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Need help

Hello everyone,i've been dating wit a tunisian guy,we are both living in uk,we love each other,but after two years his parents found him a girl to get married and he was scared to tell them about me,he has to engage now,but just because of his family,he is upset and saying it can't be changed now,is there is anything can be done to not hurt his parents,or if there will be something find out about that girl that engagement will be stoped?thanks in advance


  • @agne
    This is a load of nonsense. This man does not want to be with you. Tunisian men and women can marry who they like, they can marry muslims and non muslims. Tunisian parents do not arrange marriages.
    You dont say how your boyfriend is in the UK, student, legal, illegal married before to a British citizen. He was probably engaged to this girl of his own free will before he left Tunisia and has kept in touch playing you both.
    Dump him he is a liar.
  • He was born here,and grow up here in UK,in Tunisia he is going just once a year,and i even know when he started to talk to her,he said to me. Even that girl found out that we were together and started to text me,it seems that she just wants to get married because its important to her that status and to come here in UK
  • @agne
    You know the reason, the Tunisian girl want to marry and join him in the UK. People from poor countries think that the UK, Europe , USA are paved with gold of course she wants to come here. Your boyfriend met this young woman on one of his visits back to Tunisia.

    It is very difficult to bring a wife/husband to the UK and it costs thousands of pounds.

    No one is forcing your boyfriend to marry this woman, he and only he can decide who he wants to be with.
  • I understand everything what you are saying,and thanks for that,but his brothers had problams and parents always wanted him to see married,and he thinks in this way he can make parents proud and be happy because they are old,he done it too quick and now understand that,so by Tunisian traditions what can be done to cancel engagement?or as you said its not easy to bring wife here,so is it mean it might be that they can not live together?thank you again
  • And also,if that tunisian girl would see some proof or pictures with us,will she leave him or her family would cancel angagement? Thank you so much
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    With all respect you're not being rational. What in the world do you mean by asking how to cancel an engagement? An engagement isn't some legally binding contract, your boyfriend "cancels" it by telling everone he has a girlfriend and ignoring the so-called engagement.

    It appears your boyfriend is still a baby who obeys his parents above all else. It appears you not that important in his life. Do you really want to be in this position? Honestly, time to move on and find an adult to be with.

    Good luck.

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    There are no Tunisian traditions to cancel an engagement your boyfriend tells the girl he does not want to be with her. Simple

    I dont believe your boyfriend when he says his parents pressure him to marry a Tunisian woman. Especially if they have lived in the UK for many years.

    The British government will not allow her to live with him in the UK she must have a visa which as I said is very difficult and very expensive.

    Your boyfriend is the only person who can stop the engagement/marriage. Not his parents and not the girls parents.
  • Thank you for your answers
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