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Advice for Switzerland Ski Season, best month to ski

Hi forum peeps!

So, winter is on the way to Europe and my boyfriend and I just can't wait for ski season. We really want to go on and check out the Swiss Alps and ski there. So we need your advice. Is Switzerland the best place to go skiing, or does anyone have some other recommendations? Also what month is the best time to go skiing in Switzerland? My boyfriend and I are Zimbabwean nationals, so how does the visa process work - is it difficult?

And last, what are the best ski resorts for a couple on a mid-range budget? Sorry about all the questions! Thanks so much!


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    Switzerland is not the only country with ski resorts but it is one of the most expensive. Skiers in Switzerland pay the highest prices for their ski passes of anywhere in Europe.
    The cheapest ski pass is 290 Euros a day rising to 404 Euros a day.
    Sking passes in the French Alps will cost approximately 270 Euros per day
    A day ski pass in Austra cost 280 Euros a day.
    Ski holidays are very expensive you will need to show thousands of Euros or equivalent to ski in Europe.
    There are very few mid-range budget ski resorts in Switzerland France and Austria during the winter ski season

    Bulgaria is popular for skiing and very cheap, a day pass is 25 Euro I have been to Borovets and Pamporova ski resorts they are very good.

    All information on ski resorts can be Googled.

    You will require a Schengen visa for Europe and you need to decide which country you will visit before I could give specific visa advice. Bulgaria is not in the Schengen zone but you will need a visa. Applying for a Schengen visa is not easy and you and your boyfriend must make seperate applications.

  • Hi SamWilso

    Switzerland is going to give you the original skiing experience, but there are of course other resorts around the Alps that are located in other countries like France or Austria. Are you guys experienced skiers? A lot of the resorts in Switzerland aren't really geared for beginners, but if you're intermediate or better, you'll have a lot of options. December to February is considered the best time for skiing, but that's also when it's most crowded and expensive. Maybe consider shoulder season? Check out this guide on Switzerland, it has a good section on skiing resorts as well. Davos might be a good starting point - it's not as expensive as Zermatt or St Moritz. Brace yourself, Switzerland is expensive, and so is skiing in Switzerland.

    You're going to need a normal Schengen visa for Switzerland, and unfortunately Zimbabweans can't submit an online application. The Swiss embassy in Pretoria is responsible for Zimbabwe, but you can apply for a Schengen visa for Switzerland at the French embassy in Harare as well.

    Hope this helped!
  • Good advice from Alethia and Emma. Here's my opinion. I love skiing in Switzerland as there is some of the best skiing in the world, the snow is reliable and the villages/ ski resorts are mostly pretty and 'authentic'. It has always been expensive, particularly the well known resorts like Verbier or Klosters, but due the the very strong Swiss Franc it's more expensive still. Particularly if you are coming from the UK, with a weak pound. France obviously has fantastic resorts too, and places like Courcheval, in the three valleys, are almost as expensive as the top resorts in Switzerland. But the skiing is extremely good. But there are plenty of other second tier resorts which offer fantastic skiing at more of and affordable budget. They often even share the same ski area - for example the small villages of La Tania or St Martin de Belleville have immediate access to the same ski area as Courcheval, Meribel and Val Thorens, at a fraction of the cost. Other nice resorts include Les Arcs, and Alpe d'Huez.

    It sounds like you are a beginner, so the large resorts are largely wasted on you anyway. So either head to a smaller resort in France, Italy or Austria, or head to Bulgaria where you can still find some good skiing, and have a fun holiday on much more of a budget.
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  • Which month to go skiing. Depends the snow! You can go before Christmas, off peak, and get some decent snow, but book last minute. End of season (April) can be wonderful but don't head to a low resort, you may be skiing on grass. Go in January or February and you are fairly certain to have good snow, but it may be bitterly cold. March, is probably best month to go skiing in my view, a little before the school holidays break up.
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  • You can try Davos, I heard that they offer budget friendly skiing experience.
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