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Honeymoon in Thailand

Hi everyone

We're deciding on a honeymoon place, and everyone tells me to make sure that we get the all inclusive deals. I understand this is great for not having to worry about food or drinks, but I don't want to miss out on the food stalls and stuff. Is all inclusive a good idea in Thailand?

We'd really love to snorkel and do some water sport things, but we'll probably be there during the monsoon season in August. Can we still snorkel during the rainy season? Or would it be better to do more sightseeing things?

Also - there are so many islands and places to choose from - where's the best honeymoon spot that's not too expensive but still luxurious enough?

Thank you!!


  • @glacialunicorn31
    Can you tell us your nationality and what country you are based in.
  • @Alethia we're both from Swaziland.
  • @glacialunicorn31
    The reason I your nationality was to check up on visas. As Swazi citizens you and your wife will require visas for Thailand.

    This is the weather for Thailand

    High Season (Nov–Mar)
    A cool and dry season follows the monsoons, meaning the landscape is lush and temperatures are comfortable.
    Western Christmas and New Year’s holidays bring crowds and inflated rates.

    Between and off peak (Apr–Jun, Sep & Oct)
    April–June is generally very hot and dry, with an average Bangkok temperature of 30°C. Sea breezes in coastal areas provide natural air-con.
    September and October are ideal for the north and the gulf coast.

    Low Season (Jul–Oct)
    Is monsoon season ranges from afternoon showers to major flooding.
    Some islands shut down; boat service is limited during stormy weather.
    Be flexible with travel plans.
    Rain is usually in short, intense bursts.

    Snorkeling may not be possible in the rainy season it depends on your location

    All inclusive resorts are fine especially if its your first time to Thailand. Your not locked in the resort and can go out trying street food when you want.

    Your best bet is to trawl through , Hotel .com and Trip advisor for reviews

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    @Alethia - thanks for the great advice. I can also recommend which often has excellent deals and a useful book-now-pay-later function.

    @glacialunicorn31 Do you have any idea of particular areas in Thailand that you might want to check out? For instance, will you be sticking to the mainland, the eastern or southern gulf islands, or the northern or southern Andaman islands?

    Are you looking for rich culture or an island paradise, or both?

    Take a look at the Word Travels Guide to Thailand, and see if you can narrow down your interests. I'd be happy make suggestions from there.
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  • @Alethia
    Thanks so much for your input! We're only getting married next year August, and we were thinking of postponing the honeymoon for a few months, but if we put it off too long then it gets very expensive. So we have to decide whether going during monsoon season is worth it or to wait a month or so. Any thoughts?

    We don't have any specific places in mind, but most of our ideas are based on the island paradise where you just lie on the beach and do nothing. But we both really love history and want to experience the culture. I think our island getaway idea will fall away if we decide on going during monsoon, but do you think we can do both? Maybe lie on the beach when the sun's out and go look at temples when it rains? Are there places where we can do the beach thing but also see some temples?

    Thanks you guys
  • @glacialunicorn31

    I don't think you have to discount the idea of visiting some of Thailand's beautiful islands during monsoon season. Like in a lot of countries in South East Asia, monsoon season is often characterised by short, heavy bursts of rain, in the mornings or afternoons, after which the weather often clears up nicely.

    If you're going during August then the Andaman Islands will most likely not be suitable. However, some of the most beautiful islands can actually found in southern gulf region. Islands like family friendly Ko Samui are great for relaxing, or there is Ko Tao which is more low-key and offers amazing diving opportunities. Do you have a PADI license?

    And of course, if you and your fiance like a good party, then Ko Pha Ngan is sure to be the ticket.

    What do you think?
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    You have very romantic ideas about Thailand. It is a very lovely country but you need to plan your trip you just cant walk off the beach onto historical sites.

    Bangkok has many wonderful historic sites and fabulous temples but they are 3 or 4 hours from the nearest beaches. Ayutthaya the ancient capital of Siam is a another 2 hours in land from Bangkok.

    If you want to get from Chiang Mai to a beach, you would need to fly to Phuket.

    In the Monsoon season in Ko Samui and Ko Tao for example you can have choppy and atmospheric seas with stronger breezes than usual, however beaches and restaurants are quiet. Travelling to the islands can be very difficult.

    Throughout Thailand local roads can and do flood during the rains so walking in temples in the rain may not be pleasant.

    You really need to decide where and what type of holiday you want.
    I have visited and travelled in Thailand
  • @LukeC
    We don't have diving licenses, and to be honest I get a little claustrophobic thinking about so much water above my head, so diving is out. I've been snorkelling before, and really enjoyed it. I think we should go in October and then do a couple of days in Chiang Mai (I really want to see Doi Suthep) and a couple of days on an island. I read up about Ko Samui and Koh Tao - it looks amazing. Do you think we should do the island thing first or Chiang Mai first?

    Where did you go in Thailand? We're on the fence, you see, because we're really saving up and this will be our first big holiday together. So we don't want to waste all our time only doing honeymoon things and not experience Thailand, but we still want to lay low for a while as well. That's why we're still planning.

    Does anyone else have any other honeymoon ideas for Thailand?
  • @glacialunicorn31
    My first trip to Thailand was inthe month of May in the 1980s I stayed in Bangkok at the Peninsula. I then went by overnight train to Changmai stopping at Ayutthaya on the return journey.

    On that trip I spent the last few days at Pattaya beach a very different place to the Pattaya of today. I am so glad I was able to see Thailand (and other countries for that matter) before the became over commercialised.

    I last visited Thailand in June 2002 and went to Hua Hin on the east coast, I am not a sit on the beach all day person. So Hua Hin was fine. Hua Hin is Thailand's original beach resort area, and in contrast to some of Thailand’s other beach resorts with their bright lights and nightlife, it was a much more peaceful, family oriented place. I stayed at the Hua Hin Marriot Resort.
    There is lots to see and do the Royal Summer Palace, markets, street food and more things to do since I was there. Bangkok is only 2.5 hours by car and 4 hours by train.
    This for me was not one of my more memorable holidays.

  • @Alethia
    Thanks for sharing! Hua Hin sounds awesome - it actually looks perfect for what we're looking for. Would you think Bangkok is a good destination or is it too touristy? I don't think we'll go to Pattaya - too commercial.

    Has anyone been to Hua Hin recently? What's it like?
  • @glacialunicorn31
    Hua Hin would be a good place for your honeymoon and you could easily visit Bangkok there are escorted tours to Bangkok from Hua Hin. Apart from becoming more modern I dont think Hua Hin will have changed that much.
    The weather should be ok in August and September
    Here are some hotels in Hua Hin
  • @glacialunicorn31 I think Alethia's advice is very sound. Have you had a look at her suggestions? Both Chiang Mai and Hua Hin should be relatively simple to reach. What is your budget for transport? Will you be flying or going overland?

    And a word of caution: make sure you check the weather forecast if you are travelling by bus, as heavy rains can make some journeys precarious.
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  • @LukeC
    I've had a look at Alethia's suggestions, and yes, they are excellent recommendations. Ultimately, we'd like to spend as little time as possible in transit, so if we go to Chiang Mai it'd be via air.

    I think we've gotten to the point where we have a couple of options if we go in August: Hua Hin and Bangkok, or Chiang Mai and Bangkok. If we go in September or October, we'd go to an island - maybe Ko Tao - and Chiang Mai. We're definitely going to go through the hotel booking websites you suggested - I saw a couple of good deals.

    I'm not completely sold on Bangkok, even though my fiancé is really keen. I'm more an off-the-beaten-track person, but he wants the sights and sounds. Has anyone been to Bangkok recently? Would you recommend it? How long does it take to see the highlights?
  • @glacialunicorn31
    I would not stay in Bangkok more than a few days, enough to see the main historical sites. Bangkok traffic is awful in fact Bangkok is one of the most congested cities in the world and its very noisy. You can easily Google this.
    Wherever you stay I would advise you to go on an organised tour of Bangkok rather than do it yourself.
    Wherever you go , you will have a great time.

  • @LukeC @Alethia

    Hey guys, so we've decided to extend our honeymoon a bit, and now we're going in October. So we're going to start in Hua Hin for 4 days and do a trip to Bangkok while we're there. Then we're going to Chiang Mai - how long do you think we can spend there? How long does it take to properly cover the city? Will we have time to add another place? We've got 17 days in total, two of them are for travelling to Thailand and back, and we want to spend at least 4 days on Koh Tao after Chiang Mai.

    Also, I remember reading somewhere about an overnight train to Chiang Mai, but now I can't find it again. How long does it take? And does it only go from Bangkok? Has anyone used this train before?

    Thanks so much!
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    Why not spend 4 days in Hua Hin then travel to Bangkok for 2-3 days, take the overnight train Chiang Mai ( its cheaper and easier to book on line) the Seat61 website gives fantastic information on rail journeys worldwide. You need to spend 3-4 days in Chiang Mai.
    Which airport are flying in and out of?
  • @Alethia we'll probably fly to Bangkok because it's cheaper from Johannesburg.

    I don't know how we'll get from Chiang Mai to Koh Tao and then to Bangkok for flying back. What's the best option? Flying? I don't think a cross-country bus trip really screams honeymoon...

  • @glacialunicorn31
    My opinion is you are trying to see too much in too short a time. Flying is quite expensive

  • @Alethia
    You see, that's exactly what we don't want. We don't want to feel rushed. In your opinion, what would you give a skip? We'd rather spend more time in fewer places.
  • @glacialunicorn31

    Here are two suggestions
    1. Arrive in Bangkok transfer to Hua Hin . About10 kms south of Hua Hin is Khao Tao which has a beautiful fishing lake, the temple complex of Khao Tao, Lion Island, Turtle Island, untouched beaches and the bays of Had Soi Noi and Had Soi Yai. You can swim and snorkel.
    Do not confuse it with the diving island of Koh Ta which is 300 km south of Hua Hin
    You can go by train or fly to Chiang Mai from Hua Hin and after Chiang Mai spend your last few days in Bangkok.
    2. As Bangkok is full on and a big city stay there for a couple of days sightseeing , go to Chiang Mai from there fly to Hua Hin relax after your travels and then transfer to Bangkok for the trip home. (this is the one I favour)

    I would not go to Koh Ta island as its too far and you can have a similar experience at Hua Hin/Khao Tao
  • Just to throw a suggestion in.......Phi Phi. It is paradise
  • @Alethia thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of relaxing in Hua Hin after Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

    Hi @Lesley
    My parents have been to Phi Phi, and they say it's amazing. Have you been? We had a look at it when we started planning, and I think we didn't pursue it because it appeared a little too commercial, and there wasn't much history around. But it could be an option for a relaxed cool-down visit after Chiang Mai and Bangkok, now that you mention it. What would you do there?

  • @glacialunicorn31. It is a paradise. Yes there are resort hotels butthe beaches, the hidden waterfalls, nature is so wonderful. The locals are the friendliest and you will have many invitations for lunch, dinner, drinks. It was almost totally destroyed in the 2004 tsunami. I love it there. What to do.........swim, snorkel, trail walks, chill. History is all around if you look for it
  • @Lesley Is it easy to get there from Bangkok? We'll probably be flying in and out from there.
  • @glacialunicorn31
    The flight from Bangkok to Phuket or Krabi is 1 hour 15 minutes though Phuket is served with 2-3 times more planes a day
    It take a further hour to travel from the airport to the ferry port and then another 45 minutes to an hour on the ferry to reach Phi Phi. Your travelling for most of the day.
  • @Alethia @Lesley Yeah we want to keep travelling time to a minimum. So unless we rework the whole thing, we don't really want to go too far from Bangkok.

    So we've got Hua Hin/Khao Tao, that's not too far from Bangkok. Any other beachy places we can go closer to Bangkok?

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