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Getting married in Turkey -Certificate

Hi, I am a naturalised British citizen and would like to get married in Turkey. From the internet I understand that it is required to have the birth certificate in order to get married in Turkey. However, I don't have such a certificate, I only have the certificate of naturalisation as a British citizen. Is this certificate sufficient? I would very much appreciate your help. Many thanks.


  • You need to have your birth certificate. You must have one!! You can apply for it at the embassy of the country of your birth.
  • @british
    You will have problems marrying in Turkey without a Birth certificate as it is a mandatory requirement. The British certificate of naturalisation does not show your birth date or parents and is therefore not acceptable.
    How did you prove your identity to the British Homne Office without a birth certificate or some other document.
    What is the name of the country you were born in?
  • Many thanks Alethia! I came to UK as a refugee from Yugoslavia, without any documents, and I only hold the British citizenship. Is there any solution to this problem of mine? Many thanks.
  • Many thanks Lesely! Yugoslavia no longer exists as a country, so I don't know where to apply. Thanks.
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    The former Yugoslavia was a federation of six countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.
    You must know the place of your birth, its on your British passport. For example you could be born in Zagreb which is in Croatia.
    Just because Yugoslavia no longer exists the place/country of your birth is still there. If you say where you are born I can advise you where to apply for your certificate.
  • Many thanks Alethia! I was born in Sarajevo. However, I never went back there since the war, and thus I am not a citizen of Bosnia. Thanks a lot!
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    Of course you are Bosnian even though you do not have a passport. What nationality did you think you were before you were British. you dont stop being Bosnian when you become a British citizen
    Here is the contact for birth certificates, if you speak the language you can do it yourself,
    if not find a translator
    If you do not have a birth certificate you wont be marrying in Turkey.
  • Thank you so much Alethia! I will try and get e birth certificate that way, however, since I am not a Bosnian citizen ( I only have a British passport) I am a bit worried if I will manage. Suppose for the moment that I do manage to get a birth certificate from Bosnia, will there be any problem for marriage in Turkey if I show them such a birth certificate and the British passport, i.e. do I also need to get a Bosnian passport (somehow!). Thanks a lot, I very much appreciate it.
  • @british
    Your nationality is irrelevant you were born in Sarajevo and can request your birth certificate. I doubt you will need a Bosnian passport just to request a birth certificate.
    Your birth certificate will be accepted in Turkey but must be translated into Turkish and certified.
    Between 1992 and 1995 I worked with and gave, advice and support to refugees from the Bosnian conflict and later assisted them in obtaining ILR and British passports. I am fully aware of what went on at that time and how those who returned rebuilt their lives.
  • Thank you so much Alethia!! I will do just that, and let you know. All the best.
  • @Alethia - you are an amazing person!!!!!!!!
  • @Lesley
    Thank you Lesley, that means a lot to me x
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