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Patmos and Santorini - what to do?

edited September 2008 in - Greece and Cyprus
We are 4 couples sailing on the Pacific Princess stopping in both Patmos and Santorini for about 8 hours each. In order to make the most of our time we were thinking of taking an organized tour but wonder if it is possible to just hire a taxi for our little group to save some money. Most of the organized tours from the ship are $100.00 US per person.

Can you please suggest what to see and the most reasonable way to see these sights?


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    Hi Annette

    On Patmos, many tourists ride out to the town of Chora to visit the Monastery of St. John and the cave in which it said that God handed down the text of Revelations to John the Evangelist. Also popular is a short ride down to Kambos beach. As you’d hoped, one does not have to take a guided tour to see these sights. Because of the popularity of the venues and the frequency of cruise travelers, such as yourself, also on a time budget, taxis and busses congregate at the port and will know where to take you.

    Traveller’s warn that taxi drivers on Patmos might charge outrageously for the 5km ride up the Monastery. Don’t get into one unless a price has been agreed on beforehand. Busses are a cheaper bet and their prices are more reasonable. Also note that while men may enter the Monastery in t-shirt and shorts, women are expected to be covered from their shoulders to the knees.

    On Santorini one can also get around by bus or taxi as well as rental car. Unfortunately the most popular attraction, the prehistoric city at Akrotiri archaeological site, is currently closed to the public as it is undergoing a restoration and preservation initiative. Still, The Museum of Prehistoric Thera in the city of Fira, hosts many of the site’s findings and there are several other museums and monasteries to visit. Fira offers a healthy nightlife and shopping opportunities.

    Santorini has two swimming beaches, Perissa and Kamari, both characterised by their volcanic black sand.

    Enjoy your cruise!
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