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Schengen Visa advice

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This is Karol again, i need your help with Schengen visa, last year i went to spain and i got visa because of you, u helped me collect and submit the correct documents, thank you.
This time am travelling with my Sister and Brother for 10 days Tour, we both leave in Dubai and we r both kenya citizens, they work in hotel and their salary is not so good, they also dont have bank account, i want to provide all documents and combine with my Fiance( USA citizen) we will be the sponsors...
Please advice what documents should i provide, my brother and sister to provide (no bank statement)
How much money balance should be in my account to show that i can sponsor 3 of us.

Anythings else will be appreciated, i wanted to Enter through Italy or Spain since i was there already and my records r clean.


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    Without bank accounts your brother and sister will not be granted a visa. Your brother and sister need to establish ties to Dubai, without paperwork and bank statements they cannot do this. They work in a hotel in Dubai yet have no bank account is very odd.

    You cannot be their sponsor, a sponsor is a European resident who assists with the visa application and provides an affidavit of support.

  • Alethia, those who work in hotels here get the lowest pay though its including accomodation,transport and insurance, basic salary is always very small, bank account is usually opened by hotel hr and mostly for their salary not a running or very active account, but they can provide letter from Employer,payslips,employment letter as form of country ties...Lord! How can i work through it? Can they print that small statement and maybe letter from their company ,.....please help with suggestion.
    Since am paying for airticket and hotel for both of us as well as shoulder all bills for those 10days.
  • @Karo
    An employer cannot deny someone a bank account your siblings should open their own bank avcoount.
    I have given my advice but you can do as you please.
    You will need at least 3000 Euro after flights and hotels are paid for to cover your expenses
  • Alethia
    Im planning for schengen visa from saudi arabia to germany im have pakistani passport we never traveled before in europe or US we want to visit germany because my uncle is there and me and my father and my mom wants to visit them im in my father sponsorship as im still student.
    Father,s employer will provide employment latter and prove . The salary of my father is about 800 euro for a month which is 3000 saudi riyals someone told me that they will reject the visa because of less salary in 6 months bank statement but we have savings which will be enough for our stay so my question is for shengen visa only salary matters or they will make decisions on whole bank balance ? We wana visit for 15 days and we have enough balance for our stay but im afraid if they just reject us on my father's salary issue no matter how much total balnce we have in the account . Thanks
  • @adil07
    Unless your father can show the equivalent of 800 Euro permonth going to his bank account you will have difficulties.
    Germany requires €45 per day per person as a guide to how much money you will need.Its always better to show a little more in savings than the basic amount.
    Your uncle can provide a legal guarantee that he will also support you by giving a legal letter from his German bank.
    He must also go to the Ordunungsant and fill in the required form and he will receive official documents to say you will stay with him in Germany which you give with your visa documents.
  • Thanks for ur reply He can show his salary statement which is about 800 euro and 3000 in saudi riyals ...and with savings he have 5'000 euro so is this enough im just afraid if they just refuse us bcz of less salary here one travel agent told us that they will reject on ur salary basis and ignore that we also have savings of 5'000 euro which is 18'000 riyals
  • @adil07
    I believe the agent is incorrect. Your father has evidence of his employment , salary, and more than sufficient savings to cover the visit.
  • @Alethia hi,
    I am glad that I found you. I need your help really. I am really upset. I applied for italian visa from gerry. They asked me that I have any visa refusal. I misunderstood I thought they are sking with reference to uk and schengen. . I never applied for both so I said no I dont.
    Now I came to know that it is for any refusal. I have one US visa refusal but Now my documents are submitted to embassy already. Kindly guide me what to do?' Looking foward to your great advice. Thanks.
  • Though visa refusal is not stamped on passport. But what shuld I do for that ?
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    Whenever you are asked if you have been refused a visa it means for any country. There is nothing you can do now but wait. I cannot offer more advice than this.
  • Hi
    I m from iran. I grant a bussiness visa from Belgium in 2010. In july 2016 i applyed for a tourist visa in Italy Embassy in Iran. Unfortunately the rejected my visa because of " the purpose of trip and accomodation is not reliable". The list of my documents was
    - i am 33 years old guy- single- 8 years job documents- 90000€ in my bank statement-Hotel reservation in in my itirnerery i mentioned that i will visit italy 10 days and france 5 days.
    I realy dont know why they dint grant me visa.

    3 mounth later i recived an invitation letter from a french friend and applyed in france embassy. I also gave them that documnt but they rejected me again because of the same reason.
    Travel agancies say to me that your second rejection was because of the first one and i had to wait at least 6 month after rejection.

    2 days ago I applyed in Belgium embassy to do the job training in Belgium. This time i have an invitation letter from a big company in Belgium and my company as an agent of this belgian company is supporting me.
    Do you think that my last rejection my cause the belgian company for not granting the visa to me? They were touristic and now it is a bussiness visa. The cases are diffrent. Is it right that the EU members put an alert in VIS system for 6 mounth when they reject anybody?
    Please help me i cant sleep well in these nights.
  • @ali1983
    It is not correct that EU members put an alert in VIS system for 6 mounth after they reject an application. If you have a change of circumstances and different documents you can apply whenever you want.

    Schengen countries are not happy with sites such as Booking .com but prefer reservations made securely through a travel agent or directly with the hotel.

    Since the massive influx of refugees and migrants into Europe in the last few years, it is far more difficult for travellers from certain countries to be granted a Schengen visa.
  • Thank you Alethia
    I called Belgian embassy today and asked them about alert and they say that there is no alert for rejection and i can apply again. They told me that your application is just rejected and we have all information for 5 years in VIS system. They said that alert is for sombody that do the crime.

    This time i have a strong reason for applying and that s a bussiness reason. I go to Belgium for a training not a tourist.
    My document is:
    1- the invitation letter from a big belgian company
    2- the letter of representative of our company in Iran
    3- the letter of company that support me and all the costs of travel
    4- bank statement of the company with blance about 200,000 €
    5- the list of project the our company has done in iran for the belgian company
    6- the letter of my social insurance for 9 years working in this company
    7-hotel reservation for whole time of training
    8- flight booking
    9- my last schengen visa i granted from belgian embassy in 2010.
    10- my salery income about 1000€ per month

    This time seems i have no problem but i still afraid of visa shopping problem.because i have applyed 3 tines in less than 12 month they might think that i m doing visa shopping.
    Is that right?
  • @ali1983
    I hope this latest hotel booking is not with ? You are not visa shopping because you had three different reasons for applying. Visa shopping is when you are refused and then you apply imediately to another Schengen country.
  • Thank you Alethia for your help
    As you know iranians cant have a visa or master card because of the sanctiona and we cant go to hotel website to book directly. Thats why i always use and pay cash in hotel.
    Is it possibe that visa officer call me and ask for the reason of my latest refusal? Dos rejection for touristic visa have a bad impact on my bussiness visa?
  • @ali1983
    You can pay cash at most hotels you do not need a credit card.
    The visa officer will have all the information regarding your visa history,including your last refusal. Previous refusals are not supposed to have any impact on new applications.
  • Thank you Alethia for your help

    I hope to get the visa and i will inform you about the result.
  • @Alethia

    hi Alethia
    i applied for schengen visa 2 weeks before in belgian embassy in tehran for a bussiness training. they told me that it would take at least 3 weeks to give the answer.i have a flight on 8th July and i need the answer sooner because the training will start on 9th.

    is it possible the give me the answer after 8th? do they decide about my visa in Belgium or the visa officer in the embassy decide about it?
  • @ali1983
    You applied very late for your visa. The normal processing time for any Schengen visa is 3 weeks. You should apply at least one month before you require the visa or even earlier than that.
    This is your own fault. All you can do is call the Schengen office and try to ask them to expedite your visa
  • @Alethia
    do they decide about my visa in Belgium or the visa officer in the embassy decide about it?
  • @ali1983
    Usually the visa officer in the embassy deals with the visa applications
  • @Alethia
    Hi Alethia
    Thank for your good advices. I got my business visa on July. I m going to apply again for france visa in christmass. A french friend is sending me an invitation letter. As i told you before i got rejected by france embassy on November 2016 but i got a business visa from Belgium on July 2017. Do you think if my last rejection will cause to reject me again? I got a schengen visa after my rejection, does it cause to get visa from france?
    Thank you
  • @ Alethia
    would you please answer my question?
  • @ali1983
    Sorry did not see your question.
    The visa you had from Belgium was a business visa, which has different requirements. I want to be positive so you need to get all your documents perfect for the visit visa, you did this for the Belgians so go that extra mile for the French.

    Your friend needs to send you a "certificate of reception" in French it is called "attestation acceuil etranger"

    All the best to you

  • @Alethia
    Do you mind that i need a cover letter because of my last rejection from France Embbassy in 2016?
    Do you know a good sample of Cover Letter for tourist Visa in France Embassy?
  • @ali1983
    You do not need a cover letter regarding your past rejections are listed on the Visa Information System (VIS) why bring them to further attention.
  • Greetings to all
    My wife our son and myself have been granted a Belgium Schengen visa but after our departure date, we have approached the consulate to get our passport back to our surprise we have been told that as your departure date has passed the consulate can't stick your visa stickers into your passport you will need to submit new application. I would love to know if it's normal and next year we will be going for Italy we are first time travellers
  • Shall we need to re-apply with Belgium or we can go apply through Italy we really need your advice thanks
  • @Ignatius36
    You need to apply for a new visa at the Belgian embassy you obviously did not allow enough time for your application to be processed.
  • @Alethia
    Hey Alethia, I have gone through other discussions too and have found your replies really helping. Can you please guide me too about visa refusal of my wife. so here's the story

    Currently I am a PhD student in France, got recently married and I applied for my wife's visa (long stay visitor visa) . submitted all the required documents with more than sufficient bank balance (mine around 5k euros and wife having around equivalent to 3k euros and in addition i am getting 1000 euros monthly from campusfrance as a stipend) but the visa got rejected on this basis "You have not provided proof that you have sufficient resources to cover expenses of any kind during your stay in France."

    I applied again while increasing the bank balance and it got rejected again on the basis "there is a risk of misuse of the visa object for purposes of maintaining illegal in France after the expiry of your visa or to carry out illicit activities in France"

    Can you please guide me on this ?
    should i go for appeal and as I have heard appeal takes around 4 to 6 months so meanwhile i am thinking of other options too.

    1) applying for a schengen visa of germany as we have some family there
    2) applying for a short stay visit visa to france
    3) apply for a student visa in france by getting my wife's admission in some language centre

    waiting for your response
  • @ikki
    You should have appealed when your wife was first refused for insufficient resources,
    it is harder to appeal the second refusal
    As well as having sufficient funds you need to show your wifes strong ties to her home country.
    Applying for a short stay visa will not help. Applying to Germany may be an idea as is the student visa.
    Dont forget the Visa Information System (VIS) is a shared computer system
    for Schengen countries. The database will contain personal details, photographs and biometric information in the form of fingerprints of persons who apply for a Schengen visa. Every Schengen country will know of your wifes previous refusals.
  • @Alethia
    Hey thanks a lot for the help. Another question
    i have decided to go for appeal and it will take around 3-5 months so in the mean time is it good idea to take the risk of german schengen visa or french student visa? Do you think it could affect negatively my appeal status if the schengen or student visa gets rejected too?
  • @ikki
    An application to Germany will not have any impact on an appeal in France. Good luck
  • Hi @Alethia i also had a question about refusal of visa. I post in few threads but i don't know where it is missing
  • @Alethia i went to portugal in 2013 but under article 88 i lived and worked continue paying tax to portuguese government. SEF called me to do fingerprint in 2015 but took time to issue the card. So i left the process and decided to come home for good in last May. In August I applied tourist visa to attend my friends wedding but i got refused saying that my intention to travel is not reliable. The fact was i did not have sufficient cash in my account and hotel reservation as well. Will this all ( staying in portugal and refusal of visa) affect my next application? I would love to visit Switzerland and netherland during spring time. I am financially able and have a good source of income from my grocery shop which i opened in july and land lease. Will looking forward to your kind response
    Thank you
  • @musi
    Firstly you left Portugal before your resudence card was issued. Secondly you made an application you applied for a Schengen visa knowing you did not have enough money or a hotel reservation. All a waste of time.
    This time you need to submit bank statrements with sufficient funds, reservations and travel itinerary and evidence that you have strong ties to your home country.
    As Schengen countries share information through VIS they will be aware of your immigration history. So your next application must be perfect.
  • @Alethia thank you very much for the kind response. I really would love to get advise from you on this matter again. I don't want to get back to portugal again as i already left with my clear conscience . And this spring i would love to see Switzerland and netherland purely as a tourist. I have a sufficient balance in my ac and regular income from my grocery shop and land lease. My only concern is that, must i apply again from the portuguese embassy since i applied from there earlier or will it be ok to apply from swiss or holand embassy. I worked legally and paid tax in portugal however will other embassey treat me as overstayed?
  • @musi
    If you are travelling to Switzerland the Netherlands you apply to the country where you will spend the longest time. For example if you spend 4 days in Switzerland and 3 days in the Netherlands you apply to Switzerland for the Schengen visa.
    You DO NOT apply to Portugal.
  • Ok. Thank you very much Alethia!
  • @Alethia
    Hi Alethia
    I requested tourist schengen visa from france Embassy for single entry and they granted me
    Multiple entry visa validates for 7 month.
    Today i recieved an invitation letter form Belgium for multiple business visa for 2 years.
    Can i apply for another multiple schengen visa from Belgium embassy when i have a multiple shengen visa from france that still is valid for 6 month?
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