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Schengen Visa refusal



  • hi alethia

    today I got refusal for me and my family from Italian embassy Dubai.
    I am UAE resident in April I got visa 12 days for me and my family from Italy i applied single entry we went to few countries and back from Amsterdam then in June I applied for double entry because of trip I made but after visa I changed my trip and enter from Italy and exit from riga again 10 days visa.
    today I got refusal with following reasons.
    1 justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.
    2 the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.
    I submit same documents like before as I remember.
    this time I applied multiple and my trip was starting from 15 Sept but I got refusal today on 18th. before I got visa in 2 weeks this time 3 weeks and 3 days. I provide hotel and ticket for trip of this month and I also submit cover letter this time in which I mention that we will go in Dec and too much time is wadting so that's why applying for multiple.
    please suggest we can go for appeal or not it's mention about t.r.a
    how much time speak will take
  • one very important thing in April I have 2 kids and my wife was pregnant now I have 3 months baby too so total 5.
  • @arshad0123
    Your trip did not warrent a multiple entry visa that is why you eere refused. You submitted insufficient evidence for a multiple entry visa and you should have applied for a single visit.
    Appeals take a long time and sre deamt with in Rome. You applied for the wrong visa its your own fault.
  • Thanks for your reply :)
    Please let me know how can we justify them for multiple because of my work I can not hold my passport again & again for 3 weeks & now we had planed for a week now & 2 weeks in winter also, that's why we applied for multiple but we provided hotel booking & everything for this trip only. We also wrote letter with visa application & inform them about our winter plan too.
    Anyways it means we can apply only single entry every time.
    No way to get multiple or longer visa?
  • @arshad0123
    You will not be given a multiple entry visa if you give the details of only one trip. You must provide information of all travels proving as to why you need the multiple entry visa.
    You cant just write a letter and say "oh by the way we will be travelling again in December"
    Thats why you were refused.
    You may have difficulty now in obtaining another visa.
  • Hi Alethia,

    Been following some of your threads as I was refused by French embassy as well since 1st week of Sept.

    I'm Male and single at late 20s from Philippines, earning roughly 6800 EUR per year.

    Purpose of travel is for a 5-day Tourism in France only and engagement proposal for my Filipina girlfriend who works in Dubai and will be coming from there.

    On my 1st application, I've submitted all required documents below via vfs global who forwards our application to the embassy:
    -Photocopy of stamps on my previous travels (Macau, Hongkong and Indian BV single entry)
    -Roundtrip airfare with hotel accommodation with travel insurance
    -Certificate of Employment and Leave request signed by company (been 2 years in company)
    -Income Tax Return
    -Personal bank certification
    -Last 3 months bank statement with 3600 EUR
    - Birth certificate
    - My girlfriend's stamped passport and our pictures
    -Additional docs for my business permit for computer shop and co-maker documents for lotto outlet
    -car registration under my name

    I called my bank to double check if someone called but no history.

    Just 1 business day after the documents have been forwarded to the embassy, I've received an email to pickup my passport with a refusal mark of "your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained"

    I was shocked but tried to research and found you and some other recommendations to re-apply instead of appealing. I've read a blog from a Filipina who've had same trouble then visa was granted after re-applying. So I followed her advise to re-apply (same embassy) with same documents plus additional notarized letter from an attorney in regards with my travel.

    Also, I've expressed my concerns included on the cover letter, on how I love my job here in the Philippines, I'm at the peek of my career, was sent by my company to India for training and my businesses that need me every time especially for renewal of license.

    2 days after I received the refusal, I re-applied and the same 1 business day after the documents were forwarded I got an email again to pickup my passport then boom got refusal letter again with the same reason and same consulate.

    Now, I don't know where to start and how can I get a schengen visa. Many told me to apply on a different country like Belgium but I have doubts.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • @jeffdecastro
    If you try another country such as Belgium they will know about your refusals as all Schengen countries share information. SIS (Schengen Information System)
    Time and again we see this problem where people fail to show proof of strong ties to their home country when they apply for a visa.
    You are a single man who by European standards earns a very low salary and has demonstrated no ties apart from your job to your counry of residence.

  • Thanks Alethia,

    What other strong ties can we present aside from having a house and family.

    I have 2 businesses - 1 computer shop and lotto outlet but still refused.
  • Thanks for your explanation. I am sorry but I didn't get you "You may have difficulty now in obtaining another visa" this is for multiple or now for any visa.
    Twice I got from Italy & this time refusal also from Italy embassy
  • edited September 2017
    Did you actually give documentary evidence of your businesses and house? What other family do you have in UAE beside your wife and children? After all your wife and children travel with you.
    Every time you apply for a visa you are required to give fresh documentary evidence. You have been refused so when you reapply you may come under scrutiny as Italy believed the documents submitted were unreliable.
  • In April I submitted same papers when I got visa for all of us but on that time I applied single entry this time multiple. All business & other documents were same with updated bank statement & hotel booking but I provide only one week hotel booking & ticket itinerary is showing a trip of one week.
    The refusal reasons are number 2 & 8.
    2. Justification for the purpose and condition of the intended stay was not provided.
    8. The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of intended was not reliable.
    Another important thing maybe its related or not but in UAE business license is renewed yearly. while my case was in process my license expired & then I renew but for few days on authority website its showing expired. I am a 100% owner of that business.
  • Ok now current trip is already ruined now what you suggest about December trip.
    Its less then 90 days I want to secure now so what is better option apply from Italy again or Germany or Czech.
  • @arshad0123
    I suggest you apply for a single entry visa with similar documents to those you submitted for your previous successful application.
    Try not to be smart this time, follow the rules and apply for a single visit visa
  • I applied with same papers in march for april trip but single entry for me & family then in june for july trip for me only double entry but a detail like after 5 day go out to Macedonia then again go to Amsterdam.
    This time I really act smart & applied for multiple with same documents but provide detail for first trip of this month with hotel detail & ticket but just write in cover letter that we want to go in Dec also in winter vacations.
    One last question now for single entry we are going to apply from Czech tomorrow for Dec trip.
    What is better Italy again or Czech is ok or same.
    Any suggestion from where we can apply or cover letter or anything.
  • @arshad0123
    You are required to apply to the country where you will stay for the longest time.
    If you intend to spend equal times in the countries you visit then you apply to the country you will enter first.
  • I know all this I asked a suggestion considering you know quiet a lot that what is better so I can start my trip from that country. Seems like I got a reply from VFS helpline :) ;)
  • anyhow thanks a lot just joking
  • Hello,
    I had same problem exactly , was refused because of threat, i got the decision last june, i appealed within 60 days and my italian lawyer did that for me , and now after 5 to 6 months i got the judge decision and it was negative answer and said i cant get in eu anymore, lawyer cost me 3500€. I had 2 schengen visas to italy before and i didnt have any kind of trouble in there, never visited any other country and was very polite and desent tourist . DONT waste your time and money on appealing. Its worthless
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