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Northern Mozambique, Quirimbas Archipelago

Hi there,

also thx to information provided in this forum me and my girlfriend are planning to spend our summer holidays in Mozambique. It´ll be 4 weeks from end of July on. Now we´ve got a dew questions left:

-Has anybody information about Quirimbas islands in Northern Mozambique? Is it possible to stay there at a reasonable price on the islands somewhere? Maybe Camping?
-Is it worth going to Niassa and Niassa lake? Did anybody do diving in the lake?
-What about doing the whole trip by car? Maybe we´re going to rent a car in Johannesburg and enter Mozambique by car and travel up north. Any suggestion where to rent the car? Is it more expensive to rent the car via internet or same price as renting it in joburg? Is it even possible to go up north and back within 4 weeks? Or is it a better option (or even possible) to drop the car somewhere in the north and fly back south? Or maybe fly in to Joburg, rent a car, travel up north, enter Tanzania and drop the car in Dar es Salam and fly back from there...?

Sorry for asking a lot of stuff and thx for some answers.

Greetings, Claus


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    Hi Claus. I know people who have stayed at Vamizi, an island in the Quirimbas which is meant to be seriously amazing. It is definately not reasonably priced, but is very comfortable, exclusive with great diving, and game fishing. You can fly there direct from Dar. See . I think the more reasonably priced places are on the mainland. I know driving is an option in Mozambique, but the roads - particularly in northern Mozambique - are bad and you can expect it take twice as long as you'd think, and you'll probably go through a few tyres...

    You can check out more information at the Mozambique Travel Guide
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    Claus - you can drive in a normal cheap car pretty much to Vilunculos, half way up the country. Beyond that you will need a 4x4 and know how to use it. Hiring is expensive, more so if you want to drive it only one way and leave it.
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    Hi Claus,
    The best way to for you to enjoy the time you have to spend in Mozambique - and you did mention the islands, is to fly to the closest city, then organise to be picked up from the Island. The roads locally have some good stretches but the rest are completely shot and the car hire is proibitive. Besides, it would be too much of a hassle driving all the way up the country with little to see on the road.
    If you need some help please send me an email as i am in Maputo Mozambique and could possibly send you in the right direction.

    My email is: [email protected]

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    Hi Claus!

    The Quirimbas archipelago is made up of some of the most beautiful islands on the planet. I went to Vamizi Island on my honeymoon ( Whilst it is a luxury destination, and certainly not cheap, it is well worth it, if you want a real treat. We sailed around the island on a dhow- the sea is the most amazing colour there, and the beaches are long and dazzling! Diving and snorkelling was also out of this world- the water is crystal clear. My husband went deep sea fishing too and caught a huge sailfish! The food and service was excellent too... Pure bliss...
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    Back from a wonderful trip to Northern Mozambique :-)

    There´s a place named Tikidiri (translated "We did it") on Ibo. It´s a place run by an association of 10 woman and 8 men, all locals from the village. It has simple but very clean bungalows with Mosquito-Nets, outside bucket-showers (one for every bungalow, every morning they bring hot water), toilet: hole-in-the-floor (clean), really good local food (the cook makes a different dish every day) and amazingly friendly people around. The place is situated just a few minutes walking outside the village on the road to Ibo airport, opposite of the catholoc cementery. If you fly in to Ibo you´ll come across it automatically. There are also people around, that guide you through mangroves to Quirimba Island (highly recommended). Twin-Bungalow is 300 Meticais, a meals costs around 50-80 Meticais. So far they don´t offer breakfast (available in different places on the island) or cold drinks, but the water they serve is good drinking water (there are also shops on Ibo where you can buy bottled water). A bar is planned, but until 2 weeks ago not yet begun to build. Laundry service by the lady who cooks. No electricity (don´t forget to recharge your batteries before coming to this place - there´s a generator runnning for an hour every eavening, don´t use it to recharge your batteries! I killed my charger by doing this), but they have oil-lamps they bring every eavening to the bungalow. The staff does not speak any english, just portuguese. But you´ll not have any problems since they are very helpful and nice!
    For reservation you can send a short message or call. 00258 82 5903944 (Vita).

    I just wanted to recommend this, because it´s one of the few places run by locals. And it´s a really good place, they should be supported. Don´t forget to say hello from Lilia and Claus.
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    Esnoubor - thanks for checking back in. Glad you had a great trip!

    Did you use anti-malaria medicati0n there? And outside of Maputo, did you have any problems with corrupt cops and needing to make bribes etc?
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    Hi DavidF, it was a great trip indeed. We´re soming back for sure!

    We didn´t use any anti-malaria-medication. But we used repellant every eavening and we slept straight under a mosquito-net. Although in some locations there weren´t any mosquitos at all (maybe because of the wind).
    And no: No problems with corrupt cops. Nor with any other people.
    "Não tem problema" in the north!
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    Hi Claus
    We are also planning a trip to the Quirimbas archipelago this December, we fly into Pemba then envision going to Mocimba de Praia by road, then traveling south with local Dhows and the prevailing monsoon winds, getting back to Pemba in about 3 weeks, we will most definitely stay at the place you mentioned “Tikidiri” on Ibo when we get there as well
    How long did you stay there ?

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    Clifford, we stayed there for 5 days and had a very good time. Your plan sounds amazing. We also did a lot of travelling by dhow. It´s amazing to go through the turquoise waters and paradisiac islands with palmfringed whitesand beaches. We didn´t make it all the way up to Mocimboa, because we also wanted to visit Ilha de Mocambique further south. The most northern point we went to was Pangane. c.
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    The most helpful entries we've come across. Thanks.
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