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I want to know your bucket lists!

Greetings, fellow travellers!

I wanted to hear your suggestions for my bucket list, since I’ve taken to recently compiling my own.

The winter months have been particularly chilly here on my side of the world. So instead of my usual early morning hikes through the hills near my cottage, I’ve taken to daydreaming about the places I’ve been and places I’ve yet to visit. As I’m sure you can imagine, the list is a long one!

Even though I’m not as young as I used to be, I’d love to take on the trails of Patagonia. It looks like a truly beautiful haven of untouched wilderness. Trawling through pictures on the net, I’ve fell in love with the alpaca herds that graze in the green valleys between vast mountains.

As a huge fan of fine art, you can imagine that there is one place I dare not forget about. Paris, the City of Lights, tugs hard upon my spirit and my breath stops simply thinking about it. I dream of one day having coffee on the Seine while watching lovers cycle by with their baguettes and red wine. It just screams romance. Magnifique!

Finally, having family from England, I’d love to visit the UK. More specifically, I’d love to roam the streets of London. The Museum of Natural History, the Tate galleries, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London. I’m a history buff so that’s barely the beginning. I’m a big Liverpool fan, so I’m sure I’ll travel north to watch the Reds beat Chelsea at Anfield too! While there, I hope to head out to the iconic Lake District.

Sorry for waffling! I don’t want to keep this too long so here are some other places that I’ve considered:
• New York
• Barcelona
• Venice
• Slovenia

Very interested to see what’s top of your guys’ lists!



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    Hi, Bert

    Fascinating idea for a discussion topic! My bucket list goes like this:

    1. The Philippines: Famously friendly people, a fascinating history, and mind-bogglingly beautiful islands, beaches and marine life.

    2. Russia: Perpetually steeped in mystery and intrigue, Russia backs up the mystique with tsarist decadence, epic soviet monuments, and dramatic landscapes.

    3. A South American road trip: Start off in Colombia and travel through Peru to Bolivia. Navigate dangerous roads, trek through jungle and breath crisp, thin air in some of the world's highest cities.
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  • Weird one, but I'v always really wanted to travel to Antarctica. It's a little hard to get to though. Other than that, I reckon my top three are:

    1. Navajo desert, Arizona. I love deserts, and the rock formations at Antelope Canyon look incredible.

    2. Laos. It's beautiful and has a fascinating history, and I've never been to Southeast Asia before.

    3. Tokyo. In South Africa, our biggest cities are tiny compared to global metropolises. I have always been fascinated by really big cities and how fast they move. I'd love to spend some time in Tokyo.
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    I agree with @Lauren_E a trip to Antarctica would be on my list . I would love to go whale watching.
    1. A road trip around New Zealand and go on the trail of the Lord of the rings and the Hobbit.

    2. A boat trip down the Amazon river, I have been on a boat down the Missisipi in the US
    Sailed in a felucca on the Nile in Egypt and the Limpopo in Africa. The Amazon would be tbe bees knees

    3.Finally to the ancient city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan
  • @Alethia yes! A trip down the Amazon River would be amazing!! Great list.
  • My bucket list musts are: Cuba (sorry @CheersTerry ) always wanted to go but never made it. Mongolia, Russia and on top of my list is.....drum roll.........Afghanistan. Yes I know I'm crazy!
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    A tough question but here goes. My top three bucket list destinations would be.

    1. New Orleans - for the Mardi Gras, the jazz and of course the fabulous food!

    2. Vietnam - I'd love to ride the Reunification Express fom Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. It would be great to get a glimpse into the country's history.

    3. Argentina - I've got two left feet but where better to learn the Tango? I'd also be keen to visit the vineyards in Mendoza and check out the Iguazu Falls.

  • I haven't bucket lists yet.
  • @Adair001 , you need not have drawn up your bucket list yet: off the top of your head, where would you most like to travel?
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