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Things to do in Manila?

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Hey all,

I'm thinking of going to Manila next year for a holiday. Maybe for around two weeks? Just wanted to get a heads up for some of the must-see attractions around town. Obviously want to make the most of my time.



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    Hi, Bertie.

    Manila is one of the most exciting cities in the world and its history alone makes it worth the visit. What time of year are you thinking of going?
    Some attractions are best seen at different times of year, so when you go will determine what you see.

    For some good information on Manila check out the Word Travels comprehensive guide here.
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  • Was considering going around July/August. But I'd be open to suggestions. Is the weather a big factor over there?
  • Weather in the Philippines can be a big factor as it gets hit quite hard by the monsoon season - which often means intense torrential downpours. July and August fall smack bang in the middle of this time. So I would suggest adjusting your plans slightly. The cool, dry season begins in November and ends in February, whereas the hot, dry season is from March to May. The Philippines has no problem staying warm so I would recommend the cool, dry season as the best time to visit as it is sunny and warm but still quite bearable. However, be aware that peak season rates will kick in at this time. If you want to avoid higher prices, travel in October when there will be more sun, and only sporadic bursts of rain throughout the day.
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  • Ok cool, well then I will just wait until October. But thanks for the advice! Don't want to get caught in the rain. What fun activities do you recommend? I'm really into history and culture so anything along those lines should be right up my alley. I also want to experience first hand local foods, cultures etc.
  • So, my first recommendation would be to visit Intramuros (inside the walls, roughly translated) in Manila. It's the old colonial walled city and inside it you can visit the San Agustin church - the oldest church in the Philippines and the only original building in Intramuros that was left standing after Manila was virtually destroyed during WWII. Fort Santiago, also in the walled city is dedicated to the hero of Filipino independence, Jose Rizal - you can learn about his imprisonment and martyrdom by walking through some fascinating exhibits in the fort which centre around his life and work. Next, go and check out the American Cemetery in Taguig, Manila. For the famous Manila nightlife check out the bars and clubs in the old Malate district of Manila.

    I hope this helps!
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  • Thanks! The San Augustin church is definitely something I will look into. But I'm pretty excited to visit the Intramuros in Manila. I'll probably check back closer to the time but, once again, you've been a great help.

  • I am also planning to go to Manila this coming April, anyone can recommend me a nice place to see with an affordable price?
  • If you are planning to go to the Philippines. You must try visit Palawan :) It's a wonderful place <3
  • @Outerspare @Traverous

    Palawan is a beautiful place with some amazing diving opportunities. I you're looking to found out a bit more, try the Word Travels Guide to the Philippines.
    Check out our full, up to date travel guides on the Word Travels website.
  • Well I'll be based in Manila but considering heading through to North Luzon. Good idea? Bad idea?
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