my duration of stay 90 days in application form is enough for six months multiple entry visa ? do i need to write cover letter for multiple visa and say my plan trip?
  • @torezmid
    A multiple entry visa is usually valid for 12 months.

    In order to apply for a multiple-entry visa, you must document previous travels to France and have complied with the conditions set on your previous visas.

    You need to be able to provide documentary evidence as to why you require multiple entries to France for the three visits you mentioned in January, March and June.

    Questiions 29 and 30 of the Schengen application form ask about your intended arrival and departure from the Schengen zone.

    You can add an extra sheet of paper to the application form by writing in the boxes of question 29 and 30 "please see attached dates" you then write your journey dates on the paper which you then stapkle to the application form.

    Write a cover letter clearly explaining your travel itinerary for the three trips and you must supply documentary evidence of these trips hotel booking, flights etc.

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    thank you for your help.
    VFS company is collecting the documents for tourist visa(short stay) of France Embassy in Iran. Unfortunately Iran's VFS don't accept any cover letter and itinerary. they don't even accept any other extra paper than their checklist. they just accept the flights, hotels,... of the first trip. they told me that in application form just select multiple and mention 1 year for your duration of stay. in field 29 and 30 write the arrival and departure of the first trip.
    there are the other ideas in Iran about duration of stay, arrival and departure date.
    duration of stay: 1-first trip? 2- 180 days? 3- 1 year ?
    departure date: 1- first trip? 2- 1 year after your arrival?
  • @Alethia may i ask u answer my question ?
  • @torezmid
    I did not think it was a question. I do not understand what you are asking.
  • @Alethia
    in accordance with the explanation i did what do i write in field"duration of stay"and " date of departure" in application form?
  • @torezmid
    If you want a multiple entry visa you need to put the the date you intend to enter the Schenge zone and the date of departure for each intended visit
    The rules are not different for Iranians.
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    I have a Indian Passport with a UK student visa valid from sep2017 to Jan 2019
    Im planning to celebrate Christmas in France
    I'm currently studying/living in UK
    Can I go to France
    Or what kinda Visa should I have to enter France
    Pls respond Mam
  • @Harrynaveen
    Your UK student visa is not valid in Europe so you will need to apply for a Schengen visa as a visitor to France. follow the instructions on the TLS website to apply for the visa.
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