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Procedure for Indian Man Marrying Tunisian Girl

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I am from India and I want to marry Tunisian girl. What is the procedure and what am I supposed to do? Guide me?


  • Hello I need a help someone having answer of this question ?
  • @9619695255
    There is a member on the forum calked @mozak he is an Indian citizen who married a Tunisian girl.
    They married in Istanbul Turkey as he was twice refused a visa for Tunisia.
    I will send him a pm and ask him to help you.
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    Thank you for you attention ... I am from India and my girlfriend from Tunisia and we are planning to marry and both party voluntarily agreed so please give me advice on what I can I do?
  • Hello @9619695255

    Alethia just sent pm to me, mentioning about you.

    Question 1: Where are you planning to get married ?

    Question 2: Do you have all the documents required ?
  • I belong to Islam and am from India and I have to plan for second marriage and my fiance from Tunisia I didn't meet her before and I have to plan to meet her family and her also ....In Tunisia is that legal to second marriage to Indian Muslim men ?
  • No, it's not legal.

    You have to provide either divorce certificate ( if applicable ) or death certificate ( if applicable ).

    Requirement: 1. Single status certificate.
  • But in Islam it's a legal
  • Mozak Thank you so much for you kind guidance means it's a mandatory status is single ?
  • Yes, Tunisia laws

    Only one marriage
  • And what is the procedure and process and what is the documents are required?
  • @Lesley

    Hello ,

    Sorry for disturbing you, can you please list documents required to get married in Tunisia

    1. Birth certificate or DOB certificate
    2. Single status certificate
    3. Proof of religion : either a certificate or any document mentioning religion as islam
    4.medical test ( performed in Tunisia)
    5. Photos
    6. Divorcee or Death certificate ( if married before)

    All documensts translated and attested.

    Lesley will provide more accurate details.
  • 2. Single status Certificate....? How can I get ? And from where ?
  • Unless I'm misunderstanding, are you already married and this would be wife #2?

  • No I am Single
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    Not every country is ruled by Islam. Tunisia is a secular country. Only civil weddings are legal and a man can have only one legal wife.
    You cleay say you plan for a second marriage. If you are all ready married in India then you cannot legally obtain a single status certificate.

    I doubt if you will be granted a visa to enter Tunisia. You certainly cannot enter into a second marriage.
  • I am sorry for that it's some miss understood from my Side yes you are right and right now I am single but that question I asked prior it was based on my future so it's clear for me that if I already married then I can not marry to Tunisian girl thx to give me need full guidance and needful Suggestions....and till now I am single so plz guide me how can I get single status certificate so I plan to go to Tunisia and marry easily
  • You have to make affidavit, contact any agent or lawyer in your city, who makes affidavit (specify : single status certificate ). Then you have attest this MInistry of External Affairs and consulate of Tunisia in India.
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    Your single not yet married and you are already thinking of taking a second wife. Does your Tunisian fiance know you intend to take more than one wife. Tunisian culture only accepts one man one wife. Honesty at the outset is important in any relationship.
    I repeat you may have great difficulty in obtaining a visa for Tunisia.

    @mozak will confim he was refused a Tunisian visa twice and he is an Indian citizen with permanent residence in Canada. He and hisxl wife married in Turkey another country where it is illegal to have more than one wife and only civil marriage is legal
  • My visa was refused three times for no reason.

    Turkey marriage processis easy , but keep enough timelines for your travel if you plan to marry in turkey.

    Another couple got married in Egypt , my spouse friend .
  • @9619695255 - I honestly don't understand you. Firstly you have little or no chance of having a visa to come to Tunisia. If you manage to marry either here or in another country where are you intending to live? I do understand the law in regard to multiple marriage in Islam and majority of countries who support this require that you provide the exact same circumstances for both wives and that the first wife agrees to your second marriage. Can you honestly tell me that you can provide 2 houses exactly the same, the same income for both or more wives?? You will find Tunisian women are very savvy! In general they are well educated, culturally aware and have good knowledge about the rest of the world. If you intend a second marriage then you have to be upfront with the parents of your fiancee about this. See what will happen to you!!!! lol. And if she has brothers, well let me just say - RUN!!
  • Thx Lesley..... For your valuable comment and Guidance I took it very positive way....In Islam not allowed to hide anything regards this subject and even my soul not allowed to me hide anything.... actually I engaged but suddenly one Tunisia girl come to in my life and change everything and she propose me and I told her and explained everything .....but she is ready for Second marrige with me and I Didn't hide anything with her and I explain everything to his mother and she explained to her father her family invite to me In Tunisia ....and I didn't hide anything to my family.
    My family and my Indian Fiance know everything and without consent I can not proceed second marriage even do not think also as per the rules and Alhumdullilah I am able to give a separate flat is possible to call her India and as per Indian rule we do proceed second marriage ?
    Or if yes so what is the documents are required and Procedure.?
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    You have an Indian fiancee lined up to marry and also a Tunisian woman.
    You may have been honest and India allows polygamous marriages but usually it is after you have been married to wife number one for sometime that you would take a second wife.
    Your Tunisian fiancee will need a visa to enter India.
  • Alethia....I don't understand your word ....can you elaborate
  • The Special marriage act 1954 in Indian Muslim not following in India and even Indian Constitution also allowed to Indian Muslim to follow Muslim Sarihat
  • @9619695255
    I am aware that India legally allows polygamous marriages and even in Islam Fatwa 91712 states you can marry more than one woman on the same day.
    Its just that I personally find it quite shocking in this day for a young man to have two fiancees and ultimately two wives. Especially when the one women comes from Tunisia where polygamy is illegal.
    Once again I repeat your Tunisian fiancee will require a visa to enter India.
  • How can I get easily ? I mean visa ?
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    Both @lesley who has lived in Tunisia many years and @mozak an Indian citizen have both told you it is impossible to get a visa for Tunisia and your fiancee will require a visa for India
  • Alethia okey I can not loose my self without try can you tell me why it's so strict ? And how she got a Indian visa easily ?
  • And right now m living in Saudi Arabia and for visa process is I will start with in 15 days
  • Alethia I need to know if she got a Indian visa is that possible to marry in India ?
  • @9619695255
    There is no easy way for an Indian visa. If your fiancee does not work she may have a problem as she has no income.
    If you live in Saudi Arabia then you should understand the difficulty of the visa process.
    So will you live in Saudi with your two wives
  • @Alethia @9619695255 - I have no words!! I am in shock.
  • Alethia....I didn't say I bring both here in Saudi don't have words and i am hoping you have good solution and you really given good suggestion and I appreciate that ....she try to serching job In India and I am Working in Saudi Arabia so it is not possible to bring both wives here with me I want to know if a Muslim Indian boy have a 1 St wife and 2nd I mean my Tunisia fiance come to India and marry me so is that possible ? Or it's a crime ?
  • Because as per my knowledge in Tunisia one girl one marrige so if she come India for work purpose and she married me so is there any problems because in Tunisia ITS ILLEGAL ...if I am wrong correct me
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    I think you are unreasonable. You cannot expect a Tunisian girl to live without any family or friends in India. I cannot believe a Tunisian father would allow this.
    I am an advocate of womens rights, just because polygamy is legal in India does not make it right. Polygamy a disgusting practice . It subjugates women. In Canada and America polygamists have been imprisoned for 25 years.
    Even Saudi Arabia the citadel of Sunni Islam wont let you bring in two wives.
    This is why Lesley had no words and is in shock she cannot believe that in this day and age a young man would treat women like chattels.
  • @9619695255 - I have just re-read your last post and you seem quite the hypocrite to me. You want a Tunisian girl as your second wife but you expect her to work?? (you want her to get a work visa). Yes there are problems in Tunisia - she will be considered not married and living in sin with you! I don't believe your story and if indeed it is true this family is uneducated and living in poverty and you have provided financial incentives!
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