Money scams from Nigeria: beware!



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    Thank you for your reply Johnson,
    Frank did communicate on the telephonne, except for a few 3 pm calls the other calls were at very odd hours (6h30 am, 1 am, 4 am) not consistent with someone familliar in the same time zone. He even send me a picture in the share picture on the yahoo messanger when said I wish I could see him in his suit.
    But Johnson, you seem to think she may still contact you, why do you think that she might?
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    I meet a man on MySpace and we had been communicating via emails and ims for since June. He gave a shining story that he was antique dealer over in Africa looking for items for store here in the states. He had a 5 year old son. After not hearing from him for awhile I sent a quick hello email. Then came the story of a fire that engulfed the hotel where he and his son was staying, he lost everything. His son was burnt on his legs and the hospital required that he pay $600 before they would continue on with the treatments the child needed. He lost his phone and had no way of contacting anyone here in the states to get assistance. He also lost his laptop in the fire so he had no way of contacting anyone to get help. I instructed him to contact the U.S. Embassy there in Nigeria and seek help from there. He told me that he contacted the embassy and there was nothing they could help him with because he had no paperwork or id to prove who he was. I received several emails asking for the $600 and I refused. When I refused the $600 he took the amount down to $300 and promised to pay me back within two weeks of returning to the states. I was given a Western Union address to wire the money to.

    After going over past emails that he sent the story begin to sound a little strange because it sound like one I had received earlier from another MySpace character who had a 15 year old daughter.

    With my refusing to send the money the father of the 5 year got rather upset and told me to keep my money. I sent him a message back telling me that I was going to do that any way. Ladies there are many liars and deceiveful men on MySpace and Facebook looking for someone to fall in their traps. They will win you over by trying to find out exactly what you like. Send you sweet emails that will melt your heart and then comes the sad stories. Please don't fall prey to these scammers and con artist.

    They are only on these dating sites to find weak women who they can prey can on and who are lonely and weak minded. DO NOT SEND MONEY. DO NOT TRY CALLING them from your home or cell phone. If you are going to call get a pre-paid calling card that has limited minutes on it. Once those minutes are gone then the conversation is over. DO NOT let them know where you live or give out any private information. A phone number is okay, you can always block their numbers or change yours.

    OPEN YOUR EYES LADIES, play the same games with them that they are playing with us.
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    never ever get involved in anyone online from nigeria cause their all scammers and dirty bastards,they tried it with me few months back.met someone on dating site asked for money but i didn't send any,they were e-mailing and saying they really liked me,cause we were chatting for a couple of weeks.
    so anyone you find online i recommend you google their names and any other info you get off them cause it will show up if it is a scam or not,thats how i found them out just google everything you get from them.
    i gave them a piece of my mind when i found out.
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    I have been in contact with a man like the ones mentioned above. Does anyone know a site where can post pictures of these people?
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    I do not know but you can see the picture of the "gentleman" that communicated with me its posted in yahoo personal
    under :frankbill005
    category: 52 yrs old
    Location Victoria BC
    if you enter these in a search he will pop up and has a lovelly pic
    I think maybe lifted out of escort or model sites?
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    Just wanted to add to the list an antiques dealer doing business in Nigeria, near Lagos. The name he was using was Shawn Rufus. He said he had a daughter, was originally from Manchester, England, had just moved to Nashville, TN and was in Nigeria aquiring antiques. After 2 weeks of communication, IM's, some phone calls and texts, he said he lost his wallet and asked for help.............ugh!
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    Thanx to the LORD ALMIGHTY 4 opening ur eyes to see all u seeing.I just cant believe why people can be sending money to some1 u have not seeing b4.its very easy to knw who ever u talking to no matter the distance.Just ask him to come on cam ,if he or she dont have just know that person is a fraud.scamers dont come on cam cos they r not what they say they r.Am a nigeria,and i can be of help to lots of u out there that this GOD fearing asholes have taking money from, if u really want to arrest them.i base in lagos nigeria and i knw lots of this guys that do this things to u guys.They r all black young men,they r not white mature men,u think they r.they r young african black men.if any of u out there feels like this boys have really do sometin bad like hurting u to the extend of distroying ur business or life and u really wanna get them,just email me on this address ( promise any1 of u that wants to get this guys,that with my help u gonna catch them.i know every corner of lagos nigeria.just contact me on my email,with your little information u have about them we can get this guys. what i will say to all of u out there,its very easy to know a scam person.just ask him or she to come on cam.He or she will never come on cam,cos he or she is a u all out there and will really be of help to u.JUST CONTACT ME ON MY EMAIL,AND I PROMISE U THAT AM GONNA HELP U CATCH THAT PERSON.
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    Okay here are some names you should be aware of from

    1) John Ray Cage, email:; antique dealer from Jacksonville, FL who is in Nigeria collecting antiques for his store in Flordia, has a 15 year son name Freddy. Sent me copies of what was suppose to be a certificate from the training he was taking in Nigeria to become a certified antique dealer. Then sent me a copy of an invoice showing where he supposely paid $1,500,000 U.S. dollars for antiques to be shipped to his store in Florida. When I questioned why he was sending me such personal documents he state that with him doing the travelling that he was doing he might miss place them. And if I had a copy of them I could send it to him if he needed it. I found that to be strange. You never met me but you are sending me personal documents. He is asking for money to pay for the freight insurance to ship his items to the U.S., would that charge be included on the Bill of Sale?

    2) James Willson, email:, antique dealer from Florida who is Nigeria collecting antiques, has a 5 year old son name Mike who was badly burned in a hotel fire that destroyed all his paperwork and laptop. Widower, raising son on his own, no other family. Parents both died in a car accident. Wife died about 3 years ago.

    3) David Johnson, email:, Chemical Engineer in Nigeria working on a project to ship oil back to the United States, has a 15 year daughter name Brittney. Both parents dead, wife died during child birth. Loves to write poetry that would melt your heart.

    For each of these scammers they wrote long emails and confessed their love and believes in love at first sight. When I posted the question about what it was about my profile that attracted them to me, they came up with various stories which I know was a lie because I did not have a profile posted. When they begin asking for money I informed them that I did background check for a living and I could not find any information on any of them from the information they provided me with.

    If I had a way to post the pictures that I was sent I would. Ladies, please don't fall for either of these guys, they are not real and the pictures they have posted on myspace or any other site are not real. They were taken from images used on other internet sites and from software used to create presentations. I know because I have used one picture in a presentation I created, so that's what threw up the red flag for me. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!
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    We ought to be able to create a web site were we could down load these pictures.
    At this time I believe there is a gentleman that will be asking for money in the near future he is also a widower, raising a 7 yr old son he comes from Macomber IL is in Cyprus as a building engineer has been there3 months and plans on being there an additional 2 weeks. He sent me pictures of himself and 1 with himself and his son and one with just his son playing baseball these photos look REAL, not like the other one's
    Whom by the way skidadle when I throw one liner at him on line.....(FranK) I think they use the name only once and get another ID
    Yahoo or the other sites that have them on ought to ask some simple questions that would stump them instead of those funny code we have to type to send the messages lol
    LIKE "Explaing what a cell is" Frank didn t know it was a cellular phone, he knew cellular phone. This one I believe thinks that I am in the State yet in the profile it states British columbia. We need an agency to act as a clearing house weed out the phonies on the dating sites and even then there is the local perverts and game players lol...This time I just decided to have fun and no emotional attachement when the time comes that money is asked I will shut down that e maila nd profile I just wish we were able to post
    eeeeeeeee I have an idea
    how about picassa
    we could choose a collective name and post or put our pictures on there and send a link in here
    what do you think?
    2naive is my handle
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    there is a
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    Does anyone know of a Paul Morgan or Rudrick Morgan? If so could you post what you know about these two gentlemen on this website, please? Paul just asked me to buy him an airline ticket so he could get home. I have no intention of sending/ or buying him anything. I was just wondering if he has communicated with anyone else out in cyber land. I met them both on SingleParent dating site.
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    Hi All,

    I read a comment that a Poppy left around the 24th of July i think it was. Well ..... I was telling friends and all my family of how i had met this guy. I guess they're on all sights. I knew everything sounded too good to be true. But i let it pass. Yes i'm an idiot, I sent money and boy am i so angry with myself. He is 39, has a 4yr old son, lost his wife and has his sick mother in nigeria with him. He works for construction and his dad passed away so he is there to claim his inheritance. He needed some money for the lawyer so the lawyer could send some sort of document to prove he is who he is. I have sent him over $2000.00 dollars and i was just going on holiday with my children and i said to him but this will leave me with not much money for my daughters and he said but he needed it so they could do up a document for the court case. He said the lawyer rung back and said it wasn't enough that he needed to send another 900 which i did. Your prob thinking i'm stupid and yes i know i am. So then a week before i go he tells me he has lost his wallet and he can't buy his son an icecream..... awwwwwww touched my heart...... well no i didn't send any money. He says he still needs money for a redocument so that the lawyer can sell all the properties his dad owned. I don't know what this document is. He said he feels ashamed that he is in this situation and that when he returns to CA he will give all my money back. I said i cannot help him and he begs me not to leave him that the lawyer said the properties are worth 34.Mil. I said well tell the lawyer to wait and you will pay him back as he can see how much money you will get. He just keeps saying but he needs the money to do the document. We still talk now. I feel terrible and it's hard for me to delete him. He has sent me photos of him and his son and which brings me back to poppy's story. He doesn't sound american and the english and the typing are very broken. Like he cannot speak very good english well. And he does get upset when i tell him he is a liar. So i guess there is only one thing left for me to do......... Hit the delete button......
    Thanks to this site i know what i have to do..... I feel so bad now though that i sent money and that i was stupid enough to fall for his lies........
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    Thanks to all for confirming my suspicions! I knew from the start that something was up from the questions that were being asked. No ordinary man would ask the questions that he asked in the way that he asked them. And the age diff.
    fit the "profile". Selling a house to invest in a business and go to Nigeria and build a bridge???? Whatever!
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    Oh, I didn't fall for the relocate crap, widow for 7 yrs, son in college in Canada....
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    Well whatta ya know... I posted this site to the guy i've been speaking with and no messages today nothing...... ha.... well i guess it just goes to show how dam stupid i was. But far out how good do they sound. I'm so pissed at myself. But can't turn back time. I'm glad i know now..... Now i can carry on with my life without being stressed because i felt so bad for him because of how he made the situation sound.
    Thanks again to the creator of this site. And dam wheres cupid when u need him LOL!!!!!!
    If only
    If only
    If only :( If only i knew then what i know now....
    Well take care everyone and be careful... :)))
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    4 minutes ago I have had an intimate relationship with a man for six months online, on IM, on the phone and by email. He asked me to marry him, open a bank account for him . . .said he will adopt my son and send him to college. He told me he lives in Essex, UK, but after 6 months and some RED FLAGS, I traced his IP address to Nigeria. Peoms, wedding vows, plans for the entire wedding. He got me good, he was sweet and loving until I ran out of money and told him I did not have any more money to send him for his next emergency. Then all of a sudden he was kidnapped, beat, had to have surgery, had to have money for his hotel bill, pay his bridge construction workers, pay tax, send equipment, fix equipment etc. . . .then he said that if I came over to visit him that I would be kidnapped.

    Well guess what, he has over 200 profiles with the same verbage and different pictures now. is uncooperative and has not even removed half of the over 200 profiles, but ladies, it gets worse, there are thousands on with the same key words. They use particular phrases that are not european nor american and they can be spotted immediately. internet crimes division has all this information and they have done nothing to help me with my financial loss, not to mention the emotional loss and my son's loss at the thought of finally having a loving father after his father died.

    Their Nigerian and British bosses make them bring in $50,0000 from each woman (men too) or they cannot leave the Lagos, Nigeria boiler room that they work in. These men truly are held hostage by the brains of the operation,they cannot leave and they only allow them to leave after they get $50,000. The men barely eat and they are watched all the time. They even accompany them to the store so they cannot run away. He got $30,000 out of me before I ran out of money. He did tell me all the above in confidence before he dissappeared.

    I thought I had met my true love forever. "Honey, baby, cutie, sweetie, babe, want to have children with you, will take care of you forever, you will never need to work again, I love you forever babe" then, "go sell your jewelry at the pawn shop," "borrow money from your friends," "sell anything you can so we can be together forever."

    BEWARE do not use Western Union! Do not fall for it. I am smart, but I fell for it, they are really smooth and highly educated with an answer for everything. He is on the run now and the FEDS have not responded to my months of complaints, but please report these men to internet crimes division, PLEASE, do not feel ashamed, do it before another woman kills herself from the tragic embarrassment.
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    Hi Broke Sad Mom,

    I didn't lose half as much as you did but i know how u feel. And i am sorry for your loss. I got all the same lines as well and thought i was falling in love I told all my family and friends and my 2 daughters who were looking forward to having a new dad after their dad passed away 3years ago. Wish their was something i could do to make him pay but i guess i'm better off just moving on, and You say to report them but what if that isn't even their real name.

    If Only
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    Yahoo has some of them on there 2.
    What I wanted to do is maybe get a commun picassa name and post all the pics that we get from these men.
    Has anyone heard of the same scam from CYPRUS..? someone answered a profile I had on yahoo, no pic just a plain little profile and he has written me every day, uses my name the other one always called me Angel or Hunnie
    PLEASE can you tell me how to trace HP addresses? I tried to read the instructions it was way too hard for me.
    I have not lost any money because of this site and an incredible amount of LUCK, when my previous guy told me he got the contract he was working on and told me where he was going Nigeria I imediatelly google for the weather and found all of the stories.......INCREDIBLE I am sure he was just ssetting the ground to extort from me I did what you did glued and paste and he kept telling me that he didn t like what I was saying, he stopped calling my cell and doing messages too, he has not removed his yahoo profile but has not gone in it for 2 wks
    Thank you all and good luck to find a true real love
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    I just found a site on the net with pictures of female and male scammers here is the link
    I wonder if we can add ours?
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    Yes, we could all share a Picassa page and exchange photos and names of these Nigerian Scammer Guys (and Gals). I have spent hundreds of hours and I download each one. There are thousands. I have about a hundred photos with all the same profile. I am still in contact with my scammer, but the smart, loving one left, now they pawn me off on a stupid kid just to keep me busy . . . the smart one said: "Thanks alot, now I had to leave my hotel and am jobless, they took my computer and all my clothes. . . " Apparently the "authorities found him" THRU THE COMPUTER IP ADDRESS (it was not easy to get, but I did it!) and came to interview him because I spend about four hours a day getting their profiles removed thru and the FBI: internet crimes division. DO YOUR PART TO HELP THE WORLD PUT THESE NIGERIAN GUYS OUT OF BUSINESS, get their IP addresses and report them to the site and internet crimes division of the FBI.

    They are likely using our money to fund their CIVIL WAR! My son said: "Mom, how do wars start, who starts them?" My genius said: "I know . . . I bet my mom could start a war with the Nigerians . . ." TheY know were I live, but I don't care: I AM DECLARING A WAR ON INTERNET SCAMMERS who ruin the lives of others . . .
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    Broke, this is naive2 can you teach me to do the IP adress thing please I need to try and trace 2 people
    one says he is from the US but in Cyprus with his son
    Thank you did you see the site I posted yesterday, lots of pics in there too
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    2naive, please give me some info by letting me know more about them and my son can trace them; it is not easy. I am Z and my son is ZZ, give me your fake yahoo (easy to set up) and we will work together. I am determined as you are, no matter what the loss, it is a world wide problem . . .
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    ok that is good
    I sent a mail at z
    I hope you get it if not I ll just have to risk it and put my addy here
    if you look a few pages back I did give one of the person's name and profile number on yahoo
    do I need to forward some of the mail to trace the IP?
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    Well all these stories sound so familiar! I too have been conned by someone from his profile sounded perfect he emailed me and sent me lovely poems and really romanced me. Said he was off the Nigeria to work then it happened........he mailed me and told me couldnt cash his cheques and couldnt get any money to pay his staff. Couldnt even eat and couldnt cash his debit card in hotel. He also asked me to help him by him sending me the cheques via courier and me cash them and to wire them back. I thought that was ok at first as it didnt mean me parting with any money.........then the crunch came he then mailed and said he couldnt affort to send the package and could I send him £250 and then I could take it off the money he was sending me. Well thank god my head took over my heart and I refused! I explained why he sent one more mail saying it was ok but he was desperate and really putting me on a guilt trip. I still didnt fall for it and askedhim if there was noone else he could ask which I found really odd. I havent heard from him since and have been worried sick wondering if anything had happened to him.........until I read the comments on this site. Please dont fall for this guy he says he is Italian and owns his own business and comes accross so romantic....dont fall for it he is a con artist!!!!!!!!!
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    relieved.......I was contacted through by the most gorgeous looking guy. I was flattered yes, .... Then he wooed me for 9 days and I was in heaven. He wanted to see me on webcam so I did put it on.He said he couldnt get one because he would have to go over the border for it.???? He said he was from Manchester, and constructing bridges. I asked for some Photos. He sent me photos of the construction of a sports stadium.Bridge I thought he said bridge. I asked how long he had been out there with his 7 year old son, 1 month says he. But he has just had to forfeit £50,000 because he could not meet his contract deadline. I said if he had constructed that in a month then they would be paying him .Then it came. Please I have been scammed by my 2 friends for thousands of pounds . They were my business partners.I need £250 to feed my son. ..I said I havent got it but can get it. Then this was for medicine for his son.??? Then please can you fund me for £10,550 to clear all my debt and come home to be in your arms. Yes, I said but are you sure that is enough > Let me check my diary book he said.....I made a mistake its £15500. Ok I said. So I said I needed to ask him some business questions first. How long will it take you to drive from Manchester to Hull to see me I asked. about 30 mins he said......?? It went on and on and how we will be together forever. God has brought us together and I have prepared the Oath for us to sign to be man and wife.[he had proposed 3 days earlier]Pray with me he would say. I have asked pastor for guidance, [Pastor...He was Catholic]He has blessed us.Blahblahblah
    I suspected this from way back. Then I hit him with it and asked him why.I called him several choice words and told him he was good, but the company he worked for was flawed. He got his script wrong so many times.... Although this has left me...erm....down, I never sent him a penny, I enjoyed it when I challenged him. He wriggled so hard. I told him that one of the photos he had sent me had appeared on Match with identical words.....he denied his involvment naturally. So Ladies, testedok50s, passionatesteven50@hotmail,passionatesteven @gmail,iwonblow, in-god-itrust, steven taylor all names that I have recorded every email and IM script from make good reading. I have written to Match and they just said, if you let us know which one I want to talk to they will delete the other !!!!!!! Arent they just so concerned eh....If I could get my money back from Match I surely would but its not possible to do that is it.......Margaret
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    Don't send any money or help them in any way. I read on that the money that these scammers get, goes to terrorist groups. Bottom line, if anyone asks for money or anything else...just delete them. I did and am glad. I have no qualms about it. They are working to make money and that's how they do it. Don't fall for it. HIt the delete button.

    There are plenty of REAL people out there. Don't get discouraged. Hang in there.
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    Hello all
    I am being romance by Richard Friends ID is
    He is on his way from Cyprus to Benin Republic, I told him how expensive the air fare would be and he ask me sweetly how I found that out, this one is much sharper than the 1st one frankbill05, he uses my name (fake) all the time, I actually posted a fake profile with no pics and he bit right away, started loving me almost immediatelly. No money demand has been made yet he claims to be from IL Macomb? on a building trip
    I have already planned the poor girl's demise when he start asking for money. I ll keep you posted.
    They do have that one webiste with the pics and I think we may be able to ask to post the ones we got, his pics by the way are 2 of him alone and the 3rd of his son and him, all the same fellow good looking and then one more of his son playing sport a good looking boy, I wondere where he got this pictures they appear to be glossies
    I ask for more pic but right now he doesn t have his scanner lol
    no digital camera either
    This one's english is perfect and he has not asked stupid questions like What is a Cell (he knew what a cellular phone was)
    Too broke I tried e mailing you it didn t work
    why don t you e mail me at my special for richard ID
    By the way there is a suspicious person without pic on mate1
    he claims in his profile that he graduated in Italy and the university name is all in french I am bilingual, french is my mother tongue. I forgot his handle and I didn t reply to his inquires.....maybe its time for us to meet fellow the old fashion type
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    I found this forum accidentally while searching for something else. I found myself reading many of these posts and feel that I have to make a comment. I work in the internet industry and have to say that all these stories are incredibly familiar and text book West African scammer. Nearly all dating sites have a safety guidelines section where you will usually find a number of "beware of" points. Take a look at the dating site you are currently using.

    Most websites that connect people attempt to block access from West African countries, but the more expert scammers do find a way around this. These people are not amateurs, they are organised criminals. Anyone who says they live in an English speaking country and are currently visiting Nigeria or any of its surrounding countries should be avoided or treated with the utmost suspicion. 9 times out of 10 they will be a scammer.

    Their stock story is usually that they are an engineer, a dealer of some kind or they have moved to stay with a sick/elderly relative. They have often lost their parents in an accident also. They will either have amazing good luck or incredible disasters as you are getting to know them. Their aim is to play on your emotions to extort money from you. You will find that they are often in dire need of money for hotel bills, air fare home or urgent medical bills and they manage to fall completely in love with you and get very demonstrative about this, even though they have never met you. The attention might be flattering, but is this really a genuine response? You will find that things often seem to be happening to them, one after the other.

    These people will often use fake photographs, either plucked from model agency websites or from other dating sites. One of the favourite sites which scammers use is Try to get a current photo with a date and time stamp to help you proof out the person you are speaking too. If the photos look a bit too professional this is also another red flag. In fact, browse the focus Hawaii website and if you find your suitors photos then you have confirmation. This agency is aware of their photos being used and has a notice on their front page warning visitors as to the consequences of stealing their photos. Another thing to do is to Google the email address, the full name and the first couple of lines of the dating site profile for the person you are talking to. You might find the same profile content actually originated from somewhere else, you might find content on other websites about the email address you are searching and the same goes for the persons full name.

    This information might seem a bit blunt and brutal, but I am hoping it will help some of you get some conclusive opinion as to the intentions of the person you are speaking to and hopefully save you some distress, time and money in the long run.

    Good luck all.
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    I feel like a fool. I dont know if the one I meet from myspace is a scammer or not. We had talk for a bit and he would write beatiful peoms and letters to me.We chatted on IM. He was winning my heart. I should have known better. Then it was time for his sons birthday. I fell for it and send a very small gift. I didnt know he had stop writing for a few days and so when I went on line there wasn't any. Write I wrote him. It has been a week since I have heard from him. So like you other ladies, I just want to say that we are all human,we have hearts,I like many just wanted to be someeone's special person. Life has had many hard blows for me in the last few month,and I also send pictures to this person. I dont want to give his name but I will to maybe help save one of you. See I also feel broken hearted ,I wish deep in my heart he isnt,but am truly afraid I trusted the hard man. His name is John Cole .Could someone please let me know. Thank you.
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    To Alone,
    The man you meet on MySpace is a scammer. I ran into him a few months ago on MySpace under the name of John Cage. He claims to be a antique dealer who is over in Nigeria for a antique seminar. He then goes on to talk about purchasing over $5,000,000 worth of antiques for his shop in Jacksonville, Florida. He has a 15 year son name Freddy. Please don't fall for him. He will send you wonderful poems, confess his love, give you a number to contact him. The number is an international number, he then will tell you to go to WalMart and purchase an international calling card so that you can call him. I gave him my number, and he never called during the day it was always at night around 9 or 10 or earlier in the morning around 5 or 6.

    Run, Run, Run. Please do not send any money to this man.
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