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visa from algeria to u.k

hello i have looked on the website
and havent really got much information i am waiting for my claim for caeres allowance to go though have i got to have savings,if so how much as i know that if he applies that i dont need to earn 18,600 year,
as we been married for nearly 2 years,can anyone help on here just give me some information about this please as we have a 4 month old son together and i was building to do my own little business but my grandmother become so sick that i care for her everyday,and how long have i got to be claiming before i can apply for my husband spouse visa as i no there i no point in doing visit one because he will never get it thanks


  • edited October 2017
    You must be in receipt of the carers allowance before you can apply. You need to be claiming in my opinion for 2- 3 months. You could apply in January 2018.
    You will need evidence of the carers allowance and medical evidence about your grandmothers medical condition.
    The Home Office do not care how long your have been married or that you have a British child.
    In all honesty becoming your grandmothers carer is a help to you. Starting your own business you could not have made an application for well over one year of trading.
    Your a long time member of this forum so if you want any help Maria just send me a pm
    and I will help you all I can
    While waiting for your carers allowance your husband can take his English language test
  • Sometimes the help from strangers on this forum can be so uplifting.

    Regards to both of you.

  • ok thanks ill pm you as i find this site useful and some good advice
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