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Schengen Visa refusal



  • Hello, Alethia, Do I need to Hire an Dutch immigrant lawyer for the appeal In Netherlands, or Should I file by myself with some supporting documents..please tell
  • @rohit87
    There is no need to hire a lawyer you can do it yourself
  • Ok Alethia, but don't you think an immigration lawyer will deal a case more efficiently and the impression of a lawyer will make a positive effect
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    Its up to you. If you can afford a lawyer then go for it
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    Ok, Alethia. Thank you so much for your suggestions.
  • @ Alethia I applied for italy on January and was refused and my passport was only stamped with date of application
    on march i applied to spain with invitation letter and was refused saying my they are not sure if i will leave the country as per intended stay
    I applied applied again to switzerland through a travel agency which i paid heavily and was rejected too with below reasons
    The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.

    Question is can i apply again as i have only 2 stamp from spain and italy with date of application only and switerland didnt stamp passport
    i live in Dubai and am planning to apply to Malta can someone advice me please..
  • @bobhush
    You can apply to Malta but all Schengen countries have the Visa Information System where they share information so they will know all about your immigration history and applications
  • @Alethia please with your best advice do i have chances of losing the application when applied to Malta
  • @Alethia what could be the reason why i was refused and what can i do
    I gave below

  • @bobhush
    You gave no employers letter, no house contract or proof of any ties to The Emirates.
    You produced no itinerary or stated the purpse of your visit
  • @Alethia thanks for your reply.. In a situation where the house contract is not in my name what can i do? The NOC from my company states am working with them.. And always my purpose of visit is tourism what else can i put as a purpose please.. Proof of ties in Emirates lil bit confused on that?
  • @bobhush
    To obtain a visa for any Schengen country you must show ties to your country of residence. Whst is confusing about that? It shows you have a reason to return after your visit.
    You failed to show ties when you applied and thats why you were refused
  • @Alethia thanks so much i will get my tenancy contract then as am renewing my rent so i hope that would be okay with other documents i mentioned to you to apply for malta.. Please advice thanks
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    @ Alethia please i have assembled all below documents hope it will be okay kindly advice..

    Employment contract
    salary certificate
    Noc from company
    Tenancy contract (with my landlord details ID AND PASSPORT)
    visa copy
    passport copy
    emirates ID
    car license
    Drivers license
    6 months bank statement

  • @bobhush
    Whats an NOC letter
  • No Objection Certificate?...

  • @Alethia is called No objection certificate is normally needed here in the UAE all embassy needs this to show that your company has no objection of travelling..
  • @bobhush
    You need an employers letter stating when you joined your job title and your monthly salary and the date you need to return.
    Your company might have no objection to you travelling but it does not demonstrate ties to your country of residence
  • @Alethia my employment contract states when i joined and my job title with monthly salary
  • @Alethia in my company NOC it states my date of join and salary and also state my date of returning to resume work..
  • So my employment contract is official letter i got from my company signed and stamp .. Noc states they are aware am travelling on this date and returning on this date and have no objection of my travel.
  • @bobhush
    You need to provide a cover letter with your proposed itinerary.
    Thats about all you can do good luck
  • Hi Alethia, I really appreciate the quality and accurate information you give on this platform.. However I need a quick response so that I'll know if I am to reapply.My name is Patrick.. I applied for a student visa to Italy and I was refused..
    This is what the refusal letter says:
    According to article no. 4, point 2 of legislative decree no. 286/98 amended by law no. 189 dated 30, July 2002, we repeal the obligation of explaining the reason of a denial, on the ground of safety and public order concerns that are usually involved in the issue of entry visa (except for visa applications that fall into art. 22, ,24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 36, 39 of T. U. /286/98), we inform you that your request for a STUDENT visa has been rejected because
  • I am really confused because I submitted everything ask of me except a medical insurance; the school told me the medical insurance can be obtained upon arrival in Italy.. Thank you for your anticipated response
  • @echez
    The reason for refusal is very clear you did not submit the correct or sufficent documents
  • What of the safety and public order concerns?
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    "We repeal the obligation of explaining the reason of a denial, on grounds of safety and public order concerns".. This statement is really confusing.. Can u help me identify the missing documents based on that statement or am I just reading meaning into what doesn't matter?...
  • @echez I'm no expert, but what I believe it means is that they don't want to tell you why you were denied because by telling you they might be endangering the safety and public order of their country.
  • @BruQue. Thank you for your response. endangering the Safety and public order of their country? Based on your opinion sir, what document do you think they're referring to?
  • @echez
    It has nothing to do with public security
    Please read again it states "WE REPEAL..."
    that means they are not enforcing any public security rule instead they clearly told you that you submitted insufficient documents.
    That is why you were refused.
    They are not going to tell you what documents were missing no country refusal does that
  • @Alethia Thank you so much because I know that some of these questions can be very annoying... Thanks for your patience..
  • I am a 17yr old from Nigeria.
    @Alethia Here are the documents I submitted..

    VISA Application form

    My bio data

    Passport Photographs on white background

    Admission letter from University.

    Legalized academic credentials

    Declaration of Value.

    My Original International Passport

    Flight Booking (reservation)

    Hotel Booking

    Bank Statement of my mother(of up to 50million naira)

    Letter of introduction from my mother stating source of income, relationship with me and reason for sponsoring me.

    Photocopy of International Passport of my mother

    Health insurance can be obtained in Italy upon arrival (so the school said, so therefore I didn't bother to include it)

    Affidavit of consent since I am a minor

    Affidavit of sponsorship.

    Is there anything I missed asides the medical insurance which mum have provided now please help
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    Your mother cannot just write a letter she has to demonstrate she owns a business or is employed by documentary evidence.

    She should have had a certified letter from the bank giving the Euro equivalent of 50000000

    A certified copy of her passport bio page and your birth ceertificate to show you are related.

    You should have included health insurance this is a rmandatory equirement when applying for any Schengen visa.

    Are you required to pass an IELTS language test ? If so that should be included

    Was the Declaration of Value legalised by the Italian Embassy?

    How old are you? As you state you are a minor
    How long was your hotel booked for and what will be your student accomodation
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    @Alethia Thank you for your response
    We submitted her bio-data page and also my birth certificate. Yes the documents were legalized by the Italian Embassy. Hotel was booked for two weeks, during that time I'll get a permanent place as advised by the school... Am 17yrs old. The finances is not a problem even the embassy acknowledge that fact. One of the accounts I used is her business account, and she wrote a letter to that effect. No it is not required of us to write the supposed IELTS test.

    And lastly is there any law prohibiting me from reapplying immediately after a failed application?
  • I.e is there a waiting period?
  • @echez
    You can apply imediately there is no waiting period.
  • @Alethia. Thank you so much for your precious time.. Your answers are really soothing.
  • @Alethia thanks i have got the cover letter and will reply hope no issues as i have been denied 3times to re apply again
  • @Alethia thank you so much for your timely and very accurate advise... I was granted a study visa today to ITALY.. After I reapplied...
  • @echez
    Congratulations. So glad I could help
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