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Vaccinations for travel to Tanzania

Can somebody tell me what vaccinations are required and/or recommended for travel to Tanzania? And any other relevant health advice? I see that malaria is a potential problem but is this restricted to certain regions or seasons or is malaria medication advised all year no matter the region? I have two conflicting sources and I have had bad reactions to prophylaxis in the past so I want to be absolutely sure taking the medication is necessary. Many thanks in advance.


  • Vaccinations are recommended for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and typhoid. The only required vaccination is yellow fever, and only for those arriving from infected areas. Malaria is an issue only at areas with an altitude less than 1800 metres... most travellers do end up taking malaria medication. I too struggle with the meds so I feel your pain, but there are a number of options so chat to your doctor about the reactions you had last time and see if there is anything that can be done.
  • @laurencej your best option is to speak to your doctor.
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    Hello! From 55 states of African continent, Tanzania has one of the highest level of health care and the journey here is much safer than in Egypt or Tunisia.

    Required Vaccinations for Tanzania and Zanzibar

    The only one compulsory vaccination for entering Tanzania is the immunization against yellow fever. But anyway, the certificate of vaccination is required only while visiting Zanzibar or endemic transit countries (Kenya, Ruanda and etc.). In other cases, the immunization against yellow fever is just a recommended measure rather than a mandatory one (the same applies to vaccinations against tetanus, cholera, hepatitis and typhoid fever).
    If you have a little time before the departure, then do not experiment with the resistance of your immunity before taking your flight. The vaccination against yellow fever is held no earlier than 10 days before the departure and it is contraindicated for pregnant, people suffering from allergy to antibiotics and egg white. About Vaccines against Malaria here
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